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    God can command things as what we should do in order to be righteous and be closer to Him, but He doesn’t have to require these things to avoid hell. Jews are commanded to wear tassels but aren’t going to hell for not doing so. This is a Christian understanding of the Law which is not Jewish.MysticMonist

    You don't accept the Jewish or the Christian revelation. You've apparently received your own that is superior to them both, one that tells you all the secrets about heaven and hell, how to attain the former, and how the latter doesn't exist. That's great. You're the world's greatest prophet. But then you don't need to belong to any religion, which has been my point this entire time. If you do, it ought to conform to the truth you've already discovered.

    Even if I don’t, I could easily become a universalit Quranist (i.e. Muslim). I’m sure there are other liberal Muslims, I know universalist Sufis exist.MysticMonist

    Easily? You don't know that.

    Or I would be fully welcome with the Quakers.MysticMonist

    Again, how do you know?

    If Bishop Spong is Episcopalian than so am I.MysticMonist

    The Episcopal church is swiftly becoming a church for liberals and atheists who appreciate church hymns and architecture, that's true. For confused, New Age hippies, it might be the perfect match. No commitments, just shallow emoting, posturing, and political activism sprinkled over top Christian aesthetics.

    Labels don’t mean much.MysticMonist

    Except that they do. Spong is a hypocrite who wants Christianity to conform to his personal preferences, when in reality Christian identification works the other way around. One becomes a Christian on Christianity's terms, not one's own.

    The best objection to religious membership meaning anything at all, is the vast number of people who say they are a certain religion and even be on the church rolls but only rarely go to services, do no practices at home, do not follow their faiths prohibitions, and know little of their faith’s theology. I would be a good Christian if I just didn’t like reading and cared more about football instead without any increase of faith.MysticMonist

    Except that you wouldn't. You're describing hypocrisy, which becomes worthy of public rebuke only if the person behaving in such a way isn't contrite.
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