• Inspirational quotes!

    :lol: Hahaha! Much laffs. So uplift. Endless absurd fun. Will visit site when waiting in checkout line and giggle like a crazy person.
  • My favorite verses in the Tao Te Ching
    I have several Tao Te Ching audiobooks / tapes (remember those?). Read by Jacob Needleman, Ursula LeGuin, Steven Mitchell, etc. I listen to them in the car. If there is a better prevention (and cure) for road rage, I can’t imagine what it might be.

    (Thanks for this thread, everyone. :hearts: )
  • An Immodest Proposal: Public Nudity and Sex (What changes would follow?)
    Question: Why don’t animals have any shame or modesty?

    Answer from a moralist: Because they don’t know any better.

    Answer from an anarchist: Because they DO know better.
  • An Immodest Proposal: Public Nudity and Sex (What changes would follow?)
    Considerations of cold and melanoma aside, I think there might be a re-ordering of some hierarchy in society. Clothing is somewhat of an equalizer. It is possible certain rankings might become more meritorious, rather than less. X would actually have to be X, instead of merely looking like X, if X were to maintain status as X.James Riley

    And what sort of vulnerability do we lose when armored up with clothing, hiding shame? Maybe cloths are like a gun, giving a person a somewhat false sense of security. Sure, the security might be somewhat real, but it’s still does not make one invulnerable.James Riley

    Excellent points, thanks very much for the thoughtful reply. Yes... clothing and identity. Clothing is the house that travels with us. Protection and functionality. When does “protection” become “aggression”? When does “need” become “greed”? I’m not sure, but I’ve crossed that line on occasion.

    Nothing wrong with well-made or beautiful clothing. I like Thomas Moore’s ideas on the soul loving beautiful things, even ones that are broken like an old wagon wheel. Beautiful doesn’t always equal price or being in fashion, of course. We could just trust our guts when we look in the mirror at what we are wearing. Is this what I really want to be right now? Nothing wrong with a costume, if we don’t get fooled by our own masks. Easier said than done probably. I understand that “out there in the real world” one cannot be emotionally honest and naked when competing. But if we completely forget how to be so, a deep part of us slumbers, and we think that this hardened shell is really us.
  • An Immodest Proposal: Public Nudity and Sex (What changes would follow?)
    We do not need to go too far back in time to know what this would look like. Russia manged to maintain a borderline medieval society until the emancipation of the serfs in 1861. The serfs - kept uneducated, poor and subservient by the system - lived and died within walking distance of the place of their birth. According to historical records they had no compulsions about jacking it in public.BigThoughtDropper

    My opinion of the possibility of public nakedness and sexual intercourse is that it is a chaemera: no civilized ppl would allow such a thing, anymore than that they would countenance public defecation. Man wishes to exalt himself above the mere animal, and he has as his advocate God, who is above both him and mere animals.Todd Martin

    On our roots, and the roots of our problems...

    There seems to be an accepted hierarchy of behavior and being (partially subconscious) reflected by these comments. (Not picking on either of your comments, which are appreciated. The cultural teaching is imprinted in my brain as well). That the most civilized human is dressed exquisitely, and is non-sexual in public. Animals are not dressed, and mostly do everything in plain view. And somewhere in between, the “lower classes” have characteristics of both. Perhaps even skewing toward “the animal”. Also included in this category would be all people(s) deemed “uncivilized”, such as aboriginal tribes.

    Why are we so ashamed of our connection to animals? We are cut off from our roots, reaching for some higher glory while dangling unconnected to our foundations. Scientifically, we know (though some still deny) our connection ti animals via the theory of evolution. Culturally, I’m not so sure that the consequences of that fact have fully manifested into our group consciousness.

    Of course, humans are different than other animals. Much more so perhaps than dogs are different than fish, or something. Does different equal “better”? Humans seem to love hierarchies: this (idea, person, thing, value) is higher and better than that one. Which may be fine, until the hierarchies become less like a ladder and more like a prison, impeding the living of life in a sustainable and enjoyable manner. (Whatever that may be).

