• Artie
    There is opinion that we living in the matrix or other words in the virtual reality. Based on it, I can say next: this world was created the hands the creature or creatures, which exceed in intellect us. These creatures created the simulation of life for us but them aim unknown for peoples. They created a game and we in the this game playing the role experimental rabbits and they playing the role scientists. It's terrify. I think that everyone remember this famous interview to Elon Mask and him discussing to this question. Elon Mask said: "The chance that we locate in the real world and not it's imitation - one per billion".
    I'm how skeptic and atheist, think that discussing this question still very early, because we still not developed how civilization enough. I can will say it even not watching on the technological innovation which we have. You musy will be agree with me, we don't explored even half the space and we hardly know what is there. So that such topics discussing yet early. But me worry this kind of question and I think that you worry it too. I sure that this kind of questions for sure someone asked on this forum but I appreciate a opinion each of you. So, what do you think about the virtual reality in wich we living?

    I'm not native speaker, I study English and if you will specify on my mistakes and will write about it me I will be very grateful to you.
  • Shawn
    I understand enough to comment that I thought about whether the Sim hypothesis is falsifiable or can be verified. It can't in either case rendering it metaphysical.
  • TheMadFool
    Well, if you consider how far humans have ''progressed'', everything is an experiment, including us.

    Haven't we evolved enough?

    At least some of have (not me though).

    We recognize ourselves in the mirror and that means we can make ourselves objects of experimentation.

    Most of the time it's at a second-person level. I experiment on you but the greatest challenge is turning the eye inwards and look at yourself.

    Socrates said ''the unexamined life is not worth living''. Socrates lived two thousand years ago and he already was onto self-experimentation.

    A matrix-type virtual reality where we're experimented upon is not at all necessary.

    We are already experimenting on ourselves.
  • Shawn

    Yes, I agree.
  • hachit
    According to the theory it is stated that if we make a strong enough computer and we want to run simulation then we're most likely a simulation. If this never happens were not.
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