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Favourite quotations The history of metaphysical speculations is replete with ironies and indignities that bespeak the exotic character of the enterprise. Not the least of the ironies lies in the fact that the speculative philosopher has often been betrayed by his own insights. Pythagoras, whose faith in rational harmony led him to choose a voiceless mysticism rather than to confess the truth of incommensurability, is certainly a case in point. --
David L. Hall, Logos, Mythos, Chaos, 1986

I posit the real as a warranted hypothesis, one entrenched in a framework, though not free from skeptical concern. -- Jay Schulkin, The Pursuit of Inquiry, 1992

Oh you're not agreeing with me. Maybe you disagree. That's fine. But I have the microphone, so... -- Matt Scannell, Vertical Horizon, Southington CT, 2021