• Pfhorrest
    I know how to do a lot of crazy shit with digital audio, but I don't know the first thing about "warm" colors. You might as well have said...any other word. But yeah, it looks like s***.Noble Dust

    Do you know about colors of noise? Warm and cool colors are analogous (or vice versa, really). Warm colors feature more low frequencies and are therefore redder, while cool colors feature more high frequencies and are therefore bluer. Brown is a warm grey, for example.
  • ssu
    It’s relatively easy to modify the css code of your browser and override the color, should the red remain and be unpleasant for you, FYI.praxis
    Ah! Even a condescending remark to the discussion.

    Wasn't it blue? Blue was nice. What's wrong with the color? Don't like the color.

  • Wayfarer
    I'm with you. It wasn't broke, so don't know why it got fixed (although purple's an improvement on Emergency Red.)
  • Bitter Crank
    That's not purple.

    Oh, I see purple now

    Next thing they'll want to change the name of the site. Then the content.
  • ssu

    Oh my God!

    Was the upper upper part (where's the name of the site, forum, inbox, members etc.) RED TOO? :vomit:

    Soo... When will come back those sites which started to play simple musical tunes when you opened the (with crude computer tones)? Or how about moving pictures of various philosophers? Nothing is more annoying to eyes than a site with movement that you don't want.

    That's not purple, at least as my screen sees it.Bitter Crank
    For me it's purple too. How about Purple rain as background music?
  • Wayfarer
    Was the upper upper part (where's the name of the site, forum, inbox, members etc.) RED TOO?ssu

    Indeed it was. I initially typed the thread title ALL CAPS but changed it back to title case when the color was moderated.
  • StreetlightX
    The purple is really nice. There's something celebratory to it.
  • Banno
    ...and it's almost women's colours...
  • Bitter Crank
    Purple is the liturgical color of Lent and Advent. Advent starts on... December 1, this year, and is over on December 24, midnight.
  • darthbarracuda
    Old blue template was good. It's jarring on the eyes now.
  • ssu
    The purple is really nice. There's something celebratory to it.StreetlightX
    It's not so bad.

    If you really want to change the template for the action of doing something new (and disregard old conservatives as me and darthbarracuda etc. who were happy with the blue / cyan colors), why not have in similar fashion the reference names (or whatever they are called) in purple tone also and not in red?
  • jamalrob

    As I think I've already explained in two separate threads, I tried different colour schemes in response to a request for a "night mode". I'll probably change it back.
  • Wayfarer
    Appreciate the update :up:
  • schopenhauer1
    I like this color fine.. is any one else reminded of coconut and caramel cookies with this color?
  • S
    Next thing they'll want to change the name of the site.Bitter Crank

    The Worthless Pseudo-Intellectual Nerousis Waste Of Time Trivial Folly Inconclusive Incoherent Play Dumb Charade Pathetic Morons I Hate You All Die Mother Fuckers Forum.S

    I'm loving the purple, by the way. :up:
  • Bitter Crank
    Good start, but there are missing terms.
  • Hanover
    I bought some colored cellophane overlays to change the colors. That's how we had to change the colors on our iPhones back during the depression.
  • praxis
    Purple and red is a romantic color scheme.

    Someone must be in love.
  • Wayfarer
    when I was a kid, I visited a school friend’s house one afternoon, and noticed that there were three broad bands of colored cellophane taped over the glass, the topmost one being light blue. ‘Yeah’, said the friend, ‘that’s how my dad makes it a color TV’.
  • Noble Dust

    I do. I was a little buzzed last 'eve.
  • Bitter Crank
    I also remember seeing a B&W TV screen covered with the plastic sheet in 3 colors at a friends house. This had to be in the early 1950s. I couldn't have been more than 7 or 8. Seeing these colored bands pasted over the screen was unforgettable -- I think because it was so extremely unconvincing.

    (Real) color TV was demonstrated in 1950 (one system) and 1951 (another system), but color broadcasting was not approved until late 1953 (using the RCA system). A system was used that was compatible with B&W sets, so that color broadcasts could be seen on any television (but few people had color sets in 1954). Apparently people had heard about color TV, and you can imagine people seeing little ads in the back of magazines promoting a way of "seeing color on your black and white television". Send $5.95 to...

    Interesting irrelevant factoid: If I remember correctly, the color television cameras taken on the Apollo moon landing were the type invented by CBS in 1950. it used a mechanical system of color separation (as opposed to an electronic system developed by RCA). It happened that the mechanical system was far more robust than the electrical separation system and could tolerate the unmediated sunlight blasting the moon surface. The RCA cameras would have burnt out in overly bright light.


    This must have been one of the cheaper versions. Not very colorful. Or the color faded over the years.
  • Wayfarer
    Seeing these colored bands pasted over the screen was unforgettable -- I think because it was so extremely unconvincing.Bitter Crank

    Probably aesthetically superior to the red template, however :razz:
  • Janus
    I'm so ungrateful.Noble Dust

    Better dead than grateful; or perhaps better both...:joke:
  • Sir2u
    The purple is really nice. There's something celebratory to it.StreetlightX

    That is not what my mother said when I painted my bedroom with almost exactly this color when I was 15.
    She did not appreciate the orange curtains either. :cool:
  • Pfhorrest
    Throw some azure in there (and especially some green too) and you've got a nicely balanced color scheme. Green grass, azure sky, grapes and oranges to make sangria... sounds like a lovely countryside.
  • Wallows
    I find this thread offensive to the colorblind.
  • Sir2u
    :point: :up: :clap:
  • Sir2u
    I find this thread offensive to the colorblind.Wallows

    Get the mud out of your eyes.
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