• creativesoul
    No. I do not give one shit about daddy syndrome that Americans have. The framers were rapists and slave owners and what they thought means nothing. America is shaped by those who govern, and those those govern are quite happy to let Americans eat dirt so long as they accure power and wealthStreetlight

    The broadened brush reveals the lack of precision prior to. It does not make up for it.

    You know better than this.
  • Streetlight
    Broadening your brush only reveals the lack of precision you had prior to.

    You know better than this.

  • creativesoul
    Broadening your brush only reveals the lack of precision you had prior to.

    You know better than this.
    — creativesoul


    I can see how that could be true for you based upon what you've said here.
  • Streetlight
    I'm sure you'll take great comfort in believing in the imaginary promise of 'the system' when the theocracy (continues to) force your women into labour and ramps up the murder of sexual deviants. And the stochastic murder of school children, among others.

    It would simply take alot less mental gymnastics on your part to accept that the US has always been a country founded on mass murder the immeseration of all those without means. The three successive phrases of American history that sum up the entirety of that miserable country's existence is simply: genocide, slavery, and war. The fourth will be theocratic totalitarianism. Your excuses for the system simply perpetuate it. You are on the side of the same fascists you worry about.

    The Republican party is the party of America and all that it stands for. If you don't accept that then you've never understood America's function and place in the world. It helps of course that Biden is a reverse-RINO - a Republican in everything but name.
  • Isaac
    How current campaigns are financed is the problem. That means violates the Constitution.

    Again, not a problem with the system, but rather with improper implementation.

    The constitution is not the sum total of the system.
  • universeness
    When preventative safety measures deliberately built into the system are blatantly ignored, it is not a flaw inherent to the system if the neglection of the rule results in exactly what the rule guards againstcreativesoul

    The current weaknesses in the system you describe, is what must change!
    I would restrict all political campaigning to a single TV/Internet communication channel, controlled by elected 'international' representatives and funded via national tax systems. Perhaps it could become a part of the UN and give them real power and influence.
    Any politician or political party must appear, and be interviewed/scrutenised, live on TV/Internet, on request, regarding any national issue. Refusal would result in removal from office. The run-up to elections would be controlled by groups who would be formed at the time from the people who will be governed. Professional/technical media staff will be available to help them. They will debate with the political parties seeking election to govern. These debates will be live on the TV and Internet channel. The politicians will have no ability to influence the content of the issues discussed. A single political leaflet will not be allowed to be posted through a letterbox, anywhere.
    I am sure my idea 'needs a lot of work,' but we need some such system imo.
  • Xtrix
    You're an avid reader. Read for yourself. It's not too long. Very plainly stated.creativesoul

    You’re referring to the constitution, yes?

    It is indeed worth reading. It’s also worth reading about the context of the framing. I recommend Michael Klarman’s excellent book The Framer’s Coup.
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