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    One of the 99 names of Allah is Al-Haqq (The Truth). Even schoolboys know The Truth is the Holy grail of all human endeavors - a parallel exists in science and is known as The Theory of Everything or ToE for short.

    The idea is rather simple: Al-Haqq is, to my reckoning, a single axiom from which all other truths emanate i.e. every other truth can be inferred logically from it. That's that.

    Another way of looking at Al-Haqq is as a rule/law that applies universally with pragmatic benefits. If you understand/know the Al-Haqq then you can solve any problem, answer any question, you get the idea.

    Many have attempted to find this Al-Haqq; the Chinese version of it is called Daoism (the yin-yang duality to state the obvious).

    My theory is ( :grin: @Banno ) that one way for such an Al-Haqq to be real, not just in our heads or imaginary, is for the universe to be fractal - the same pattern (Al-Haqq) repeats at all scales (vertically) and in all phenomena at any given scale (horizontally).

    A halala for your pensées!

    Muchas gracias.
  • Banno
    My theory is...Agent Smith
  • 180 Proof
    Another way ... is for the universe to be a hologram in the sense that every quantum event constituting the universe also encodes the entire information set (wavefunction?) of the universe. :nerd:
    To see a World in a Grain of Sand
    And a Heaven in a Wild Flower 
    Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 
    And Eternity in an hour
    — Auguries of Innocence (1803)
  • Agent Smith
    Nice, Tim Toady!

    Am I correct to conclude that your (whosoever's) theory is basically that the cosmic wave is simply a summation of identical but smaller (re geometric similarity) wavelets?

    Which theory, yours/mine, is "better"?
  • Agent Smith


    A thousand apologies. — Ranjeet
  • 180 Proof
    Both conjectures (like Al-Haqq) are unscientific, so preference here is merely a matter of taste.
  • Agent Smith
    a matter of taste.180 Proof

    This is a profound statement! Excelente!

    Nevertheless, I believe there's a very good reason why we like meat! The tongue is no fool, oui monsieur except that when it comes to poisons, once you can taste it, it's goodnight Vienna! Maybe we're missing something here, si señor?
  • Agent Smith
    p v ~p is a tautology i.e. it's always true.

    Al-Haqq = p v ~p

    1. Ahura Mazda/Yaheweh

    2. Angra Mainyu/Satan.
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