• Susu
    I've been experiencing a chronic problem due to the consumption of alcohol and it still persists even though it's been almost a month and a half now. And just for the record, I only drink once or twice every month, granted on these interludes I drink in binge. Roughly 8 to 10 shots of Vodka. Not to mention I've only started drinking 4 to 5 months ago, so since I am not a long-time alcoholic and neither am I an addict, I don't understand why I'm experiencing this perennial withdrawal.

    While you're drunk you feel that sense of dissociation or in other words "spacing out". It's as though your body is made out of air and you're floating. That's the only best way I can describe it. This exact feeling for me perpetuates even when sober and it's been a month and half now since I stopped. It isn't that bad though, I only get this way when I'm in a still position or when I get lost in my thoughts, when my mind is occupied, I don't seem to feel it.

    This feeling keeps playing out though the more I drink, so I thought it would be wise enough to cut out alcohol for good.

    Alcohol is like an anaesthetic so the science behind this I've read makes me understand why it would lead me to feel this way, however when I ask other people who drink if they experience the same thing, no one can relate.

    I'm trying to take this in stride hoping it would wear off somehow.

    Anyway, has anyone ever had a similar experience with this?
  • Cavacava

    Has something changed in your life that might be related to this recent activity?

    If you think it is a problem then it is a problem, and probably if you drink alone all the time, it is a problem. I drink but I very rarely get drunk, I don't like hangovers.

    Sure, if you are young and just starting to drink, it is 'courage' in a bottle, but based on my experience it may also be a peer effect, related to those who you hang out with and what they do.
  • Dogar
    Without meaning to alarm you, this sounds like something you should consult your GP about. That's not to same it's a problem or anything, but you certainly seem to think it's a problem, and if you do think it's a problem, then you need to get real medical advice, not talk to unqualified people on the internet. I mean that in the best way possible.
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