• Shawn
    The advent of economics, as a science is fairly recent in human history, yet it seems undeniable that it has had a profound effect on the course of human history.

    Economics has made life more manageable. Things have become automatic, and systematized. Yet, there's one defining feature of economics that I despise. It's the exploitation of resources that are already! de facto assumed as limited and finite. There are many schools of economics. We had classical, neo-classical, Marxism, which failed utterly, then Keynesian, which seems to be the reigning school of economics nowadays.

    Due to Coronavirus, people have undeniably turned towards the government for help. Nearly, every government is preparing a stimulus package for the economy as to avoid a recession or depression. Any adult over the age of 18, will receive 1,200 USD in the US. Please note, that this scheme is quite a socialist take on economics, that Republicans! are passing.

    It is implicitly stipulated that homo economicus is driven by self-interest. His or her motivations are to accumulate money to entertain the luxuries of life. Computers govern trades and arbitrage away. Computers govern the stop-lights that we utilize to manage traffic. The most profitable companies in the world have at least something to do with computers, be it their hardware or software. Thus, I think, it can be legitimately said that homo economicus is a utilitarian.

    A worrying thought in my view, is what next? What comes after homo economicus? A different socio-economic groundwork or what?
  • Shawn
    I would like to expand on the theme of exploitation. It baffles me that so much money is spent on advertising. Google, has made its fortune on the simple exploitation of people, manifest in the ad's you block with NoScript or AdBlock. Marx would have been horrified to wake up to a world where psychology was utilized to milk money from people.

    Isn't this evil to exploit human psychology to further one's utility function? Why or how in God's name has this become a normal practice?

    While, I understand the point of advertising in promoting better products than what one already has, I do not understand the pointless promotion of toothpaste or pizza that give rise to waste?
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