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About Author, blogger, philosopher.

Age: 32

My underlying enthusiastic curiosity in life comes from integrated or holistic models for the sciences and arts. I like to see the world as some bigger organism, integrating the parts, as I would a puzzle. Most notably I am inspired by Ken Wilber and Lovelock in this matter.

I am all for simplicity, but the mysteries of the world can be quite complex.

I am also a concerned transhumanist, who advocates government regulation over AI. My favorite book series is "Dune", an epic space-opera. It includes the existence of supreme forms of AI. I have a liking to these type of fictions using them to infuse my curiosities and thereof my philosophies.

My profile picture means whatever you interpret it to mean.

I am grateful for any work views and discussions you have to present. Thanks.
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Favourite philosophers Fresco (Sociology), James (psychology), Dennett (philosophy/psychology), Carl Jung (psychology), Erickson (developmental psychology), Maslow (psychology/rationalist), Rand (rationalist), Hume (philosophy) Lewin, Cajal, Hebb (neurology)
Favourite quotations "Never stop questioning."