• Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    yeah right. Abuse that mod power more. You talk nothing but shit mate. Can't wait for you to pass on... Nevermind.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    Oh heaven's no. So your pointless opinion on the matter was never spoke and no-one had to think about it.

    It's one of those cases where you think it's a big deal, but no-one else.

    Is this a problem for me?

    Not really. I'll get by. It's not like you've said anything smart. One day you'll learn your lesson.

    An ant's body is too beautiful for you, a fly is too peaceful, so perhaps you'll just get another ugly human. Why? Cause you talk fucking bollucks and perversity.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    Trump has been harassed pointlessly every day of his presidency.

    Lack of care in this matter shows how poorly the previous leaders had governed.

    I think it's time to outlaw this behaviour. I will try my hardest to bring force to stupidity.

    Hillary is not more intelligent than Trump, she's likely bringing danger upon her own people. Obama pitted us against Russia and she would likely support a war there, blind of other enemy nations - supporting them financially, foolishly - whilst NOT mending ties with Russia like the US is something invincible.

    You can act depressed/violent all you want in support of 'Hillary's intelligence' - but you won't change my mind.

    Lest you debate with something logical, I'll take most of your comments as caveman fluff.

    This is just chaos of ego. I've read a lot of comments. It's all swearing, shouting and wingeing - where is the logic against Trump and for Biden?

    Biden supporters/Trump haters only bark, they never bite, but so much barking is going on it, undesirablely, makes sense. We're all forced to think, 'I know what that means' - and what does it mean? Bark bark in (unlawful) barking movement.
  • Sense.
    I think experience is some division of sense, meaning we sense more than experience.

    Experience =/= sense transmitted/received by mind. What we call 'experience' is a translation of what is more significantly active sensing; I think experience makes sense as a concept, but this is a reduction of active sensing, and sensory is more a suited term for our interactions with simulations.

    You can say that your spirit energy is experincing the eyeballs, but that is not what you think you are, you are more your mind which the spirit energy result. In the case of the mind, calling, 'it', 'experience' is lesser than calling, 'it', 'sensing'.

    This next statement I can't make to make sense ledgebly but I know you'll understand: is vision looking out or looking in? Is it our spirits experiencing the eye (a looking in thing), or our minds experiencing the vision (a looking out thing)?
  • Joe Biden
    I think you're right. I learned from what you said - I was out of hand.

    However, the West is not big enough for all of us, and there'll likely be power struggles here as the amounts of people from different 'backgrounds' flow into the West. Do I feel that this is dangerous for people of 'certain backgrounds', yes.

    I don't like measuring it at all, I'd prefer we were all one; it is not that way...
  • Pondering existence.
    I often ponder existence. Why do we exist? — Seb

    Good, because, 'for the most part', it's good use of mind... [ref. 'for the most part' - I advise you stick to your own theories that aren't accepted socially, and build yourself up from ground zero].

    If you enjoy pondering, a lot of people here will tell you, there's lot's of joy and enlightenment to come from such pondering.

    It's impossible to imagine there being nothing, so it feels like we and nature HAD to exist. — Seb

    Yes... That's one of the questions that drive us all mad.

    A common answer is that at the time there was nothing, is actually a conception of 'no-time', for if there were time, there is at least something.

    Thinking there is a time where nothing exists is false, that time, is really a mixture of something and nothing, or just something.

    'It drives us all mad', a symbol I like to put with this thought, something to think about. Where (I do not believe in God but) even Gods are mad about it.
  • The definition of art

    Isn't the general naming of art, taking a mertiable work and creating a group?

    What's the difference between creativity and art?

    The door of my wardrobe is unhinged and slanted from where I broke it - it looks like art(I say because I've seen a meritable work it relates to.)

    Someone may like that.

    It's not 'an expression' of myself.

    I define art as demi- imagination, or anything thought about imaginatively.

    But perhaps it's just a trend and there is no art. A painting is a painting, a skull - a skull.
  • Illusionary reality
    Isn't metaphysics science of all mind/sense whereas physics is individual mind/sense?

    A. The Atom works as thus - physics.

    B. Time is, and is not - metaphysics.

    If not, can you draw it like I did, A - physics and B - metaphysics?

    The difference is as simple as considering I(what science I can conduct), and, considering We(what science we, not including I, can conduct).

    This is what recently I concluded was metaphysics - it's prone to error.

    You wouldn't be able to conceive time without this generality with others. Highlighting it may be a 'we' question.
  • Joe Biden

    I'm white.

    I'm not a colourer in arguments, but I like to be proud of my colour.

    'Death to the colourer' is what I have always followed.

    Where does my proudness end and supremacy begin?

    I don't want too many immigrants - is this white supremacy?

    These other race people came looking for refuge from war torn countires; my policy would be to help them, til a future date - where they would be sent back. Is this supremacy or proudness?

    Am I to put my trust in these people from foriegn lands and let them live next to me?

    Is that smart for a man of my colour?

    Is there a chance that they might be black, yellow or brown supremacists, or is this an impossible case?

