• Cat ImageSymposium
    "In ancient Greece, the symposium was a part of a banquet that took place after the meal, when drinking for pleasure was accompanied by music, dancing, recitals, or conversation"
  • Cat ImageThe Lounge
    Hang out, have a blether, talk about kittens
      Short Story Competition
  • Cat ImageGeneral Philosophy
    It's philosophy but it doesn't fit any of the specialisms
  • Cat ImageMetaphysics & Epistemology
    The big questions. Truth, reality, knowledge. What exists? How can we know what exists? What is it to be? Are objects constituted by the way we see and describe the world?
  • Cat ImagePhilosophy of Mind
    How do mind and body fit together? How do we account for conscious experience? Is the mind the software of the brain? Could a computer be conscious?
  • Cat ImageEthics
    What ought we to do? What is the good life? Are there moral facts? What are right and wrong, good and bad?
  • Cat ImagePolitical Philosophy
    Government, liberty, rights, and authority. What is the best form of government? Who can govern? What is a state?
  • Cat ImagePhilosophy of Art
    Does art have to be beautiful? What makes something a work of art? Is there more to artistic taste than personal preference? What makes music meaningful?
  • Cat ImageLogic & Philosophy of Mathematics
    What are logic and mathematics? How are they related? How do they relate to human reason and to the world?
  • Cat ImagePhilosophy of Religion
    What is God? Are religion and science essentially in conflict?
  • Cat ImagePhilosophy of Science
    What is the nature of scientific enquiry? Does science depend on metaphysical presuppositions? Is scientific knowledge cumulative?
  • Cat ImagePhilosophy of Language
    What is meaning? Does language represent reality?
  • Cat ImageInteresting Stuff
    For discussion topics not strictly within the realms of academic philosophy. Feel free to be philosophical here though.
  • Cat ImageLearning Centre
    Philosophical resources, book reviews, reading groups and the place to ask your questions about philosophical issues and concepts.
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  • Cat ImageGuest Speakers
    Discuss ideas with distinguished guests
      David Pearce
      Massimo Pigliucci
  • Cat ImageDebates
    Formal one-on-one discussions.
      Debate Proposals
      Debate Discussion
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    Questions about moderation, problems with the site, etc.
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    Contribute an article to be published on our Articles site
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    Discussions and announcements about this web site.

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