• god must be atheist
    I've been shown on too many instances recently on this site that my mental faculties are less agile and less robust than yours. "You" in "yours" meaning many of you. I don't know what to attribute it to. I know my memory is shot by now, because of the beginning stages of Alzheimers or old age dementia. Now I find that my reasoning ability is starting to lack. Of course I don't feel my mind is going, I only measure it by the reflection of my success rate of winning contentious differentness in views on philosophical matters.

    It is time I hung my gloves up, and take up a less intellectually demanding hobby, such as crocheting or fishing.

    I'll miss you guys, all of you, and I might poke my head in once in a while to watch, or else also to comment. But of my old fighting self about intellectual matters it seems to me the only thing left is my arrogance, without the punch of my once strong logic and reason.

    I say therefore good-bye to you all. Happy philosophizing, happy arguing, happy finding joint and mirrored thinking to you all.
  • Baden

    I haven't read everything you've written, but you've certainly made insightful and interesting comments. So, I'm a bit saddened you feel as you do. But I respect where you're coming from, and you're always welcome if you change your mind.
  • ArguingWAristotleTiff
    Well that's not a good way to keep your mind fresh! :flower:

    Have you ever been to "The Lounge"? I realize it is tucked away from the rest of the site but you are welcome to come and let your hair down over there. :heart:

    Withdrawing from mental stimulation will allow for atrophy which is not helpful in an Alzheimer's patient. Keep music in your life and dancing (even if alone) to keep the muscle memory sharp. Don't feel as though you have to go but if you do, know we will be here when you come back :sparkle:
  • Sir2u
    "I feel stupid compared to many of you here"

    So go ahead and prove your point by running away.

    Everyone here has been made to look silly at sometime or other.

    Supposedly you came here, like many of us, to learn. Running away will not help you to do that.
  • Shawn
    I thought your nick was pretty witty. Other than that it's hard to stand out from the crowd.
  • Noble Dust
    I've made plenty of ungracious exits, and then plenty of ungracious entrances afterwards. I'm pretty sure no one is enriched, but here I am. Btw, your name is an annoying non sequitur.
  • ZhouBoTong
    It is time I hung my gloves up, and take up a less intellectually demanding hobby, such as crocheting or fishing.god must be atheist

    Is it just that easy? haha. I feel if I stop arguing I am no longer me :grimace:

    In any case, I felt I often agreed with your view, so your reasoning must be impeccable :smile:

    my success rate of winning contentious differentness in views on philosophical matters.god must be atheist

    uh, oh. I think my success rate is somewhere around zero. I am not convinced that I have persuaded anyone here to change themselves or their view of any particular issue. I am mostly just throwing ideas out with the hope that someone (anyone, please) agrees. Otherwise, it is just in my head (of course it seems reasonable TO ME).

    Well as someone who lurks here reading more than I contribute, I hope to see you back at some point. If not, enjoy fishing (I call your bluff on crocheting though :joke:).
  • Pantagruel
    Hoping that anyone with a thousand posts to their name will eventually find their way back....whatever differences of opinion we may have we are all united by a common love and respect for this thing we call philosophy. We are only richer for your contribution.
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