• Discussion on Christianity
    The Christian philosophy of the forgiveness of sins is consistent with modern neurobiology. When the brain writes to memory, aspects of the limbic system in the core of the brain,will add an emotional tag to the memory. Our memory has both sensory content and feelings.

    The tree of knowledge of good and evil is implicit of law. Law memory is very unique in that law memory writing contains two conflicting emotions, that are two sides of the same coin. It has the good behavior that has a tag connected to peace, rest and reward. It also has an evil tag connected to fear and pain.

    Since these two sets of feelings are conflict, the natural writing process is tricked in separating one law memory into two locations in the brain. So if we try to do good by the law, the evil side of the coin is repressed. It does not go away, but becomes unconscious as a shadow affect. Sin taking opportunity though the commandment produces sin of every kind. The unconscious side of the coin can become autonomous in an attempt to merge the memory back to neutrality. The result is impulsive evil behavior inductions to merge the memory.

    Love your enemy was a way to disrupt the divided mind, due to law tricking the writing process. Forgiveness of sins was a way to change the emotional tagging on the dark side of law memory, in attempt to restore a natural neutral writing process. Jesus was way ahead of his time based on science 2000 years in the future. The atheist position is not based on science, but comes from the dark side of the law memory consolidation, symbolic of Satan.
  • Crime and Extreme Punishment: The Death Penalty in America
    Say a police officer was walking down the street and saw a gangster shoot down an innocent victim. The police officer yells, stop and drop your weapon. The gangster shoots at the police officer and misses. The officer shoots back and kills the gangster. That is also an example of the death penalty.

    The main difference between the death penalty you speak of and the one I speak of is the time element. The more time that goes by, the more time lawyers can reinforce a fake news narrative until the atrocity is confused and the rights of the victim is diminished in favor of the criminal. People, except the family of the victim, will wan to forget making them vulnerable to long term utopian deception.

    The main reason the death penalty is not a deterrent is there is a sub culture who favors criminals over their victims. Death row inmates have a cult following. The criminals know that lawyers and criminal groupies will cover for them, until the time based confusion renders the penalty mute as a deterrent.

    The faster between the time of the crime and the execution, the less noise has an impact. In my example above, only a few criminal groupies will complain of the shoot, unless they are those who use the minority card, before the facts. They always prejudge in advance.

    I like the idea of using various truth serums, instead of long winded trials that create jobs for lawyers. During a drugged interrogation, a defense attorney can be present, along with the judge and prosecution. They can both cross exam the drugged person. An innocent man will not condemn himself by speaking the truth in front of a judge. The entire process can be done in a matter of days, so the time illusion factor is minimized. If the person is innocent he gets compensated for the blunder of the prosecution.

    We should not be spending more on the criminals than on the victim. In a capitalist society where value is equal to the amount of money spend, spending more on the criminal, means he/she has more value. This helps to induce the criminal groupie affect.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    The Trump presidency has exposed the man behind the curtain pulling the levers of power, like in the Wizard of OZ. Trump was an outsider, like Dorothy, who had a need and was naively not intimidated by the holographic projection of the wizard; swamp. He is showing everyone this illusion is run by men and women, who are evil nerds, and not illusionary monsters.

    Washington is run by nerds and Trumps reminds them of the football quarterback who may have stuffed them in the locker back in the day. Trump is loud, crude, resourceful and confident. The revenge of the nerds is in affect, using projected illusions of monsters, to intimidate and control. This exercise has shown that not all nerds are nice people. As a quarterbackTrump has practice under fire. Trump is starting to stuff some of the evil nerds into lockers, to the delight of those who had been intimidated by the illusions.

    What I also learned was there are too many lawyers in Washington. These lawyers used law for profit, campaign donations and to railroad and intimidate people, while also allowing crimes to go unpunished for others.

