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    (Social Engineer Explains The Beginning of Existence)

    "I understand that this is a complex topic to talk about. I will simplify the explanation. This is worth the read. I do not enjoy wasting another individual's time. This is formulated from a scientific perspective and the content is not formulated through any perspective religion or ideology."

    **** What came first, the chicken or the egg? ****

    The solution to how existence started is in the perspective concept of simultaneous. The perspective has to be broken down into two main categories, illusion and reality. Reality is substance and illusion is information. Reality and illusion, or, substance and information manifests simultaneously within linear and as dimension. The two concepts create a spectrum that mixes into a simultaneous concept of manifestation that is reality/illusion and illusion/reality.

    The moment the universe started, all information in concept manifested at the same time. This gives the perspective reality/illusion and illusion/reality of existence's beginning and end as a simultaneous manifestation in intermittent cycle.

    **** The ODE and MOE Theory ****

    The Organized Data of Existence is the concept that information will inevitably organize itself into existence.

    The Mother of Equations is the concept that every universal existence prompts from a unique overall content and compressed mathematical equation that formulates a predetermined concept of itself.

    **** Before Existence Started ****

    The Law of Conservation states that energy can neither be created or destroyed. Substance and information are in a simultaneous fluctuation of transition between each other. In theory, when information is not being used in translation as substance, the energy is being stored as information.

    Before existence started, all energy had to be stored somewhere within itself and as itself. The information/energy stored itself as the incoherence of information which equals to what is perceived as nothing. The incoherence of 100% data that acts as its own catalyst of "nothing."

    The information is still in fluctuation. This is comparable to the concept of, a ball of water moving in and out of itself. The ball of water would be consistently irregular in shape due to the constant movement. Eventually, incoherent data will come together to formulate a MOE equation that prompts a universal existence; in-proportion to what the equation requires in information to facilitate the manifestation of what the MOE equation has predetermined.

    The universal existence would prompt as an irregular or insufficient universal existence. When all information comes together, the math equates to zero or what is considered 100% resolved. Inevitably, a series of "predetermined" universal prompts happens over an astronomical amount of time. This is a series of predetermined universal prompts that equate into true mathematical resolve. Overall, each beginning series of the "first" universal prompt is different in how the information formulates its overall resolve of itself. (This can be compared to how there are different characters of humans existing for their own purpose of resolve in experience simultaneously at different moments in time.)

    **** Conclusion ****

    Existence and an individual's existence is a constant simultaneous fluctuation of beginnings and ends all linearly and dimensionally entangled with and within each other.

    I hope you enjoyed this read. Thoughts are welcome and please keep them constructive and tactful. If you did enjoy this, please like and share. I am sure others will as well.

    Author: Lloyd R Shisler (Social Engineer)
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