• javi2541997
    Thank you for your kindness, Punshhh.

    Although if you start a thread, unless you find some like minded people to respond, it often stalls as the majority of posters tend to lose interest.Punshhh

    That's precisely what worries me the most. A large number of users lost interest in both philosophy and religion but they spend a lot of time and energy discussing about Trump.

    I started some threads about these topics in the past, and they did get a brief attention. After one or two weeks, they disappeared in the deepness pages of the forum.

    I remember specifically this one: https://thephilosophyforum.com/discussion/13200/why-does-religion-condemn-suicide

    It was a very interesting thread, focusing on the differences between religions about suicide.

    It ended up in a debate on what would have happened if Hitler killed himself before the Third Reich... :roll:
  • Piers
    Somebody said that they do not know what will is. Your will is your instinct for security. Physical, emotional, spiritual, existential, whatever. Without it you are a vegetable.
    Back to freedom. I said that there is no freedom because we are all enslaved to either ego or conscience. But, I believe in Free Will. We all have free will when it is defined as your ability to choose how to serve: Either your ego or your conscience. Piers Woodriff
  • Born2Insights
    To an extent freedom of choice and like we are doing now sharing differing opinions. Everyone's definition of freedom varies because our lives are not the same. If you notice people who are in prison (confined) versus people who are outside of prison which would be an example of freedom from confinement. We can be free from others if required, but we can never be free from ourselves without accepting ourselves. We have freedom to a certain extent unless it is abused or restricts someone else. Depending on the situation there would likely be consequences of one's actions in a physical and metaphysical sense.
  • Vaskane
    And yet all your choices are lead on by a multiplicity of drives, many of which you're not conscious to.
  • Born2Insights
    Right we can act and react unconsciously or through desire
  • Born2Insights
    It comes down to the person essentially
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