    We need an oversight committee on lawyers, which allow lawyers to be sued if they use law to games theo system. We d not allow doctors to oversee all doctors, so the same needs to be true of lawyers. Lawyers are considered less trustworthy than doctors yet we use oversight over doctors by people who are not doctors. How about doctors oversee lawyers? They can use a more moral standard for behavior where there are penalties even of done legally using tricks. Trick law helped Hillary avoid crimes while trick law was used to intimate the innocent. This would result in fines and/or jail.
  • Objectivity? Not Possible For An Observer.
    Do you not think that it's a bit silly to judge the possibility of human causation on a timescale of the entire history of Earth? After all, our ancestors have only been around for about six million years, the modern form of humans only evolved about 200,000 years ago, civilisation as we know it is only about 6,000 years old, and industrialisation started in the earnest only in the 1800s [1], whereas Earth has been around for about 4.543 billion years [2]. It therefore shouldn't be at all surprising that it would be the first time in the history of Earth that humans caused Earth to warm, given that that would have been impossible for a period spanning billions of years, and then, even since our existence, our contributions would have been on a much less significant scale until at least the last few hundred years.Sapientia

    As an analogy, say you saw a bird you never saw before. You know birds fairly well and think this is a new species. You wish to gain credit for this discovery, since it will make you popular and open new doors. Would it be wise to first do research in the deep archives, to see if this bird is already in the catalog? Or should you sell it as new, to those who like to chase the latest fad, and/or know how to capitalize on fads?

    In the case of the bird, deeper research in the dusty stacks may indicate that this bird was already in the catalog, but was thought to be extinct 100 years ago. Your discovery is still important, but not what you thought it was, originally.

    In 2005 a team of Scientists from Lamont Lab at Columbia University discovered that the core of the earth rotates faster than the surface. This was never know before, and was a quantum step to better understanding how the earth works.

    The problem is, 14 years later, the earth sciences have not kept pace with this major discovery. It is sort of on the back burner, since it changes all the current theory that is taken as gospel. Politics is preventing the system from changing, since the experts may not end up as the experts, since we will need to revise almost everything. This is young man's sport, or sport for wily old veterans with nothing to lose and everything to gain. The science swamp is not doing the right thing.

    Based on the old theory consensus, before this discovery, the current scenario makes reasonable sense; extinct birded revisited. But based on the needed new earth science, that can include the latest core rotation data, this is not so certain. For the core to rotate and outpace the surface means huge amounts of energy; friction and heat, that is not in any consensus climate equation.

    The history of science is full of changes that are avoided to maintain a status quo; Galileo. The media and political hype is there for sales pitch, to distract from the needed change.
  • Poll: Has "Western civilization" been a disaster? (Take 2)
    If, on the other hand, we're going to accept the concept of sub-concious racism, then how can we ignore the impact of the glaringly obvious fact that all of the races involved in the development of "Western Civilisation" are white and all the races involved in alternative civilizations are non-white?Pseudonym

    The Greek and Romans who were two major players in the rise of Western Civilization. They were olive skinned and not white. They have been lumped as white, by a left wing racism scam. Christianity began in the middle east where Arab skin color was the norm. They were not white.

    The Democrat Party, on the other hand, was among the worse example of racism in the history of Western Civilization. They have successfully distracted away from their own shady past by blaming everyone but themselves, for their crimes against humanity.

    I blame this distraction scam on an education system that is being lead by Democrat party criminals who are setting up the smoke screen. The wolves in sheep clothing are creating shallow citizens, who do not look very deep, but get wrapped up on surface illusions; diversity and name calling. It creates dual standards where racism, is not racism, if you are a protected group. This perpetuates racism. If race is not to be a factor, than we would have one standard for all humans, bot dual standards. But Democrats think in terms of racism and have many standards to avoid their own guilt.

    Are you aware that the Nazi's used the Democrat party's legal basis, for discriminating and segregating against the blacks in the 19th-20th century, as their model for making Jews legally second class citizens as a prelude for extermination? The Democrats were thanked of this. However, they never paid for this, but have attempted to blame everyone else, hiding behind dual standards.

    If we are to deal with racism and the shady side of Western Civilization, we need to address and lay blame on those who continue to defend this dark time, by avoiding the light of day. In the Civil war, 100's of thousand of white Republicans and Independents sacrificed their lives to atone and get rid of for slavery. While a similar number of white Democrats fought to maintain slavery and segregation.

