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Favourite philosophers Kant, Wittgenstein, Marx, Adorno, Merleau-Ponty, Nietzsche
Favourite quotations Is this the old loft
With the paint peeling off it
By the Chinese police
Where the dogs roll by?

Is this where they keep
The philostophers now
With the rugs and the dust
Where the books go to die?

How many ye's got?
Say ye's got quite a few
Just sittin' around there
With nothin' to do?

Well I just called ye's up
Cos I wanted to see
A philostopher be
Of assistance to me!

—Frank Zappa

When the light dove parts the air in free flight and feels the air’s resistance, it might come to think that it would do much better still in space devoid of air.

—Immanuel Kant