• christian2017
    I find that a common theme among conservatives and Christian pastors is:: You need to treat this person better or you need to spend less money or you need to treat you employer better. The advice to get this done in most sermons is no deeper then "try harder" or "work harder".

    I admit that working hard (suffering) as opposed to working diligently improves a person's character. However its really not advice and having hard work be a long term solution isn't very effective. The world's richest people usually have someone working for them.

    Globalism, Automation, and laws that restrict the poor's ability to be self sufficient are real problems.

    Someone who continually says work harder or try harder, really has no unique incite and can't be said to have wizdom.

    Questions or Comments?
  • tim wood
    There's no accounting for what some conservatives and Christian pastors might say. You have to winnow and glean where and as best you can, in their fields. And it's sad but true that some should be not listened to.
  • christian2017

    winnow and glean? As in decipher what is true and not true from what they say?


    work where you can find work?

    In general i think working diligently daily is better for family than working hard everyday (suffering).

    I assume that we agree somewhat?
  • tim wood
    Working smart is always the better. Not generally taught anywhere except in the schools of experience and hard knocks, or by wise and caring parents, which are not so numerous.
  • Swan
    The first mistake is listening to a conservative or a Pastor.
  • I like sushi
    I think the basic principle is don’t finger point. Blaming others is a poor focus as you cannot generally change people.

    Self reflection is a reasonably good piece of advice as were prone to shift blame and responsibility. I doubt they preach not to plan.
  • OmniscientNihilist
    People who are ignorant of their ignorance believe that trying harder is the only solution. But no matter how hard they try they keep failing because they lack knowledge. Then they burn out, blame themselves, and give up. Leading to more and more feelings of inferiority and hate. Will-power is very limited, utilize it primarily to learn and increase knowledge. Then you can work smarter not harder. Study information online for free. Start with something you're already interested in because time flies when you're having fun. Talk to everyone and absorb everything. Question everything, especially your own assumptions. Blow your own mind. Utilize one of the greatest pieces of technology in existence, the human brain. You are currently a seed full of potential, who will one day bloom into a god.
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