    I want all people, including those of my colour, to grow in strength.

    I see nothing but weakness, for white skinned people, by immigration.

    You, a man of different colour to me, probably disallow such speech that is pro-white. Why is this? Can we not build ourselves with you?!

    Is this more weakness for people my skin colour? We can't be united with you - you don't accept us - you accept individuals.

    I think you might be racist against whites.

    I was never racist, I showed concern for everyone's skin, but potentially not everyone's western world.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    I can't name off the top of my head any severe wrongdoing Trump has comitted. I don't like the man personally, I think he's a second grade version of someone higher standing, but I'm right-wing. I hope the prop stays in place, and the prop has so far done no harm to the population.

    He has created many Jobs, he has reduced immigration, he has reduced the debt - and plans to do more. I think, he will suceed there; and his war policies good, if you're wise of what's going on in the world.

    The man who truly makes the election swing, probably will re-elect Trump. I doubt votes matter. It's up to you whether you make sense of this statement.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    I want you to pick one of the three bads Trumps done, but for this game, it can't be 1 or 2.

    1. Covid was badly administrated.
    2. Trump said stupid stuff about Covid.
    3. Any bad thing he has done to America that you can name.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    Trump has only done good in my books ~was as poor as every other man in resolving corona ~but now that statistical malfunction has passed it isn't so much of a bad.

    Perhaps he could be more green, but other than that, what is Trump doing to all of us then?

    I don't understand and agree where NOS4A2 says these arguments are fantastical.
  • What on earth is energy?
    I'll have another try, but from a different angle this time, approaching things metaphorically.

    Males and Females meet, and reproduce. If energy is a driving force, in that image, is children.

    Children rely on genetalia to exist. How does the gift or curse of genetalia evovle?

    The very first fuana forms on Earth, are not just moving/sensing subjects, but are moving/sensing subjects with genetals.

    Do stars and planets have genetalia? I don't know.

    Something about genetalia is what's driving our species forward.

    'Energy happens when atoms combine'. — Becky

    Seems a tad short-hand for a philosophical answer, but for the most part I agree.

    How do atoms combine?

    Energy of the Sun is conserved in such a way by Earth that fuana (with genetals) are produced.

    Conservation of energy is cyclic(even in technology); an opposite nature in itself requring a beginning and end.

    Think of a light bulb, the light is kept in continuum by cycling energy and a technological reaction...

    Therefore energy is a force. A force of what though? Is where I'm at.

    (Bad conclusion, but not lot's of fluff).
  • Ad Hom vs Appeal to Authority
    Beautiful thread by the way, non-specifically, I think in the regard of author-i-tious notion (i.e. that which comes with an explanation).
  • Joe Biden
    How I see America is...

    The revolutionary war was a mistake; taking power from an apt government, and giving it to a young, inexperienced one(forgetting how much money was wasted and how much world control was lost to stay on topic).

    Had the revolutionary war not happened, and America belonged to England, all things would be much different today; we wouldn't have enslaved Africans, a lot of unecessary wars wouldn't have happened, propaganda outlets like CNN wouldn't exist.

    (like the film Alien, the children killed the good mother and ran a mess).

    Unfortunately it did happen...

    The American Government is still far from mature and without losing themselves in political egoism, or socially-accepted corruption by propping up Mr Trump, they are actually fixing some problems.

    I'd prefer a different leader who's apt in the same sort of policy.

    As said, though I don't care about American politics, Biden will be a problem for them.

    He is an image and policy much like the previous, young minded leaders.

    America doesn't want war with Russia, it'a a stupid war. Trump tries to avert this war and struggles under his people's perversity.

    They don't really want war with any super power, but Biden's luck is likely drawing both Russia and China.

    I trust, and advise you to, when Trump says 'China is America's enemy', and that Biden's pally attitude is dangerous.

    If they could remove Russia from the equation, is that not a good thing? Is the democratic idealogy too dangerous?

    Biden's latest joke is 'reverse all that Trump's done' - followed by immaturity - 'his coronovirus policies were bad - ALL OF IT'S BAD'.

    So America lost my loyalty, it's too stupid. I even snicker at the fact Biden may get elected and the whole country falls out. If Trump gets another term, I'll perhaps show some interest. I'm bored of this immaturity.


    What's good about Biden's policies?

    What's wrong about Trump(other than funny looks)?

    It's not the man you want in charge, it's the policy. Why would you vote Biden?
  • What on earth is energy?
    What do we know about energy?

    Something we all can relate to...

    By connecting electronics to power sources (energy deposits), they run; there is no technicality to 'adding energy' (beyond proper receptors and transmitters).

    Humans live off of the Sun and Earth energies (light, heat, food, essential gasses, etc.)

    Energy is contained in a cycle, it isn't ever captured but rather misdirected (refe. energy deposits).

    Something I relate to...

    Energy is capable of 'jumping'; for example, from the plug socket, across wires, to devices.


    Do humans produce an equal ratio of energy as their atoms or are they reliant on the universe's energy production?

