• ssu

    Just think of time when Donald Trump as President feels as a far better option than the then current president.

    Yes, that can happen in the US. Better to have an inept populist authoritarian than a very capable populist authoritarian.
  • thewonder
    I can offer plenty of examples of these mistakes, while you offer exactly zero of Trump's "fascistic" thought crimes.NOS4A2

    I actually have a conspiracy about this. Donald J. Trump, star of the show, The Apprentice was led into his position of power by the Central Intelligence Agency. Think about it. They know that almost the entire American populace, including most of the Right, though they tend not know as to just what it is that they have against them, aside from, perhaps, a few Neo-Conservatives, is likely not to agree with anything that they do, and, so, prop up an unlikable businessman to eat all of the flak. The news media swarms upon every controversy, while the CIA has attempted to orchestrate a Neo-Fascist coup d'état in Italy so as to secure control over the Mafia, and incite a global clandestine civil war to be given both the legal and extra-juridical rationalizations, justifications, and attempts at vindicating the establishment of a global crypto-Fascist totalitarian regime that was to bear only the semblance of Liberal democracy, being more or less the implicit goal of the organization since even before its official establishment. Luckily, for all of us, I put a stop to this.

    The way I see it, though, Trump himself is not really a Fascist; he's a "useful idiot" to Fascists. They chose him for his sensational attitude towards the associated press and extraordinary capacity to proliferate thought-terminating clichés. To them, he's just there to get people used to what they plan next. There's no real reason to consider what they project into a future where Fascism is capable of securing power again, though.
  • NOS4A2

    I’m a little too cynical to believe any one group of people is capable of such a conspiracy. So I have to attribute the behavior to some form or other of mass hysteria or megalomania.
  • NOS4A2
    Trump going after the disillusioned Sanders voter.

  • thewonder

    Why, though? The coordinated grassroots Democratic Socialists of America campaign in favor of Bernie Sanders was the last political campaign that I believed in. Seeing that I have now become a-political, I would never return upon the other side. What I actually suspect to be likely to happen is for the Anarchist movement to find itself in a fix and to beg me to bail them out of it à la "Gandalf the White", but I am hoping that my having left in protest will prevent that from ever needing to occur.
  • StreetlightX
    Trump, who has funnelled billions of public money into private hands pretending like he gives a shit about disparity and propagandist fucks like NOS being a nice little brown nosed bitch about it.
  • NOS4A2
    Trump trimming more fat.

    Trump moves to overhaul Tennessee Valley Authority leadership

    President Trump announced Monday he's firing the Tennessee Valley Authority chair and is pushing for the ouster of the corporate agency's CEO, citing the authority's outsourcing of American jobs and high compensation.

    Seated near TVA employees at a White House roundtable, the president blasted TVA chair James Thompson and CEO Jeffrey Lyash. Lyash is the highest paid federal employee, earning $8 million a year in total compensation. Mr. Trump said he's also removing board member Richard Howarth. The president said any new CEO must earn no more than $500,000.

  • Benkei
    How is it trimming far if it isn't funded by taxpayer money?
  • praxis

    Maybe he’ll sign an executive order disallowing talking about death as a proportion of population.
  • Pierre-Normand
    Maybe he’ll sign an executive order disallowing talking about death as a proportion of population.praxis

    At today's news conference, while answering a journalist about precisely this issue, he essayed another metric. He said that if we exclude the deaths that occurred early on in blue states such as New York and New Jersey, then the U.S.A. death rate doesn't look so bad anymore compared with other countries. (Maybe he'll sign an executive order to expel those two states from the Union.)
  • Relativist
    He said that if we exclude the deaths that occurred early on in blue states such as New York and New Jersey, then the U.S.A. death rate doesn't look so bad anymore compared with other countries.Pierre-Normand
    A high death rate in blue states is win-win for Trump: fewer Democratic voters and he can blame Democrats.
  • Metaphysician Undercover

    What do you mean? He'd blame Democrats for having increased the death rate, by dying?
  • Benkei
    Democratic governors and mayors I think.
  • ssu
    The small clip clearly shows how totally clueless Trump is.

    It's no wonder why so many that have had to try to explain Trump issues have said he is a moron.

    But oh well, some Americans are OK with this.

    After all, rich people cannot be morons, right? :smirk:
  • Relativist
    He's blaming Democratic mayors and governors.
  • batsushi7
    Trump is representation of American dream, such as wealth, power, and success.

    Best american philosopher i know is Donald Trump

    - God bless america, and us all.
  • Punshhh
    Maybe someone should just check if there is 2,700 tonnes of high explosive stored near the White House. Better safe than sorry.
  • ssu
    Likely not. Real estate prices are quite high around the White House, so nobody will use there the real estate as a storage space for fertilizer.

    But there is an equivalent of thousand times more than 2,700 tonnes of high explosives targeted at the White House that can explode above in just 20 minutes or so.
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