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Location Mental prison of my own design - fortified by impenetrable walls of ingrained core belief, vigilantly and omnisciently patrolled by guards of arrogance and self-virtue. Also, this swamp.
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Favourite philosophers Sir Roger Scruton
Favourite quotations (Isn't it remarkable how sometimes) The useless becomes more important to us than the useful. (How simple) Ornaments free us from the tyranny of the useful and the crime of modern architecture and lead us to home. This is the beauty of art.

Multiple quotes. Paraphrased. "If that's alright"

"I wasn't doing it for community service. I was doing it because the air stank all the time." - ernestm

(I still don't know why I found that so funny. After I collected myself some I realized, those two sentences are actually very profound. They actually sum up why I do everything that I do in life that I consider important and selfless.)