• Abdulrahman Adel
    If most humans live and die with the religion that they are born with from their family or society that they didn't choose, how come God rewards/punishes us for something that we didn't even choose?

  • TheMadFool
    I'm not completely sure about this but I do get the feeling that every religion has a low opinion of other religions; quite a natural state of affairs given that each religion claims itself to be the one true path to god, salvation, liberation, enlightenment, etc. Granted that some religions don't make a big deal about this but some do e.g. Christianity and it is well known that Christianity has a very active proselytizing arm/program - Christians probably feel that people need to know Christianity is the real deal and thus provide non-Christians an opportunity to "see the light" so to speak and freely choose Jesus Christ as their savior.
  • OutlanderAccepted Answer
    Who says God does that?

    Older beliefs speak of a scale that weighs ones sins against ones moral actions.

    Most people live in violation of their own professed religion's tenets anyway. Personally I wouldn't say it's impossible mainstream religions (and their texts) have been hijacked anyway and the "main figure" of each now serves as more of an ethnic figure than anything else thus making mainstream religion little more than a proxy race war. Which is reprehensible.

    My understanding of the main differences in religions that acknowledge a single Creator. Probably incorrect.

    Islam- we are to follow unquestionable instructions from an unquestionable source or face damnation.

    Judaism- the same, except a Messiah will come to free us (forgive us when we sin/invalidate it) however this was not Jesus Christ and therefore by sinning we are still damned. 10 Commandments/Old Testament/Noahide laws all still in effect.

    Christianity- the same, except Jesus Christ was the Messiah and now sin is forgiven so long as we believe in Jesus, repent, and live by the Great Commandment(s), love God and love others as you love yourself.

    The rest:

    Hindu- God is (presumably everywhere/anything) so God could be anything/is what you choose. Your reincarnation is dependent on the moral acts you perform. Karma. Many entities.

    Buddhism- no God? Zen and inner peace is the way to enlightenment, life is suffering, desire is the cause.

    Paganism- many entities that can be known through worship of nature.

    To summarize, most or all of these are probably incorrect. Lacking, rather. Pretty sure they're factual.
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