• The Death of Roe v Wade? The birth of a new Liberalism?
    Such a mystery that a party whose only consituents are rich old property owners and their corporate buddies don't attract young people. This is clearly the young people's fault. If only they would mobilize more for a party that has never represented their interests, ever actively works against their interests, with great success. They're such sheeple.


    After untermensch, "sheeple" is probably the most reactionary word in the reactionary dictionary, used only by toffs who think they know the interests of people better than said people.
  • Ukraine Crisis
    It turns out that Finnish people are not quite the irredeemable cowards and supporters of Kurdish genocide that their government is:

    "According to a recent survey in Finland, only 14 percent of the Finns agree that legislative changes ought to be made in order to get Turkey’s support for accession to the NATO alliance. 70 percent of respondents said that they do not support making concessions to Turkey.

    The results of the survey, conducted by Helsingin Sanomat, have been released on Monday, one day before the leaders of Finland and Sweden are set to meet with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to convince him to drop his objections to their membership of NATO."
  • The Death of Roe v Wade? The birth of a new Liberalism?
    Ohhh now you're using caps and emojis, I must have really hit a nerve.

    Anyway, when the planet wilts on the back of the coming American-led global ecocide, I'll think fondly back to the time when some ignorant yank on the internet told me I had no skin in the game (because he liked this phrase he read in a book once, and lacks the vocabulary to use any other), and it will be a nice bit of ironic humor.
  • The Death of Roe v Wade? The birth of a new Liberalism?
    The United States' political apparatus is structured against majority ruling, and the political establishment is broadly unwilling to produce legislation that runs counter to Capitalist interests.Maw

    People like @180 Proof will pretend, like the good milquetoast liberal he is, to use the language of comradeship, while shitting down the throats of 'people' while defending power everywhere even as it enables and supports fascism right in front of their eyes.
  • The Death of Roe v Wade? The birth of a new Liberalism?
    No, I've never met a Christian who would actually despise himself or herself.baker

    Oh well that settles it then never mind the very basic structure of Christianity as a religion nor the political self-loathing that is everywhere evident to anyone with a heartbeat. Guess we'll just go with your feels on this one.
  • Climate Change (General Discussion)
    The US is the largest threat to human existence on the planet at this point. Nothing about Russia or China or Iran or Iraq or all of them combined even comes close. The entire country is "conservatives" right now, every single last one of them.
  • Ukraine Crisis
    No idea, don't care.
  • Ukraine Crisis
    So your bottomline is that the United States military-industrial complex is pushing for conflict in Eastern Europe to fill its own pockets?Tzeentch

    The United States is its military-industrial complex. 'It's' pockets are one and the same. Although shared with oil and finance and some others. Together they are all this entity called the 'United States' that pretends to be a country. And Eastern Europe just happens to be the current warzone de jour. It will pursue war anywhere, indifferently, as a result.
  • Ukraine Crisis
    Those troops are going to be sitting on the border doing nothing, because Russia would never invade a NATO country, and likely it wouldn't have dreamed of ever invading Sweden or Finland either.Tzeentch

    The US has more than 750 military bases around the globe. Practically every one of them is a matter of people 'sitting around doing nothing'. This is not a bug, but a feature. It is capital sink. Or better, a capital cycling mechanism. It is how money moves from taxpayers to arms manufacturers and professional murders, before trickling back into shithole areas to minimally sustain local American regional development. And the US can always, always, always be counted on on finding some excuse to murder people in some region of the global, somewhere, for any reason whatsoever. The expansion of US Empire is simply the foundation of the American living standard.

    If people are not being killed in mass numbers somewhere on the Earth with the support of American weapons and personnel, the American living standard drops.
  • Ukraine Crisis
    I have no doubt that the West will win this.baker

    You have more confidence than said "West":

    White House officials are losing confidence that Ukraine will ever be able to take back all of the land it has lost to Russia over the past four months of war, US officials told CNN, even with the heavier and more sophisticated weaponry the US and its allies plan to send. Advisers to President Joe Biden have begun debating internally how and whether Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky should shift his definition of a Ukrainian "victory" -- adjusting for the possibility that his country has shrunk irreversibly.