    Are we half-offline/half-online sometimes?

    I'm feeling quite low now - not very energetic - but I can move, think and order myself. I do feel as if I'm half-offline/half-online. Energy hasn't quite made that jump, yet.

    Energy is common, it is in all things in this gigantic universe. Perhaps it is a property of all existence.

    I try now to think of an energy-less existence, the best I can do is imagine something 1 or 2-dimensional.


    Energy is fodder; atoms feed from energy and create forms; forms produce energy that's fed on, and forms feed on other forms.

    Clouds move and combine because of planetary functions (like atoms feeding from energy), creating strikes of lightning (forms producing energy); sometimes there's a man with a technology apt enough to receive it (forms feeding on other forms).

    Edit; I know I'm wrong here, but it was worth a try. Right?
  • Joe Biden
    The man re-tweets CNN, though a majority of us know it's mostly propaganda.

    I honestly don't like the man's attitude toward public intelligence.

    Either way, I'm not American.

    I don't care if their own stupidity causes the country to fallout.

    I think Biden will be a problem for them, and I'm happy either way(maybe they'll pull of a Trump victory and keep pushing right).

    (Lot's of stupidity going on in America - even the most loyal friends are turning away).
  • How Do You Know You Exist?
    Sometimes I'm alerted by myself or surrounding elements, which draws my attention to the fact I'm aware of myself and surroundings, and further, that 'I exist' in some simulation.

    Is being conscious not proof of existence?

    Do I need to elaborate? I'm recieving lots of data.

    I could have said, 'because I am aware of myself and surroundings.'

    Why need I say that I'm alerted?
  • If you were just a brain; what would life be like?
    Very much like a flower head with no stem.

    You would hover above ground via some special simulation effect, or by some other means.

    Any news would be a information deposit, and you unconsciously react, tensing, growing.
  • Conflict Resolution
    I may read this thread word for word, and decide what's right and wrong.

    All I require is apt sense, reinforced by knowledge.

    I can then apply that, as a judge, or not apply that, as a silent witness.

    2+2=4, ledgibly, but this can be argued against only by people with an apt sense of the matter.

    I'm sure the idea that 2+2=4 is false (by some sense), exists.

    I can tell if most people are wrong but I'm very wise..

    There is judgement mixed in with debating, person 1 and person 2 resolve through person 3 (apt judge) or person X (apt sense).
  • On the Matter of Time and Existence
    Time 'is not' as well as 'is', and by 'is not' I mean it like I wrote 'Time is not' (without 'as well as 'is'').

    Time is bigger than us; the 'is not' aspect deserves it's own merit, hence me writing a bit extra in sent. 1.

    If I falsely record time by a ticking clock hand, there is missed the opposite measurement(backward ticking), and the time that doesn't go by such as me taking the clock, and tossing it outside.

    Time is impossible to define using language that spans from left to right(or vice versa).

    You can draw time, if you are wise of it.

    Some people call mind 'a state of affairs'. Time is not what mind has affairs with, but rather the state on either side, which can be ordered.
  • Ad Hom vs Appeal to Authority
    To summarise, when you present a claim as credible based on an authority, you implicitly make the claim that the authority is credible. — Baden

    You do not claim the authority is credible, it is rather powerful or author-i-tious.

    Is the law credible, or is it just the law? Otherwise I see a lot of criminals deserving freedom - perhaps even compensation.

    Law is based on the desires of the public, it is pure fantasy. If one makes an appeal to the judge, they do not have the chance to argue towards 'credible' law.

    In an ideal world the law would be credible, but an authority is assumed more than credible(otherwise it is not an authority).
  • On the existence of God (by request)
    How dare they quote scriptures and theorize in front of intellectuals?
  • Love & Water
    Love is not without trust, or hate.

    To say we are not to love is fine, we ultimately aren't there are predispositions involved in love that point to hate and do science.
  • What is Philosophy?
    I like this response but found that the conclusion was as innaccurate as all of us. It is hard - you are forgiven.

    I have theorized that the phenomena most relative to the universe are problems.

    The universe is a problem; doesn't expansion mean that it is over flowing? If you can contest me here my premise is false in the following conclusion...

    Philosophy is universe-familliar-sense. As a relative of the universe we think 'aww' about it sometimes. I have called it 'relative wisdom'. Questions have relative answers, "are you happy?", "yes", 'yes' equals some process that is relative. "I am happy thus I will stand and say yes" for ex.
  • What is Philosophy?
    Philosophy is wisdom of familiar(object, subject), or 'relative wisdom'. A Philosophy of Mind topic may be 'do we register information in packets or is the sense of an object of one dimension?' This is also a scientific question; philosophy also associates to it the things that don't fit with our model.
  • Illusionary reality

    Do you mean there are obvious perceptions that show it's real? I think that's right, there are some perceptions where seeing is proof it's real.

    I have studied sense all of my life, and the way the atom moves is not like an illusion, you can see this and think any arguments for illusions must be stray off a liden fact.