• Datalchemist
    What philosopher talks about consciousness existing where the the person's conscious mind is. For example if you're reading a book about a guy called John and you're super into it so much so that you forget about yourself and your surroundings. When playing a video game like god of war and feeling like you are one with the character so much so that you end up crying as if you were him or anger or happiness. I guess it's a question of empathy? You can extend this to VR or more broadly speaking, the exponential growth of technology.

  • NotAccepted Answer
    Hegel, maybe? Phenomenology of Mind?
  • aporiap
    You're speaking of flow state it sounds like. See wikipedia link for associated psychologists and philosophers.
  • Harry Hindu
    It seems to me that this is about awareness of the self. Are you Datalchemist, John, or a God of War?
  • Josh Alfred
    William James coined the term, "Stream of Consciousness." However, in my readings of him he doesn't describe how consciousness narrative can take a hold of the experience of being an Other, or as you have said the experiences of reading as John or playing as Kratos. In my studies I have not encountered any single term for what you are referring to. It is a kind of "conscious narrative". When you search such a term in google it comes up with Stream of Consciousness and Narrative. According to my purview there isn't much on how it works, but rather when it does.
  • Datalchemist
    Would this fall under phenomenology? I know phenomenology is only a thinking tool which is less than I'm implying. The question stems from my perspective of philosophy one that rejects having to define what kind of truth is truth and what not. I apply a much more relativistic approach to philosophy. I tend to use people's reasoning against them to get them to that next logical step rather than skipping 10 steps ahead. The Socratic method if you will.
  • Josh Alfred
    I am not sure what isn't phenomological in nature. I do think that it is a psychological issue.

    I was thinking about this last night, and what you are referring is role playing, a kind of fantasizing. There is probably plenty on the "psychology of role playing" that can be found online.

    Personally, I haven't read much into it, but there is a step you can take. :)
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