    But this assumes that the Western metric of 'winning' is Ukraine keeping territory. It isn't, and never has been. The West does not give a shit about Ukraine. Nonetheless, the West is winning:

    The United States will create a new permanent army headquarters in Poland and increase its long-term military presence across the length and breadth of Europe in response to threats from Russia, U.S. President Joe Biden said on Wednesday. New U.S. warships will go to Spain, fighter jet squadrons to Britain, ground troops to Romania, air defense units to Germany and Italy and a wide range of assets to the Baltics, Biden announced at a NATO summit in Madrid. ... Steps by formerly neutral states Finland and Sweden to enter the alliance would make NATO stronger and all its members more secure, he said. read more.

    ...And it just so happens that the definition of Ukrainian victory ought to begin to 'shift' now. What a surprise. The Americans are getting what they want, so they're getting ready to jump ship and leave the Ukrainians to drop dead. As has always been the plan.
  • The Death of Roe v Wade? The birth of a new Liberalism?
    Yeah that must be it. Keep going with these substantive posts, they're really so good.
  • The Death of Roe v Wade? The birth of a new Liberalism?
    It must be so mentally taxing to continually need to defend and make excuses for people who want - and are being successful at - making your life intolerable.
  • The Death of Roe v Wade? The birth of a new Liberalism?
    Yeah I didn't think you had anything of substance to say either. Glad we agree.
  • The Death of Roe v Wade? The birth of a new Liberalism?
    loooool. Ok. Keep excusing your masters. Let's see how this is going to work out for you. Really well so far hey?

    And American politics is excruciatingly simple: fuck people over, and then get masochist clowns to blame the people for their being fucked over by elites. Repeat as necessary, so long as the elites are always defended.
  • The Death of Roe v Wade? The birth of a new Liberalism?
    Nah, blaming electorates is what reactionaries do. I have no time for it. Basic misunderstanding of how the world works. Making excuses for people with and in power.

    Biden has often had to choose between being compassionate and being Catholic.TiredThinker

    Nope. Biden wants this and has always wanted this. He's not conflicted. He's happy. No more excuses.
  • The Death of Roe v Wade? The birth of a new Liberalism?
    Except - and this can't be hammered home enough - none of this is democratic failure, and all of it is democratic party success. This is the point of them. These are democratic party acheivements, not the lack of them.
  • The Death of Roe v Wade? The birth of a new Liberalism?
    No one in the Democratic party cares about abortions:

    President Biden is poised to nominate a conservative Republican anti-abortion lawyer for a lifetime appointment as a federal judge in Kentucky, a nomination strongly opposed by fellow Democrat and U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, D-Louisville.The nomination of Chad Meredith appears to be the result of a deal with U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, ostensibly in exchange for the Senate Minority Leader agreeing not to hold up future federal nominations by the Biden White House, according to Yarmuth and other officials who confirmed the pending nomination to The Courier Journal.

    This is what Democratic party victory looks like.

    Can anyone imagine a bigger waste of money than American campaign spending? Billions of dollars for identical results.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    If everyone would agree, that would be the end and things would move on. But they don't.ssu

    You're missing my point. They will agree, and still vote for Trump because Biden is inept in a way that is on the scale of tragicomedy. He's completely paralyzed, a walking, talking corpse of a president. And he so because he's a Republican ally through and through.

    Everything people hyperventilated would happen under a second Trump presidency is happening under a Biden one. What is the point of that miserable brain dead zombie? This. This is the point. He was put there so all this would happen. This is the point of him.

    Americans give their support to the President in office, if the economy is good. If it's bad, vote the other guy. Assu

    Lol, another one of ssu's "pulled it from my arse" pseduo-facts. I.e. standard ssu post.
  • The Death of Roe v Wade? The birth of a new Liberalism?
    Well yes the only thing Christians despise more than themselves are people who do not despise themselves.
  • The Death of Roe v Wade? The birth of a new Liberalism?
    But Christian women go along with it.baker

    Christian women hate women. This all follows.

    I mean have you ever met people with more self-contempt than Christians in general? They literally made a religion out of it. Self-contempt is Christianity's other name.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    I mean, has anyone given any thought to how this plays out? If the Democrats are successful at establishing that there really was a coup attempt, and if everyone agrees - granting all that - how does this play out?

    Because the democrats won't win in 2024. Not under Biden. And they're not going to do anything substantial to Trump other than sing an angry poem at him or something. So when all this becomes established beyond reasonable doubt, and then the Republicans win - there's one single point of significance: the American people will have endorsed a coup.