    How about having instead a flexible hierarchy? One visualized by a rounded and flowing Sine wave. It is a hierarchy that is open, relative, and changeable. This is not a flatland leveling of all value, distinctions, and differences, which I find difficult to even imagine let alone put into practice. The absolute hierarchy is rigid and unbending, almost completely vertical. And merciless to those on the bottom who feel the weight on their shoulders.

    This may be a coincidence, but the sound of a sine wave is very pleasant and soothing. The sound of vertical spike-shaped sound waves is noise.

    I do not believe that we have integrated the wisdom of civilization and the wisdom of the animal and nature. Some tribal cultures SEEMED to have done so, though on a much smaller scale. But on a vast timeline, civilization is relatively recent. For all our inventions and ideas, in some way we are like headstrong and rebellious teenagers who won’t listen to anybody they think is uncool. And this thinking produces the world we see around us.
  • An Immodest Proposal: Public Nudity and Sex (What changes would follow?)
    We really need to get everyone vaccinated and back on the streets, people are clearly getting way too hornyMaw

    Get the horny people out on the streets? Wouldn’t that make it worse? :razz: Otherwise, an accurate diagnosis, Dr. Freud! Add in spring fever... (Maybe I should take my meds too, lol).
  • An Immodest Proposal: Public Nudity and Sex (What changes would follow?)
    Thanks for the insightful reply, Sir BC. :smile:

    My guess is that public sex and nudity would be a lot less entertaining were it to become so common as to be unremarkable. When sex in the park is illegal, its criminal status gives it an extra frisson.Bitter Crank

    Probably that would be the case. Maybe not such a bad thing perhaps. Breathing oxygen is so unremarkable as to be unnoticed. Until there’s a lack of it, when it becomes golden.

    I’m wishing now that I’d have included mention of simple physical affection in the overly-long OP. But it was on my mind. Sex is not necessarily love, and vice versa. A Venn diagram could be drawn with three overlapping circles, each representing Emotional Love, Physical Affection, and Sexual Activity. And the sexual aspect, as important and powerful as it is, may be at least necessary of the three for health and happiness. At least on a regular basis. (Just a guess).

    When the eyes are closed, I see a world of people starved for attention and affection and acceptance. They (and I) think, “if I were perfect, successful, etc... then I would feel accepted and be loved!” It does not have the be this way. Does it? Perhaps it was not always this way, I cannot remember, even with aid of history books. We have the technology to change this situation. A very primative and human technology of body and mind and words... and touch.

    Sublimation of our libidinous drives is one of civilization's major inventions. Because we are not allowed to give free rein to physical urges, we channel that energy into productive activity -- work, in other words.Bitter Crank

    Ah, yes... this might be getting very close to the heart of the matter. Control, work, money, production, progress... Sometimes one feels like a rented mule, overworked, under appreciated, and beaten like a... something something. Or we feel like this poor donkey. Onward! Upwards! Faster! I will work harder!

    Screw that. Donkeys of the world unite! (literally, haha). Make Love, Not Widgets!

    So free sex, drugs, and rock and roll would probably require a post-scarcity society. Don't quite know how to achieve that, especially without repressing many millions of carnal drives.Bitter Crank

    Hmmm... yes. Post-scarcity society. An interesting topic. Scarcity is very scary. Even the idea of scarcity is scary. And fear is a great motivation, much better than even the possibility of rewards. Reminds one of the idea of the “original affluent society” popularized by Marshall Sahlins. I find the current writings of Charles Eisenstein to be a type of continuation of sorts to that type of scholarly questioning of the very roots of our cultural assumptions and institutions. His book, The Ascent of Humanity, is quite challenging, and well-written. And very long and comprehensive, too.
  • An Immodest Proposal: Public Nudity and Sex (What changes would follow?)
    Why would it necessarily be obligatory or a dogma? Could it not be optional?
    — 0 thru 9
    Once something is deemed "normal", it eventually becomes the norm, obligatory.

    Not necessarily so. Watching football on the telly is normal, but not obligatory. There is a big leap between the concepts of “acceptable behavior” and “obligations”, at least in my mind.

