• TheMadFool
    Most people now are physicalists and don't believe or believe with great difficulty that there's a mind-substance.

    However, even the most hardcore physicalist will make a distinction which I will call inner-outer divide (IOD). Is this a vestigial remnant of an old way of thinking or does this indicate that physicalism doesn't explain everything about reality, specifically our dualistic experience of an outer physical world and an inner mind world? I don't know.

    This will probably sound stupid but there's one particular IOD I want to focus on. It's a very common IOD and I think philosophers will understand it. It's the inner beauty vs outer beauty division. I've heard people say that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty which I take it mean a good heart is better than a beautiful face.

    As you can see the distinction, inner vs outer beauty, highlights the mind-body dualism.

    If so then a question that arises is if physicalism is true then why doesn't physical beauty not lead to goodness in heart or vice versa?

    As an analogy a statue made only of one type of stone will be stone inside AND outside. If you detect two types of stones then there MUST be two types of material.
  • Bartricks
    Where's the supposedly stupid argument for dualism?
    Plus, what's the point in highlighting a stupid argument for a position? Here's a stupid argument for dualism: If it is sunny, dualism is true. It is sunny. Dualism is true.

    That's absurd, of course, for its first premise has nothing to be said for it. But as a result it tells us nothing. It doesn't discredit dualism, for one can make a stupid argument for anything.
  • ssu
    As you can see the distinction, inner vs outer beauty, highlights the mind-body dualism.TheMadFool
    I'm not so sure the hard core physicalist sees any mind-body dualism at all in this case.

    He (typically he) just sees brains at work, genes, chemistry and so on creating an outcome that then is molded in interaction with other people so that we sometimes divide beauty to 'inner' and 'outer'. Typically to be cordial to the not so beautiful people.

    Basically the typical physicalist just sees red when you mention the term 'mind-body dualism' and starting from there is on the defence and just thinks how to refute your claim...whatever it would be.
  • TheMadFool
    Where's the supposedly stupid argument for dualism?Bartricks

    So stupid that you didn't see it :rofl:


    I was just wondering about the discrepancy between an obvious physical attribute (beauty) and a characteristic of mind (personality). If everything is physical how is it that there's a mismatch? I'm assuming that the basis of physical beauty should transfer to mind too if all is physical.
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