• Baden
    Hi all,

    2018 sees TPF come in as the top philosophy forum on all major search engines, and we want to extend a hearty thanks to all posters and readers for getting us here. You continue to make the site what it is and we're proud of your efforts on our behalf.

    If you'd like to give us something else to thank you for, please subscribe or send a Paypal donation directly to . We're ad-free, as you know, volunteer run, and non-profit, and we rely not only on your minds but on your wallets to keep us all at the top. So, help us out - if you feel like it.


    The TPF team
  • Bitter Crank
    You need a more self-confident ask. Your's is too wishy-washy. Just come out and demand everything!

    Who knows? The next Hegel may start posting here, or the next Heidegger. Or the Real McCoy. And YOU could be held partially responsible! So dig deep. Just give us ALL YOUR MONEY!

    That's right: sell your house, your car, your children; you wife, husband, spouse, significant other––whoever that loser is that you have been running around with; your tchotchkes, your books, pets, etc. Send the proceeds to .

    Unburden yourself. Be free at last of material burdens that keep you from achieving the ideal world you want to live in. Be free of inanimate impediments to the True Life of the Mind. You have nothing to lose but the chains of possession!

    Giving The Philosophy Forum ALL YOU MONEY will not be a disaster. You will change the history of The Philosophy Forum forever. You will be remembered and mentioned frequently. Overcoming thingy attachment is not easy to master, but the rewards are INFINITE. Don't delay -- prevarication is the mark of merchants of mendacities. ACT NOW. Bank Tellers are standing by to receive your cash and issue Thank You notes.
    — Crank Promotions

    Of course we will visit you in debtors prison.
    Your poverty will not be our problem.
    Donations are not refundable.
    It was your free will choice.
    Sell it all now.
    Give it to us.
    At once!
  • Baden

    Careful... We may have to hire you if you keep this up. ;)
  • Benkei
    Hire? It's all slavery here...
  • CasKev
    Maybe it would help if you indicated for what the donations would be used... Not everyone is aware of the costs of running a forum like this.
  • Baden

    Fair point. The donations go towards hosting costs. @jamalrob may be able to provide more details on the current state of play with regard to those.
  • Wallows
    How much is needed? I hope we can get a toolbar that says how much we need to raise every month to cover the costs if possible. We had such a feature at the old PF.
  • jamalrob

    Right now we're paying $49 per month to PlushForums, with additional amounts required to maintain the subscription service. We currently have $220 in our PayPal account, with eight ongoing subscriptions of either $5/month or $10/quarter.

    It's quite possible that they'll bump us up to the next level account some time this year, which is $70 per month, due to the number of members we have and the storage space we're using for uploads.
  • uncool
    How much is needed? I hope we can get a toolbar that says how much we need to raise every month to cover the costs if possible. We had such a feature at the old PF.Posty McPostface

    Sounds like a cool idea
  • CuddlyHedgehog
    Can I keep some pants and socks?
  • Bitter Crank
    That depends on whether you are very attractive without pants and socks.
  • CuddlyHedgehog
    I think I'm better looking without socks
  • Bitter Crank
    Was that estimation peer reviewed?
  • CuddlyHedgehog
    Mainly based on a double-blind randomized controlled trial
  • Bitter Crank
    OK, I'll take your word for it, then.
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