    That is a distinct possibility. But like the mob boss said, “if you want to make an omelet, you gotta break some legs”.
    Because STI's are such fun!
    Don't just think chlamidya or HIV, think treatment-resistant tuberculosis.

    Sorry for the bad joke. It wasn’t meant literally. I’m not arguing for public nudity and sex, let alone saying STIs aren’t a problem. Perhaps re-read the last part of the OP. What effects might it have on our culture at large? Any possible improvements? Or is everything just fine the way it is? These questions are more about our (often invisible) cultural mythology and its assumptions and implications, than any one aspect.
  • An Immodest Proposal: Public Nudity and Sex (What changes would follow?)
    It would be just another dogma, just another standard of behavior that would become normative and obligatory for all.baker

    Why would it necessarily be obligatory or a dogma? Could it not be optional? Although, to be fair, if others are doing such in the vicinity it is impossible to ignore.

    And sexually transmitted infections would have a field day, obviously.baker

    That is a distinct possibility. But like the mob boss said, “if you want to make an omelet, you gotta break some legs”. :grin:
  • An Immodest Proposal: Public Nudity and Sex (What changes would follow?)
    But the consensus seems to be that all such is ὀβ σκένα, obscene, off-stage, to be performed out of sight of audience.tim wood

    Thanks for your interesting reply.

    The word “obscene” might be key. According to this etymology site, obscene derives from Latin “ob” (in front of) and the word for “filth”. Reading this I thought the word for “scene” (scaena) might have been more logical, and less negative. But anyway...

    I suspect this was all worked out in primitive cultures large and small a long time ago. As such, what we all do is much informed by what they did do and what they decided they didn't want to do, or see, for reasons good and sufficient to them. And all of that gets tested from time to time, the boundaries pressed to see how firm they are at a given time and place.tim wood

    I would not disagree with that. A main possible difference is that our culture covers virtually the entire world (more and more each year), producing something approaching homogeneity. The tribal cultures, ancient and modern, were smaller and more distinct and individual. They seemed to live in a way that worked for them. Our civilization is so monolithic that the parts of it that may not work (or perhaps never worked at all for the greater majority), seem to be extremely difficult to change. Assuming that one has figured out what is going on. (I still working on that one... ) Western civilization is a giant bureaucracy. Sexual repression and body shaming etc is only the tip of the iceberg.

    But anyway, you may not have addressed the question in the OP: how would civilization be different if this scenario were the case? (That’s ok, I haven’t addressed it yet, lol).
  • If my bird lays an egg in your garden, who does that egg belong to?
    The egg belongs to neither you nor me. The egg belongs to the bird. (duh... lol).
  • Is Buddhism A Philosophy Or A Religion?
    Is Buddhism a philosophy or a religion? Yes.

    But for purposes of this forum, considering it a philosophy might be useful. To break it down instead of swallowing it whole. One can get to know it as a philosophy, fall in love with it as a practice, and marry it as a religion... if one were so inclined, lol.
  • Boundaries of the Senses and the reification of the individual.
    Just noticed this thread, been away for a while. Interesting. Western philosophy doesn’t give nearly as much attention to this question as does Eastern thought, as far as I’ve read. What is “you” and what is “not you”? The glass of water on the table is “not you”, apparently. Drink the water, and then it becomes part of “you”... until when? Urination? Until every molecule in that water is expelled? The saying is that there are molecules within you forged in distant galaxies...

    The whole issue quickly becomes hazy, which to my mind is a good thing. It seems more natural and real. It is very relative, always changing. The “absolute me” (like you mentioned) goes from a given to a very flexible proposition. Not unlike the findings of quantum physics in general. Matter is not solid, nor is the self which would seem to be on a higher level than a molecule.

    And of course our skin is not the limit of “me”. Clothes, personal space (lately much expanded due to virus), possesions... MY family, MY friends, MY spouse. What odd expressions, like they are some kind of possessions. Are we possessed by possessions? If so, maybe because we were first possessed by the idea of absolute separateness.

