• StreetlightX

    I know it's the DM but to think that we threw our hat in with this awful country. Australians like to fear monger about the threat of China - frankly it's Americans who are fatal to our well being. To think there was a whole cadre of them vying to 'save us' while standing atop of the dead bodies of 700,000 of their own citizens.
  • frank

    Face it, the human race is incredibly weird.
  • StreetlightX
    Some more than others.
  • fdrake
    But I feel like there's a changed media and communication environment that actually accounts for the timidity of governments insofar as they are alot more reactive (in a short term, polls-driven way) to next-day press releases and 24 hour news cycles in a way that they weren't before. I don't know that this is the only reason, but isolating reasons why governments have become so leadership averse would be the next important step in examining this phenomenon. Old mate Kevin is definitely on to something, I think, when he blames Murdoch for absolutely ruining the feedback process of governments and their constituents. dk, maybe the actual report does have more on that and they just didn't have time to get into it in the podcast.StreetlightX

    Heard along a grapevine that the influence of Murdoch in German politics is noticeable on a county by county basis - does your constituency tend to consume Murdoch media? Then PR will be a dumpster fire. Anecdotal recount of an anecdote, though. Guess it's everywhere.
  • StreetlightX
    does your constituency tend to consume Murdoch media?fdrake

    We have two major media conglomerates that have an effective duopoly on the press in Australia. Murdoch is one of them, and by far the largest one. In our regional areas, Murdoch owns all the newspapers. His online presence is enormous too, owning the most visited Australian new site (news.com.au). Not to mention skynews.com.au, which the Youtube algorithm agressively pushes. When our PM visited the US earlier this year, one of his stops was to Murdoch to kiss the ring.

    The other half of the duopoly, Nine, is run by a former treasurer of the existing government, the same one that basically follows Murdoch's lead like a hurt puppy. Just this year, our government pushed through legislation to force social media companies (read: Facebook) to pay 'local' media for their users even *linking* to their content. Indie media miss out on any of it.

    The two (relatively popular) public broadcasters, the ABC and SBS, and consistently under attack for being too left leaning, despite the fact that they are both ensconsed solidly in the middle, and have had their funds constantly cut by the current government. Our media landscape is a disaster.
  • Tom Storm
    Our media landscape is a disaster.StreetlightX

    Yep - has been for years. I wonder when Rupert dies (I will throw a small party) if his company will continue to fuck the world with Lachlan in charge. Or will it just crumble and powder like an excavated Egyptian mummy opened up on a Cairo street?
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