• Metaphysician Undercover
    Wheatley's form of discussion, all talk, no listen. No wonder it is difficult for Wheatley to understand others.
  • Wheatley
    all talk, no listen.Metaphysician Undercover
    I listen to people who have manners!
  • Caldwell
    So, what's an example from another discipline in science? What is the general rule broken or mispractice of Bohr?
    Empirical science which puts sensation and observation on a pedestal. Which, according to critics, is done to the detriment of things outside of our perception -- thing in itself. Whether you agree or not, this is a real concern for them.

    At this point, I don't have much opinion anymore about Bohr's controversial quantum postulate (for which I provided snippets in another page of this thread. You are welcome to discern what you may from those quotes).
  • Caldwell
    Science isn't a self-correcting system though, because it needs guidance from theory and hypothesis, which are derived from sources non-scientific, like metaphysics.Metaphysician Undercover

    Yes, the empirical scientific school of thought is criticized for this. There are principles outside of perception that are needed if the scientific methodology is to be judged scientific..
  • TheSoundConspirator

    Yes, now as I have mentioned previously, the decline of Science is the decline of a means to express one's intrigue and curiosity which are the very fundamentals of thought and attributes of homo sapiens. Philosophically or metaphysically, Science as a concept and institution has the possibility for decline as any other institution. But the very essence and fundamentals of Science could never be extinguished or decay without the obliteration of the human race.
  • Outlander
    Too much of a good thing... sure, before science people died more often but is that any trade off for the now possible reality that all of mankind could die off as well as the entire planet becoming irradiated, unsuitable for 98% of intelligent life for thousands if not many more years - all from a mere pissing contest, misunderstanding or yes even simple and unintentional malfunction or glitch?

    You science people are a strange bunch. I think enough has been discovered. It's time to hang up the white coats, cash out your trillions from all the profits, grants, and whatnot, go buy a sports car, go to the beach and just enjoy nature, while we still can. Your work has been done. Thank you for your service, I.. guess.
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