    Do we dare embrace the entire world as ourselves? And not be afraid when the Cosmos embraces us back?
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    From a recording, I’ve only watched the first 45 minutes or so, pausing and rewinding (do you “rewind” a DVR? Lol.)

    First off FWIW, I want Biden to win the debates and the election (since Sanders got shafted. But that’s another scary story). It’s kind of “his game to lose” IMHO, so to speak.

    But from the first segment (usually the most important in setting the pace), Trump is clearly gaining an advantage. He never smiles or laughs, not that I saw. This is actually an advantage. Trump then comes across as more “serious”. Biden keeps giving that goofy grin which seems clueless and self-satisfied. Stop smiling and grinning, Joe! It comes across as even more smug than Hillary, who at least didn’t giggle and titter like a drunken senator. (Grin after winning if you must).

    And keep your head held up, Joe. Lowering the head while listening looks weak. Turn towards Trump more often, as unpleasant as that may be. Quit staring at the camera when not talking. Looks like a deer in the headlights. And talking into the camera while speaking (at least the way he did it) and waving his hands seems like some kind of bible preacher. “You have to believ-vah! And you will be HEALED!” Lol.

    Did Joe actually say “I AM THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY” and “I BEAT THE HELL OUTTA BERNIE”?? Way to go, big guy. :roll: You are going to break your arm if you keep patting yourself on the back.

    Keep it up Joe, if you want to pull a Hillary and grasp defeat from the jaws of victory. In this boxing match, Trump was dancing circles around you (who seemed anchored in concrete) and throwing a dozen jabs at a time. Of course, it contained lies and exaggerations. Duh. For better or mostly worse, that is the Trump modus operandi. But to me, Trump seemed like the hungry and angry contender, challenger, and underdog. Biden looked like the “champion” gone soft with success.

    But change your approach JB, and change it quickly. This is more Fight Club than your daddy’s debate club. (If you want more of my advice, you have my number, lol).

    Edit: No one would have had to tell Bernie Sanders absolutely any of this if he were the candidate. Sanders can effortlessly appear smart, tough, AND respectful simultaneously. Trump would’ve been cornered, instead of drooling and licking his greedy chops over an easier foe. But whatever... Biden is the DNC’s boy.
  • Leftist chess game: 4 more years of Trump... OR... 8+ years of Biden/Harris
    Really interesting and in-depth article here from the Jacobin website about the whole Bernie Sanders experiment, and the future implications for America.

    Not surprisingly perhaps, I have some slight differences with the author’s conclusions. Such as the idea that liberal college-educated “professionals” are the future hope of a potential progressive surge. Perhaps. However, I would suggest that beyond the usual Liberal vs Conservative, left vs right dynamic, there is the relatively less-discussed Populist vs Establishment dynamic.

    In this view of the political landscape, many current Trump supporters are actually (and rather surprisingly) potential “progressive” allies, as both are populist movements, though very different ones. (How a NYC billionaire Trump came to represent “the little guy” and “small town America” is a feat perhaps even Orwell would not have believed. If such a thing can happen, so can a sudden opposite shift in voting).

    Trump may represent a toxic, selfish, violent, and short-sighted tribalism, but his SUPPORTERS (at least if they can stop drinking the poison kool-aid) still broadly represent a large and very successful populist movement. Extremely quickly, the “populists” took over the Republican party. Next stop for upheaval: the Democrats. And / or the formation of VIABLE and ELECTABLE Third parties. This two-party deadlock system monopoly is dead. Brain-dead at least. The best they can do is stall for time.

    The problem is Trump (and any other wolf in sheep’s clothing), not his supporters, as misguided and violent as some of them may indeed be.

