• NOS4A2

    Biden was given no subpoena. He voluntarily disclosed them, but after taking them and possessing them and doing god-knows-what with them for a number of years. And this was long after the national archives dismissed as false and misleading the complaint that the Obama administration was in possession of such documents. At least Trump’s were locked up and the chain of custody is accounted for.
  • NOS4A2
    Joe Biden may have inadvertently funded his son’s procurement of Russian prostitutes, who may or may not have been involved in human trafficking.

  • EricH
    the crime is the same in both cases: illegally possessing classified documents.Merkwurdichliebe

    Whoever, being an officer, employee, contractor, or consultant of the United States, and, by virtue of his office, employment, position, or contract, becomes possessed of documents or materials containing classified information of the United States, knowingly removes such documents or materials without authority and with the intent to retain such documents or materials at an unauthorized location shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than five years, or both.

    In other words, merely possessing such material in of itself is not a crime - you have to prove knowledge and intent. Whether Trump and/or Biden will be charged with a crime remains to be seen.
  • Merkwurdichliebe
    Given that Biden's team, after discovering them, notified the Government and returned them willingly, there's not much of a comparison. Like with the case of Hillary's email server, all he's really guilty of is carelessness.Michael

    If only carelessness was a reasonable defense for a criminal act...criminals would be nearly nonexistent.
  • Merkwurdichliebe
    yup, it's as cut and dry as anything...they both committed the same crime of illegally possessing classified documents while not actively serving as president...all despite the circumstances before or afterwards.

    If the same crime was committed by anyone on this thread, they'd be in a cell right now. The double standard of these anti-Trumpsters is pathetic. I say we lock both of them up.
  • Merkwurdichliebe
    i stand corrected, i suppose stupidity is an excuse in this case.
  • javi2541997
    If the same crime was committed by anyone on this thread, they'd be in a cell right now.Merkwurdichliebe

    Well, that what happens when you are a normal/ordinary citizen. We don't have the same amount of power of politicians to have control over the courts and judges. It occurs there in America and here in Europe. It is not about Trump vs Biden. Do not be that blind of fighting due to politicians. It is obvious that the politicians will use their power to be "unstoppable" while we are here discussing for whatever, while they do not care.
  • Mikie
    yup, it's as cut and dry as anythingMerkwurdichliebe

    No, it isn’t.

    What’s pathetic is this flabby, tired “both sides” argument and false equivalence from those — like you — who want to pretend to be “fair and balanced” but are in fact ignoring what’s clear as day.

    Biden can go to prison. Fine. I hope so. But what he did isn’t close to what Trump did. If one can’t see that, one needs to examine their lives. Maybe too much time online.
  • NOS4A2
    Looks like the FBI found more classified documents, even after we are told Biden and his team have been forthcoming and returned everything willingly and voluntarily. Some of them were from his time as Senator, which began back in the mid-70’s. I guess it’s a good thing law enforcement got involved because apparently Biden’s team did a piss-poor job.

  • Merkwurdichliebe
    yup, it's as cut and dry as anything
    — Merkwurdichliebe

    No, it isn’t. [...]
    ignoring what’s clear as day.

    Yes it's clear as day that its cut and dry. Don't be so pissy
  • Merkwurdichliebe
    But what he did isn’t close to what Trump did.Mikie

    What exactly did Trump do?
  • jgill
    What exactly did Trump do?Merkwurdichliebe

    Let's see, he didn't allow the Taliban to take over Afghanistan, he attempted to keep illegal aliens from entering the US, he attempted to get European nations to pay their fair share of NATO, he attempted to make peace with several tyrants (that's not all bad), and so on.

    Until this documents fiasco shows some serious breaches of national security, it's over-hyped.

    And, no, I would not vote for Trump if he runs again, but not everything he did was horrible.
  • Wayfarer
    The Trump and Biden classified documents cases are very different.

    Trump took documents as trophies of his time in office. Even when asked to return them, he dissimulated and obfuscated. He had his lawyers sign a statement that they had all been returned, when they hadn’t been. He stored the documents with others including magazines and personal correspondence, in non-secure rooms in close proximity to many casual visitors. He boasted even after the FBI raid that the documents were his personal property and besides he could de-classify them just by thinking about it.

    The documents in Biden's possession with stored with other archival material from his time in office as Senator and Vice President. His own lawyers made the discovery, disclosed it as soon as it was made, and then continued an archive search to ensure the process was completed, turning up some more documents. It was clearly a case of adminstrative oversight, and I'm sure if there is a penalty for it, Biden will own up to it.

    Sure, it's a 'people in glass houses' kind of thing, but the differences ought to be obvious.

    As for Trump 'making peace with tyrants', who can forget the scene at the Helsinki summit when Trump stood on stage with Vladiimir Putin and said he valued his word over that of his own intelligence service. Or that he and Kim Jong Un were in love. Dictators and demagogues were the only people Trump ever professed public admiration for, because they were role models - they were who he wanted to be, but he had neither the guts nor cunning to pull it off, though not through want of trying. Something all Americans ought to be grateful for.
  • Mikie
    What exactly did Trump do?Merkwurdichliebe

    Made America Great Again.
  • jorndoe
    Yes it's clear as day that its cut and dry. Don't be so pissyMerkwurdichliebe

    It's clear with tunnel vision, otherwise not so much.
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