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    I guess Nordic countries such Denmark, Norway, Finland or Sweden can fit on what you are looking for. Their population is relatively small, public administrations work good, politicians are not so corrupted, there are a lot of civic people, etc... so, in my view, I doubt that conspiracy has a clue in Nordic countries at all.javi2541997

    The unproven vastness of riches the supremely wealthy possess, I don't doubt they have bribed every single politician there is right now and most of how many there ever were. Cash flow siphons to them daily. I would guess hundreds of millions or more each day. Perhaps you are right, but I have a hard time believing that the wealthiest people could have jurisdiction in only certain parts of the world. I think the lives of every person on the planet and the future of all of us are a part of a carefully laid out plan of prolonged power and to keep the massive corruption going on in secrecy for the most part.

    On second thought, corruption may take more time than my previous surmise suggests. A relatively short list of suggestible who qualify for social conditioning to be subjugated to evil s not unthinkable. The choice to conserve their typical life or surrender to bottomless funds and unprecedented freedom to do anything, good or bad, perchance, most people would vote to safeguard their moral beliefs. Consideration solely of retailed servility or a tormented demise brings to mind many purchases.
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    . Probably many people would choose to be moral instead accepting bottomless funds and unprecedented freedom to do anything freely, good or bad.Bug Biro

    Fortunately, most of the people is in the first group. Otherwise, the world would never had progressed in centuries.
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    Otherwise, the world would never had progressed in centuries.javi2541997

    I think you underestimate the wits and resolve of the wealthiest to continue having total freedom and never face punishment for their frightful actions. To secure the same ritual for their future bloodline.
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    wealthiest to continue having total freedom and never face punishmentBug Biro

    Sooner or later they face punishment. Most of the politicians who were corrupt or made illegal activity, ended up condemned by judges. The scandals of the richest were uncovered and they suffered a big punishment by both society and courts. Some examples:

    1. Impeachment of Bill Clinton: Bill Clinton, was impeached by the United States House of Representatives of the 105th United States Congress on December 19, 1998, for "high crimes and misdemeanors". Charges: Perjury, obstruction of justice, abuse of power. Despite Clinton remained in power, his personal image was depleted in the next elections.

    2. Jeffrey Epstein's child prostitution: Epstein was arrested again on July 6, 2019, on federal charges for the sex trafficking of minors in Florida and New York. Epstein's lawyers have disputed the ruling, and there has been significant public skepticism about the true cause of his death, resulting in numerous conspiracy theories.
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    Jeffrey Epstein's child prostitution: Epstein was arrested again on July 6, 2019, on federal charges for the sex trafficking of minors in Florida and New York.javi2541997

    My impression was that child sex rings are geared toward people who receive lavish pay for what their job might be. The wealthiest people on the planet have no need for those places. By my speculation, ones who exceed riches have myriads of sex slaves of all ages in stockades on standby for delivery by a single gesture to where they are or will be stationed. I'm convinced that child prostitution occurs daily at numerous locations by multiple perpetrators. An unsurprising discovery would be criminals liable for child trafficking are free because they provide accessibility for people of authority and considerable net worth to commit crimes so heinous they are meticulously hidden from the public. Police officers aware of these "hideouts" and where they operate in their cities is woefully proven. These are severe issues with nothing being done about them. They need to be addressed by the media and ended by the police. Strategies need to be in place to disallow their reestablishing. The day of preventive actions said to be happening will be a tremendous relief for me, and hopefully, it symbolizes better days ahead.
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    What is the 2020's (as a decade) zeitgeist?
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    It's an interesting topic. I agree with your theory. Maybe I think in a too philosophical and abstract way for a nonphilosopher, but it is in metaphysics and not science where there is an analogy of concepts rather than an isolation and objectification of everything. Metaphysics is not hard to teach people. Theres a lot to be said on the topic but metaphysics in the modern period is actually in a state of oppression. I believe the premodern was more metaphysical in thinking and this too is akin to schizophrenia. It's a complicated subject to talk about, but what has happened in the modern period from pogroms to prescriptions was really based on an emerging psychiatry. A modernization of morality of the soul of society. There is a lot to know on the subject and despite the argumentative nature of opposing forms of knowledge, and the potential of argument to make revolutionary change, science is a moral decision one makes about metaphysics: about restricting what is understandable. Science is psychiatry, period. Metaphysics connects interrelated webs of concepts that science persecutes: metaphysics-schizophrenia-irony-religion-primitive-natural-soul etc. Antipsychiatry is not just about being against systematic poisonings its about resisting the scientific construction of a reality that isolates, objectifies, and applies methods on everything problematic to it.
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    Allah Rahim (God is merciful) mon ami, Allah Rahim.
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