    Propaganda is empty toxic calories. Not a sustainable mental diet, no matter where one is on the political spectrum.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    50% of the population of the "greatest" country in the world are deathly afraid of a lot of things. Communists, Mexicans, black people, the Chinese...Benkei

    Well... I heard on talk radio (the Lush Rimbaud show, so you know it MUST be true)... that there’s a giant 30 foot tall Black Chinese Commie living in Mexico right now! He is impervious to police brutality and is amassing followers to bring down the great USA out of pure spite, jealousy, and ignorance. Then they will rule over the smoking ashes. That’s why the wall must be built! At least 50 feet high so he can’t jump over it and terrorize the good people and patriots of Texas. A moat with Great White sharks (how’s that for symbolism?) on the Mexico side. A parade of gun and flag waving True Patriots on our side. (Canada- you’re next, ya pinko potheads!)

    (Dang, it is difficult to parody the garbage spewing from the Righteous Wing. It’s like trying to go faster than the speed of light, or attempting to do the limbo underneath a brick wall. :grimace: )
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    So the entire content of the RNC was: Trump Is The Best. No policy, no ideas, no content other than fear-mongering and a cavalcade of lies and delusionsWayfarer

    Yep, definitely. I idly wonder if “Covid Never Happened” how their spin would have been different. Probably much more positive: “the Economy is great! I fixed NAFTA! I stopped all wars and drained the swamp!” (Balloons fall, flags wave, the Chump die-nasty poses for the royal photo.)

    But Covid (and the BLM protests) happened, and cut through the administration like a hot knife through butter. Every weakness was exposed. The mask dropped. The totalitarian face is seen. Chump is sweating armor-piercing bullets.
  • Leftist chess game: 4 more years of Trump... OR... 8+ years of Biden/Harris
    I've wondered how "lesser evil efficacy" would measure against "evil gridlock."Kevin

    :lol: I didn’t think of that. Let’s gridlock the whole system! Erm... I mean even more than it is already...
  • Leftist chess game: 4 more years of Trump... OR... 8+ years of Biden/Harris
    I think you're over complicating the issue.Philosophim
    Yes, it’s so simple a child could figure out the future of the USA. Don’t know why that even have an age requirement to vote.

    1. Doesn't have to be 8 years of Biden/Harris. You can just make it 4Philosophim
    And they will promise to leave without a fuss, clearing the way for REAL change, rather just than not having a certifiable maniac exhibiting the Dark Triad in office? (Though getting the criminals out of office is better than nothing. Lock ‘em up!).

    If you don't make a choice, you have no skin in the game.Philosophim
    That’s a common cliche. Everyone in the country has skin in this game. Perhaps everyone in the world. That’s how it goes with Empires, and their rigged elections. Only two options? In times like these? Really? Seriously?

    You sound like you don't like others telling you what to do.Philosophim
    I asked for advice. Good advice is preferable, if you happen to have any to spare.

    Vote for the lesser evil if you find no positives.Philosophim
    I already said: Sanders/Warren as write-in.

    Otherwise you may end up with what you know in your heart is the greater evil, and and have to deal with that for the next four years.Philosophim
    There will be evil either way, of different kinds. But don’t worry, I think I’d have a stroke if I tried to vote for Chump, lol. :mask:
  • The Shoutbox

    Wait, I don’t get it... why is the dog staring contemplatively after eating philosophy... oh, I get it now. :grin:
    I’ve tried learning by osmosis, but never learning by digestion. (wonders what The Complete Works of Kant would taste like).
  • Leftist chess game: 4 more years of Trump... OR... 8+ years of Biden/Harris
    The basic problem is that Americans believe as if a God-like President would somehow descend into the White House and somehow create change with everything else in the representative system being in control with the two corrupt parties.

    It won't work. Never will. But every Presidential candidate will surely say that they, as President, will surely change things!

    Yep. When the president is the lapdog of trillionaires and multi-national corporations, we all know which way things are going to go.

    The only way, hard but can happen surprisingly quickly, is to work through the representative system (in the way it is designed to work) starting from the municipal level, then the state level and finally through the national level from Capitol Hill, not the White House. The US President cannot do anything else than bomb some miserable Third World country. Anything else he basically has to go through the House and the Senate. So that's your Presidency.ssu

    :up: What’s that old quote? Something like... “When the politicians see which way the parade is going, they fight over each other to get out in front to “lead” it. We get the government we settle for. And boy have we settled...

