• Jack Cummins

    Yes, I have come across Nietzsche's idea of 'the last man' briefly. My understanding is that it is equated with nihilism, and many may be falling into that category. It may be the worst possibility because it would involve passive pessimism. Of course, wishful thinking about everything resolving itself is probably not helpful either. People may range at all points along the spectrum in trying to view the future, or potential end of it.
  • Write on Writer
    Early christians believed that the 'end of times' had come during the destruction of the Jewish Temple in 70 AD in Jerusalem. The remains of that temple are believed to be the Wailing Wall.
    Some people believe that the 'end of times' is now during this pandemic.

    I don't think the 21st century is the end of humanity. Simply because we have survived an ice age and we are very much aware that the weather is one of the biggest threats in terms of survival.

    Humanity has made enormous technological progress since the Industrial Revolution. Unfortunately, a lot of that progress was used for warfare. Personally I believe that war doesn't benefit anyone or anything. I don't know a single person that survived the Second World War who managed to successfully heal from their traumas. And we're not even talking about the damage and harm done to nature.

    So I think we should learn from history instead of trying to end it.
  • Jack Cummins

    I think that you make some important points in your post, especially, that of being able to 'learn from history instead of trying to end it. The aspect of Baudrillard's idea which your post appears to captivate is that the "myth' of the end of history may have an impact on the way human beings act with regard to the future of civilisation.
  • 180 Proof

    The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history. — GWF Hegel
    (pace G. Santayana)
  • Heiko
    History has ended obviously despite efforts to puke up itself.
    An alternate timeline of history has - of course - begun; though it seems to be merely a compilation of short-stories completely missing the ability to really catch anyone's attention: it has completely adopted the mode of watching, switching TV-stations and maybe having bored-educated discussions. It's characters are eiher short-lived or boring, same as general subjects. History is not real.
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