• Alaina Eimas
    Polemarchus attempted to defend Cephalus’s position that justice (doing right) is a matter of telling the truth and paying one’s debts. He did so by arguing that it is right to give every man his due. Socrates got Polemarchus to agree to two points: (a) that we ought to give both our friends and our enemies their due; and (b) that justice, like medicine, is a type of skill.

    How are these admissions fatal to the position that Polemarchus is trying to maintain?
  • MysticMonist
    Welcome Alaina! I’m so happy to see someone else interested in the Republic!!
    Okay, Socrates gets him to say justice when well applied should punish or cruel to only the guilty, those who deserve it. This is common Greek thought, be good to your friends and be evil to your enemies. Then Socrates goes into we cannot know the true character of a person so we ought to be just to everyone all time.
  • MysticMonist

    Are you studying the Republic for a class?

    I’m pretty much a Platonist and I’ve posted on several things about him here.
  • Alaina Eimas
    This is true. So Socrates believes that it is unjust to harm anyone, which means that you can not give enemies their due assuming that their due is to harm them.
  • Alaina Eimas
    Yes I am studying it for class.
  • MysticMonist

    I’ve been thinking back to philosophy 101 where I first heard about Plato, his Forms and his cave. It’s required knowledge for any of western philosophy really.
    But it’s not till studying him again, for fun, I really appreciated him. Platonism is more than just a theory for how we know a chair is a chair. It’s a whole principled way of life that is very fulfilling. Same of stoicism and epicurean. It’s modern philosophy that’s become overly technical. I wish I had that explained in my 101 class. Perhaps you have better teachers though.
  • Metaphysician Undercover
    Platonism is more than just a theory for how we know a chair is a chair. It’s a whole principled way of life that is very fulfilling.MysticMonist

    Contrary to what many say, what Plato said, is very applicable in the modern day.
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