    But do vote, that's the important thing.ssu

    Yes, I’m voting early and often. Bernie Sanders / Elizabeth Warren as write-in candidates. :wink:
  • Leftist chess game: 4 more years of Trump... OR... 8+ years of Biden/Harris
    You doing nothing else than making one day more miserable to some postal workers who likely will get fired after the elections with sending that dead fish. And you are also waisting the calories that you or your cat (or your neighbors cat) might have gotten from eating that fish, so even the fish goes to waste.ssu

    :lol: Good point. This is the kind of reasonable pragmatic thinking we need, lol!

    Just stop thinking that YOU HAVE TO vote for one or the other duopoly parties. Genuinely look if there is a third party you think reeks less than the two ruling parties and vote for them. Voting simply improves the health of your representative government.ssu

    Oh most definitely. The two-party system is so tight, sleazy, and corrupt it is (almost) incest... or something. The mind boggles reaching for descriptions. A virus on both their houses! A protest vote is an option, better than not voting at all. Where have you gone, Ross Perot and Ralph Nader? This country is “unsafe at any speed”.
  • Leftist chess game: 4 more years of Trump... OR... 8+ years of Biden/Harris
    The choice of Kamala Harris over Elizabeth Warren is symbolic at least of the DNC path now. It’s like they are telling their corporate backers: “Don’t worry, nothing has changed. We are back in control”.

    Our tax dollars, campaign contributions, and futures are being funneled to these corporations... so therefore we should financially own these same corporations? At least in part? Right? Ahhh, the hypocrisy of “corporate socialism”... but everyone else can hunt their own rats. Yummy.

    Maybe Elizabeth Warren didn’t want to be VP under Biden? Even with the good chance of becoming president. Who knows. Maybe we’ll find out one day. These days one doesn’t have to wait very long for someone to spill the beans.

    And speaking of Trump being desperate in a post above... what are the chances the he pulls a last minute switch at the VP position? How about Ivanka Trump as VP? A woman to counter the Dems VP? He absolutely trusts her it appears, and perhaps only her. And she’s cuter than Mike Pence. And barely legal, lol. (To serve as VP age-wise that is: 38).

    And perhaps most appealing of all to Donald: the chance of a TRUMP DYNASTY. A real life Game of Thrones! It’s a crazy idea... but it fits right in with the last four years. Stay (de)tuned...
  • Leftist chess game: 4 more years of Trump... OR... 8+ years of Biden/Harris

    Thanks for playing along. I can totally see your reasoning, because half my mind (more or less) is in the same ballpark. I’m just trying to imagine the future with Biden at the helm of this sinking ship. If Biden/Harris is somewhat close to the relatively stable (if perhaps too war-loving, hypocritical, and bitterly disappointing) Obama years... then maybe that is the best port in this storm. Honestly, my crystal ball and compass were lost at sea years ago, and I’m left only with charts and graphs... most of them distressing. And the wind is blowing the pitiless waves higher, and one wonders what drowning feels like.
  • Leftist chess game: 4 more years of Trump... OR... 8+ years of Biden/Harris
    So why ought any of us care what you think?creativesoul

    Well... Despite the personal references to myself in the OP, I really DON’T wish to make this all about me. If it helps a little, substitute the words “disaffected progressive” for any personal pronouns. And by the way... for whatever it may be worth, I do happen to care. For my sake, and for all. Would showing my bleeding heart make a difference?

    I speak only for myself of course, but I imagine that there are millions on the Left who are disaffected. And millions more on the right who are sick of Trump.

    At least act like to understand Bernie... seeing how you claim to be a supporter. Clearly you do not grasp what he has stood for all these years.

    You wanna know what to do. Ask Bernie.

