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    Speed-of-light is simply one aspect of the elephant. If you want to consider the thing as a whole, then it would be as velocity in spacetime. I am under the impression that velocity in spacetime is constant; i.e.,, your velocity is partly through space, partly through time. Invariant when those are combined.tim wood

    The problem with velocity and relative velocity is it does not allow everyone to do the same universal energy balance. If you had two references in relative motion V, one with mass M and the other has mass 2M,if each same the other is moving, each will see the other with a different kinetic energy due to the differences in mass. This creates the plateau problem for each relative reference, where the true universal energy is not known. This is why they say there is no preferred reference, which means there can be no standardized universal energy balance. Therefore the conservation of energy becomes a relative concept and a moot point.

    If you use the C reference as the standard, since this is the same in all references, each reference can determine its true energy, since it is not depending on a relative affect, but on an absolute affect that is common to all.

    The C reference is similar to the valley below the plateau. This valley is common to all the reference plateaus. If they all use that as the zero point or ground state, most of the data anomalies and speculative theory to compensate is not needed, since the mystery is solved.

    The question is how do you visualize a C ground state so it is practical to use for mathematical translation?
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