    That's where this goes.
  • The Death of Roe v Wade? The birth of a new Liberalism?
    And from WaPo of all places:

    The overturning of Roe v. Wade, and the underwhelming reaction from senior Democratic leaders to that huge defeat, make the case even clearer that the party’s too-long-in-power leaders — including President Biden — need to move aside. On their watch, a radicalized Republican Party has gained so much power that it’s on the verge of ending American democracy as we know it. ...

    The past year and a half of Democratic control of Washington has been a major disappointment: Biden is more unpopular than Donald Trump was at this time in his presidency; the party’s agenda has stalled; Republican judges and state-level officials have aggressively attacked voting and abortion rights and Black and transgender people in particular with little pushback from Democrats. Biden’s kind words for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), architect of so much of what is happening, are both infuriating to Democrats and ineffective in winning any Republicans to his side.

    Of course for anyone with half a brain, none of this is 'underwhelming' nor a 'disappointment'. The democrats have one function: to stifle the left. They have no other raison d'etre. What is continually pitched as 'failure' is nothing but Democratic success. It's only 'failure' if one expects the Democrats to exist for any other reason at all than to do what Republicans can't do: which is actually contain left revolutionary energy.

    The final and overt coming of American fascism will not be ushered in under Trump. It will happen under Biden. That will be his everlasting legacy, the thing he will be remembered for forever.
  • The Death of Roe v Wade? The birth of a new Liberalism?
    Even Republicans are surprised at how utterly ineffective the Democratic party are:

    What I found striking in my conversations over the weekend, however, wasn’t what Democrats told me, but what Republicans did. They were all careful not to gloat, and to frame this not as an issue of women’s bodily autonomy but as one of restoring a measure of democracy to the people living in conservative, anti-abortion states. They were also shocked at how little the Democrats were doing to fight them when such a clear path of retaliation lay open to them while they controlled the House and Senate. “If I were the libs, I would be putting forward a flurry of legislation like making birth control free and widely available,” the G.O.P. aide told me. “If you say it’s not widely enough available, go after that, cover the gaps. Don’t go for the really big stuff, just split the G.O.P. conference as much as you can, force people to vote. If the goal is really protecting women or advancing legislation that could actually pass, then take every potential approach you can.”

    In other words, Republicans are saying that Democrats should be forcing them onto the record with votes that chip away at their stated, pro-life position. If you’re so worried about infant life, in other words, let’s have a vote on free diapers and free childcare. If you say it’s not a gun issue but a mental health issue, let’s vote on funding the shit out of mental health.

    Of course, they are not ineffective. They simply don't care about abortion rights, and never have. It's a feature of the democratic party, not a bug. It's a feature of American values. Not a bug.
  • Ukraine Crisis
    And how it is represented in the Turkish media is the important thing here.ssu

    What are you even talking about. The fact that Sweden and Finland are enabling a piece of shit country to ramp up their war machine to murder more people is the most important thing here. But yeah, you go on and tell me about Turkish media. The correct takeaway is exactly the one I began with: Fuck Sweden, Fuck Finland. Especially fuck them since Turkey has been sabre rattling at Greece with increasing intensity for the last few months now.
  • Ukraine Crisis
    Oh, right, so Finland just promises to enforce its laws in the service of Erdogan's purposes? Yeah, that makes it so much better :roll:

    And it's sooo much better that you brought up the totally irrelevant fact that Erdogan didn't notice at first but now does. Wow. Stunning and brave. I'm sure all the people Erdogan will murder with the weapons provided by Sweden and Finland will die better knowing that.
  • Ukraine Crisis
    If you actually would read the memorandum (which you won't).ssu

    Where do you think I summarized the points from? And of course the reference to changing laws is (6):

    Further to this, Finland refers to several recent amendments of its Criminal Code by which new acts have been enacted as punishable terrorist crimes. The latest amendments entered into force on 1 January 2022, by which the scope of participation in the activity of a terrorist group has been widened. At the same time, public incitement related to terrorist offenses was criminalised as a separate offense. Sweden confirms that a new, tougher, Terrorist Offenses Act enters into force on 1 July, and that the government is preparing further tightening of counter-terrorism legislation.