    Gee whiz, please if you don’t mind... thanks for your reply but could you put just a little more effort into a response? (instead of merely lobbing some verbal hand grenades that aren’t even slightly inspiring or humorous.) Next time I have dinner with Bernie, I’ll ask for his honest opinion, lol. Yes, we all know what he said at the DNC. I still respect him and might do the same in his place. But I’m not in his place.
  • Leftist chess game: 4 more years of Trump... OR... 8+ years of Biden/Harris
    It seems increasingly likely that, after 4 more years of Trump, there will not be another election that deserves the name.Echarmion

    Well, I never promised that this kamikaze mission would be without any risks.

    . Rather because the powers that be in the GOP seem to have decided that now is as good a time as any to do away with having to deal with the opinions of poor people.Echarmion

    The Dems at least pretend to care. Guess that is worth something. But as you may remember, Trump won the last election by gobbling up the “forgotten voters”, especially in key states. Trump now is like a wounded animal, imho. Hurt, but even more desperate and dangerous. If the Dems start bad-mouthing Trump supporters and the like, they may blow an easy victory. We shall see...
  • Leftist chess game: 4 more years of Trump... OR... 8+ years of Biden/Harris
    Let's do a clearly better or clearly worse comparison (emphasis on clearly), B/H and predecessors. Starting with Truman. You decide.tim wood

    Ok, fair enough. Biden if elected might (MIGHT) do better than some on that list. Maybe. And no quibble about douchiness of Hairy S. Trumpman.

    Vanilla is all there is. And vanilla is a) actually pretty good, and b) has potential with add-ins.

    I do not think Biden is good for eight years. He may even not be good for one. Harris as president? That does not seem a necessarily bad thing to me. And we know you wanted strawberry, but that's not an option.
    tim wood

    Vanilla, huh? Ice cream? So-so metaphor for a world in meltdown. No offense, but I prefer this one from the article linked:

    It helps make the whole process into exactly what Ohio state senator Nina Turner described: “It’s like saying to somebody, ‘You have a bowl of shit in front of you, and all you’ve got to do is eat half of it instead of the whole thing.’ It’s still shit.”

    get over yourself, grow up, vote for Biden-Harristim wood
    Aww gee, Dad... do I GOTTA? You didn’t make Wally vote for Biden! :razz: Thanks for the smug advice! No sale this time, sorry. Try again if you’d like.

    if you care as you claim totim wood

    I didn’t claim to care. I was ranting and venting. Besides, the Democrats are the caring ones. They play the “good cop” so well. Bad Republicans... boooooo!
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    Here’s a secret surveillance video of our dear beloved and fearless Leader in his dressing room (he’s adorable in his undies) preparing for upcoming debates with Biden. From the looks of it, the debates should be a doozy with no holds barred. UFC will look like two cranky toddlers in a slap fight by comparison. :snicker:
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    Trump, though, has refused additional (much-needed) funding.Michael

    :up: Exactly. And many post offices are REDUCING their hours, and eliminating lunchtime services.

    Subtle as a brick to the head...
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    Trite conspiracy? More like circumstantial evidence. Not proof. But where there’s smirk, there’s often fire. USPS answers directly to you know who. If Chumpy happens to get lucky and win in November, we can probably expect a full investigation into election meddling. No Russians needed this time.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    Nope. It’s just a conspiracy theory.NOS4A2

    Thoughtful and in-depth argument. Mystery solved. ‘Kthxbye!

    If Huff Post is too leftist, here is the latest from CNN. Appears that the mailbox removal will stop in some areas. One doesn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to detect DT’s greasy little fingerprints all over this. Goes along with his general strategy lately, like trying to shut down TikTok. But whatever...
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    It's official, the US is a banana republic.Benkei

    For the first part of his term, Chump seemed (except to his rabid fans) to be more “dick” than “dictator”. Now, McDonald seems to be trying very hard to make up for lost time. Kind of a “tinfoil hat” dictator.

    For a man who has been spewing accusations of a “deep state” working against him to pull these obvious cheating ploys... it’s somewhat unnerving to see law, ethics, and the Constitution being pissed on. But not totally unexpected. He is now officially “The Swamp Thing” :scream: (coming soon to a socially distanced drive-in theatre near you!)
  • The Unraveling of America
    Remember the movie Poltergeist? (The original one). The dad in the movie works for a real estate developer who cuts corners bigtime. He not only builds new houses on the site of ancient burial grounds, but is greedy, stupid, and lazy enough to leave the bodies there. Only the headstones are moved. This of course (being a horror movie) leads to terrifying hauntings and a kidnapping.

