• ssu
    The left is naïve if they think those *few* people you refer to on the right don't pose a substantial, credible threat.James Riley

    A tiny cabal of people or even single persons that adhere to violence can have huge in consequences if they are successful. The most successful terrorists are those who by their actions create a response that they actually want. Best example that comes to mind is Al Qaeda, an organization that hoped that the US would respond by invading Muslim countries. An organization that had less than 200 people has become quite popular franchise. Luckily sometimes the intensions of terrorists backfire.

    I am fully aware of how the right can look at the left in the same light that the left can look at the right. That is a false equivalence, akin to the media giving time to both sides and then patting themselves on the back for being neutral.James Riley

    "Both sideism" can indeed lead to propaganda and mis- or disinformation being successful. However it's always better to read what actually the people say, judge their views yourself and not just follow the people who criticize the other side. The current polarization is based upon of us being in our own echo chambers.

    Leadership starts at the top. Leadership sets the tone that springs from our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Enforce. Find men and women of leadership and character and spine who, with due process of law, can vet and weed out the traitor. And back their hand when they do it. For, ultimately, the institution is subordinate to the tone.James Riley
    Those in leadership positions that disregard what our democracies stand for and can and will resort to violence can never turn back on the path they have chosen. They will change the system and if violence and breaking the rules is tolerated, the politicians that succeed in that environment will be far more uglier than the one's we have now.
  • Todd Martin
    more uglierssu

    All I can say is that I am more honorableor than I deserve that my thesis has resulted in such ongoing discussion...I only wish I had the time to participate in it.
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