    To say nothing of the fact that this is but one of the few issues I mentioned, the worst being the Finnish and Swedish selling arms to a proven killer.
  • Ukraine Crisis
    Lol trust you to play defense for your shitty country capitulating to a murderous warmonger and enabling him to murder more people.

    The "real issue" is Sweden and Finland being enablers of a murderous Turkey, not your crappy dissimulating nonsense.

    Sweden's existence has always been built on blood anyway, considering its arms export industry. This is nothing but a piece of that genocidal legacy.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    Lol who cares. I hope they lie about him lots. I hope they make up all sorts of crap about him. And then throw him in a fucking hole for things he didn't do. That would be fine. It would even be preferred.

    Again, if Trump didn't grab the wheel of a moving vehicle, there's a name for that - a missed opportunity.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    Do not underestimate the ability of the Dems to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    And really if you people really just believed it - like actually believed it - when we call Trump a fascist, none of this should come as a surprise. Like, not one bit of it. Stop being surprised. Stop it.

    Even if these hearings revealed that Trump crucified and vivisected children alive in the white house basement, you would still not have earned your surprise and shock.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    Maybe, but that kind of behaviour I expect.

    Showtune soothing aide tho?


    Also I have no sympathy with SS agents and the only tragedy in that is that Trump was not successful in lunging for the wheel and dying a fiery death in a car accident of his own making.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    when Mr. Trump descended into rage, his staff resorted to summoning an aide, nicknamed the Music Man, to play favorite show tunes they knew would soothe him, including “Memory” from the Broadway musical “Cats.”

  • Ukraine Crisis
    Turkey has also been holding the rest of Europe hostage by threatening to release the floodgates of Middle-Eastern refugees that they are using for leverage. The worst part about it: it's working. Europe has no problem with murderous dictators, so long as it's murderous dictators who can threaten them with a bunch of non-white people.
  • Religious speech and free speech

    During a worship service in Colorado on Sunday, Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., told the congregation she is “tired of this separation of church and state junk” in the U.S. In her remarks given at the Cornerstone Christian Center, Boebert said the only reason the U.S. has so many “overreaching regulations” on religion is because “the church complied.” Boebert, who is on the ballot in Tuesday’s primary election, said to worshipers, “The church is supposed to direct the government. The government is not supposed to direct the church. That is not how our Founding Fathers intended it.”

    If you can't get some religious freak coach to fuck off from peddling his group-fantasies to children without it landing in the supreme chamber of wizard clowns, this is where things in the States will and have ended up.
  • Ukraine Crisis
    Sweden and Finland capitulated to a murderous war chief who has started more wars than Putin in recent memory because they are a bunch of unprincipled cowards. Having given in to Turkish blackmail, they have:

    (1) Lifted their arms embargo on Turkey
    (2) Agreed to support Turkey in their attempt to murder Kurds, while pulling their support for Kurds
    (3) Agreed to amend their terrorism laws
    (4) Agreed to share their intel
    (5) Agreed to extradite those taking shelter from Erdogan's regime.

    Fuck Sweden, fuck Finland.
  • Religious speech and free speech
    Imagine living in such a shitty country that this becomes a constitutional issue because some religious freak coach wants his students to pray to the same stupid make-believe sky fairy as him so they win some inconsequential ball game.

    They should have fired the coach for wasting everyone's mental energy and the courts should have responded to his challenge with a note that said "lol". Literally anything else is a mark of a society fucked up beyond repair. Which is exactly what it is.
  • Religious speech and free speech
    The US has always been run by puritanical freaks and their principles, it's just now become obvious to those who were too coddled to see it beforehand.

    They ran an entire neocrusade against a rival religious region - plundering it and leaving it in shambles and death - and people are surprised when this kind of Christofascism makes its presence felt at 'home'.
  • Intuition, evolution and God
    It doesn't matter. Because it doesn't matter in your OP. Because you followed it up with a non-sequitur pulled from your arse. It's name is God.
  • Intuition, evolution and God
    Anyway, quick reminder that the only relevant part of this OP is this and it is hilarity itself:

    Well, the case for evolution by natural selection presupposes that there are reasons to believe things. And reasons to believe things require God. Sorry, but they do.Bartricks
  • Intuition, evolution and God
    Ok, if it makes you feel better about making things up, I'll let you have it.