    This movie now seems to me to be an apt metaphor for the USA right now. (Unfortunately for everyone, even in other countries).
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    Am I reading this correctly? Is Chump actually ordering US mailboxes to be carted away?

    Well, if so... thankfully there’s a contingency plan for mailing ballots. If no mailbox is available in the area, then voters are instructed to find the nearest person wearing a patriotic bright red MAGA hat, and shove the ballot up their butt. Go USPS! :up:
  • Kamala Harris
    Is Harris perfect? Is Jesus on the ballot? Are you on the ballot?tim wood

    It seems to me that in this election the Democrats have all the truth, reality, facts, and even character, judgment and good will on their side.tim wood

    If I could have a wish, it would be that the US right would find its Jim Jones and have their own Jonestown.tim wood

    Umm, what? :chin: Just calling it like I see it. Not going to make excuses for anybody’s actions, whatever “side” they are on. Though left-leaning, I appreciate the Republicans who call out Trump (it’s a full time job) for his activities. I would criticize Bernie when it was warranted... if he were even running, lol.
  • Kamala Harris
    Her selection as VP strikes me as long term strategy by the Democratic elite to forcibly insert her as new face(ade) of the progressive wing of the democratic party, purely through her identity as black woman rather than actual political positions, at the expense of actual progressive women and men of color, in order to retain control of the technocratic/corporatist wing of the party. Despite lackluster support during her presidential run, which ended, laughably, prior to the primary election, she'll be well positioned for a presidential run and retain power for the technocrats in 2024 or 2028 through 2036 at the latest potentially thwarting actual progressive/left-wing women of color (or anyone else for that matter).Maw

    :up: Yep. (Unfortunately).

    When someone on the far left starts to wonder if there’s an upside to a Chump/Pants second term... not good. (“When’s the next train for Canada leaving? What’d ya mean Canada closed its borders? The USA would never do tha... oh, wait. Never mind...”).
  • Kamala Harris
    Kamala! She’s black, she’s definitely not a socialist, and best of all... she’s not Hilary! Hooray... :roll:

    Kamala is black. Yes. Does she have “soul”. No. (Very sorry to say).

    Looks like the DNC is screwing the “real Left” (whatever that is... or was) gently with a chainsaw...

    Biden: “Yea, thanks for the help kids and Bernie Bros... nice protesting there. Real passion, very believable. Now, if y’all don’t mind, let the grownups, the real pros take over from here... ”

    I was trying to swallow the prospect of Biden as president, because Trump. But dammit, it’s only getting harder. I’m starting to wretch again. You can’t polish a turd or swallow it... but you can choose one to steer the USS TITANIC to greater glory. Vote for Bile/Hairball 2020!

    I know your deeds; you are neither cold nor hot. How I wish you were one or the other! So because you are lukewarm— neither hot nor cold— I am about to vomit you out of My mouth!
    -Rev 3:16

    (I’m voting for an independent candidate: Matt Foley. At least then we can be guaranteed some gov’t cheese while living in a van down by the river.)

    Thanks @fishfry for the in-depth look at Harris’s dubious career. :up:
  • Joe Biden (+General Biden/Harris Administration)
    Who’s the VP for Joe?

    Here with an expert opinion is Professor Frink and his latest invention, the Election-Tron 3000.

    “According to my calculations using the ET3000, the VP pick for Joe Biden will be.... (drumroll please)... Bernice Sanders?!?! Why you worthless hunk of junk! Back to the drawing board”. :nerd:
  • The Shoutbox
    Nice weather lately. Almost nice enough to do yard work. Almost.
  • Whitehead’s Science and the Modern World
    Much better: referring me to something I didn’t know.Mww

    Sir, the License and Entitlement Bureau is two doors down. So sorry! :razz: