• SteveMinjares
    There has been talk as what defined as an advanced civilization. Talking about tier 1, 2, 3 and so on.

    I believe our civilization will not be advanced through science, discoveries or our ability to manipulate energy.

    But how emotionally intelligent we become as a society.

    And to be quiet truthful we haven't advanced much since the days of cavemen. The only difference is that we can read fancy books and drive electric cars.

    We are still arrogant believing that we can control everything by learning as much as possible. We still act like little children throwing tantrums when things don’t play out as we expect them too. Because it doesn't conform to how we want them to be.

    The only way I see humanity advancing to the next level of civilization is through emotional intelligence, emotional maturity and through enlightenment.

    Not intelligence through science or philosophy. But through understanding our own emotional spectrum, understanding our own egos and disciplining our impulses without abusing our psyche.

    I think what is stopping us is our lack of faith in ourselves. I still believe that through emotional healing and acknowledgment we can move to the next level of civilization. To trust in our judgement to do what is right but that can only be realized is through healing.

    Science is like breathing it come naturally, that was never an obstacle to us. It's understanding ourselves and disciplining ourselves so we don't kill ourselves with science.

    That's is why I believe because God is an example of a perfect conscious mind, balanced and perfect in every which way. The very first conscious mind to ever come into existence, becoming aware and maintain mental perfection.

    We disavow him because our conscious mind is flawed. We lack the wisdom to know ourselves and why we feel. A lot of times we think but do not know why we feel. Reacting to emotions that we don't know why they are there or maybe we do know but lie to ourselves to justify our actions.

    I see God as wise, because

    A wise man will never use his power.

    A fool will always use power to indulge his own ego, destroying himself and everyone around him.
  • Gus Lamarch
    I see God as wise, because

    A wise man will never use his power.

    A fool will always use power to indulge his own ego, destroying himself and everyone around him.

    You make a mistake when you assume that the "Ego" is the consequence of the misuse of power.

    The "Ego" is "Power".

    A wise man will use his power only for himself...

    Only a man who is tired of himself will use it to project himself outwardly. Here you will find the destruction of such a man and his surroundings legitimate.

    The worst man is the one who shares his power with the world, because the world does not know how to use it.
  • Caldwell
    But how emotionally intelligent we become as a society.SteveMinjares

    I don't think it's about emotional intelligence, although this is a good characteristic to have. Primal fears and instincts will be with us so long as we're humans. And no amount of big cities and libraries the size of four city blocks can surgically make them disappear.
  • SteveMinjares
    With respect I have to disagree.

    Ego to me is a trait used to identify your reality and a way to justify your reactions to your environment.

    If someone offends you, your ego will rationalize how to react to that offense. And gives you various choices of action and/or explanation on how to overcome that negative emotion.

    That’s where maturity, discipline and wisdom comes in.

    Analyze the circumstances as in why the other person offended you and analyze yourself as in why it effects you. In other words how will you negotiate that circumstance.

    Will you think of your community and be mindful of your reaction because what you do may cause a ripple effect through out your society.

    Or will you be selfish and choose the reaction to preserve your own state.


    Power is just an illusion there is only self discipline and balance. Control is a lie we tell ourselves so we don’t fear our own existence and our eventual deaths.

    We pursue knowledge in the hopes to control our environment but that is a fools endeavor.

    The only true knowledge is the understanding of self and emotional state of self and others.

    ***Trigger warning going to use my belief as an example.***

    God may offend some and it shouldn’t, if you believe great! God bless you brother.

    If you don’t believe then there shouldn’t be a reaction. A mature intellect will just see it as a form of expression. And take it as a non threatening manner.

    If you find God offensive then there is a underlining issue that maybe causing you emotional distress.

    I’m a believer but will play devils advocate for a moment, to make a point.

    If you are a true none believer than God should not cause any emotional reaction at all “zero” feelings.

    And when I say “Zero” I mean no good or no bad. There should be a sort of nothingness an emptiness in your emotional state when you hear the word.

    But if you have a need to be sarcastic, defense, or disrespectful or you feel something when you hear the “Word”

    Ask yourself again do you believe? This question goes both ways as feeling blessed or feeling spiteful.

    Your emotional state to the question is your acknowledgement of his existence. How you react to his existence it is up to you.

    So ask yourself this can you still support your convictions after you acknowledge your emotional state and whatever is motivating them to exist.

    And to be mutually respectful I will reciprocate the question to myself as a believer. And in pursuit of learning I asked myself the same question.

    But a series of many events that I personally witnessed makes me say he is real.

    I often tell myself “I wished I hadn’t met God” not because he is bad, he is a good God. When you witness him you live by knowing not by faith. And all is left is just devotion.

    To acknowledge God by knowledge and not by faith is the greatest burden a human being can bare. And to know with no proof to show for, will alienate you by the faithful and and the non believers. You live life as a nomadic person. Find yourself condemn as a blasphemer by the faithful or be labeled as a mad man by the non believers.

    You will find yourself not being able to relate to anyone, walking a path, just you and God.
  • counterpunch
    I believe our civilization will not be advanced through science, discoveries or our ability to manipulate energy.SteveMinjares

    With all due respect, what a stupid thing to say... via iphone! Don't mind me; I'm emotionally unintelligent. I haven't advanced much since the days of the caveman, apparently!

    Science is like breathing it come naturally, that was never an obstacle to us.SteveMinjares

    Never? Except for all of time up until 1634, when we get the first formal description of hypothetico-deductive scientific methodology in Galileo's "Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems" - a revelation, immediately banned by religion. It doesn't come naturally to us to doubt our beliefs.

    Do you not see that to maintain your religious faith, you run down humankind - despite astonishing achievements in a very short time? And you run down science, despite the fact it must be true because it works! And you communicate these backward ideas using a computer created by the functional truth value of science - because you refuse to doubt your beliefs! One thing we can agree on is that your conscious mind is flawed!
  • SteveMinjares
    Counterpunch - science is like a caveman making tools to survive.

    That’s no different in the iPhone or Computer. Granted more sophisticated but still fulfilling the same purpose. So really the intention never changes just how we exercise it’s usefulness.

    We need to acknowledge that when more sophisticated and complicated technology is introduced it gets the more dangerous. Is more vita than ever to make sure that civilization has the maturity and wisdom to be responsible for it.

    Hence why I talk about emotional intelligence and how human being react to new information.

    From faith, new knowledge and technology. Point of these example is to highlight the reactions and understanding them. And being aware that how we process and react to new input is a indicator on how mature and discipline we became as a civilized people.

    I am not condemning knowledge and /or technology. I am simply asking the question.

    Are we as a civilization maturing along with technology or is technology advancing ahead us?

    And my belief is for civilization to evolve to the next level we need to be mindful of our emotional intelligence. So that we maintain a balance between our own achievements and ourselves.

    And to explain why I say we are delayed. I see we are emphasize to much on our achievements and not enough on emotional intelligence.

    It doesn’t do no good to have a car if you don’t know how to drive it or worse get in a accident and killing yourself.
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