    Yet only the Democrats blame all whites, as racist, instead of targeting themselves. The Republicans have paid it forward by their sacrifice and are now exempt. The Democrats have double down their guilt by lying and deceiving. White Guilt equals Democrat party guilt. Maybe 100,000 Democrats can take their lives for atonement, starting in Washington. Once this is atoned, there is no need for the white guilt scam, that lumps criminals with the innocent, all in a shallow grave.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    You know what he's doing to non-white immigrants, right?Maw

    He is enforcing the law. Immigrants who play by the rules and obey the law, from all nations, are not targeted. The Democrats can't make the distinction between criminals and honest people, since crime is what they do.

    There is a book out which claims that Hitler and the Nazi party used the Democrat party legal tactics for discrimination against the blacks, in the early 20th century, as the model for their discrimination against the Jews. There is documentation that senior Nazi officials thanked the Democrats for their outstanding legal tactics for turning a group into second class citizens.

    James Q. Whitman’s “Hitler’s American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law

    The Democrats have never payed for their crimes, but have successfully diverted attention away from their crimes. Trump creates self esteem through jobs and a strong economy, while the Democrats give hopelessness and create resentment through welfare dependency. If person has a good job they can make their own choices. If they are on welfare you can control them.
  • What will Mueller discover?
    Manafort trial jury deliberations begin today.

    18 charges. Maximum sentence of 305 years. How many will he be found guilty of? How long, if he gets one, will his prison sentence be? Place your bets.

    Manafort did his crimes during the Obama Administration. His dealings were known by the FBI years before he worked for Trump. The Obama Administration never acted on this until the Democrats thought they could associate his crimes with Trump using fake news. How many fell for this scam?
  • Objectivity? Not Possible For An Observer.
    The core of the earth was discovered to rotate faster than the surface of the earth by a team of scientists at Columbia University. This was published in 2005. The extra rotational speed is relatively small. It takes about 500 years for the core to lap the surface. But still, through viscoelastic friction the core is dragging the mantle and the mantle the crust.

    The current theory that the rotation of the earth began during its formation and continues to exist due to no fraction in space, was an illusion, that is still being taught. The core observation changes everything we know about the earth and climate science. This is a huge wild card. However, you will not find it in any computer models since the science swamp does not know how to include it without throwing out the baby with the bathwater. The science swamp is not about truth but maintaining the machine.

    I am a development scientist who enjoys the challenge. To help integrate this new discovery, I came uno other data that was generated at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. This data was not related per se, but was connected to the extreme phases of water. They conducted experiments where they heated and pressurize water to extreme conditions to see what happens. This is done with explosions that will generate extreme pressure and temperature pulses and the water measured.

    As it turns out, at the earth science consensus conditions of temperature and pressure attributed to the deep earth crust, the mantle, the outer core and the core of the earth, water turns out to exhibit very specific phases at the conditions in each zone. In other words, the layers of the inner earth suggest that water is continuous from the atmosphere, to the oceans, to crust, and all the way to inside the core. The core engines impacts climate, weather and the ocean via the continuity of water. This is the future.

    At the pressures of the upper mantle, water exists as a super ionic phase. This is nasty stuff, where hydrogen protons and oxygen separate. This phase will explode like TNT if subjected to pressure drops. This phase of water helps the crust to move and lift.

    The sun evaporates water, which adds positive charge to the atmosphere. The iron core of the earth is rich in electrons. The sun, via solar heating, sets up potential to the iron core. This is possible due to the continuity of the water to the core. Essentially the sun is driving the water to rust the iron core, releasing the energy that drives the engine.
  • Objectivity? Not Possible For An Observer.
    The most objective conclusion you can do as a person that aren't educated in the climate field of science is to listen to the consensus of the scientists. To instead listen to those who oppose, the ones who does not have any education, those who use fallacies in all their arguments and put forth claims of a unproved conspiracy would be truly irrational and subjective. If a politician agrees with the scientific consensus and you do not agree with that politicians ideological position, it's not the scientists who are wrong when you don't agree with that politician, that's called guilt by proxy.Christoffer

    This is a magic trick, that appears to fool educated scientists, who what to believe, what they want to believe. The magic trick is based on short term versus long term thinking. When they say this was the 5th warmest summer on record, they are not talking about the 5th warmest overt the 5 billion year history of the earth They are only talking about the last 130 years. Where would this 5th warmest summer in 130 years, rate on terms of 5 billion years? We don't have enough data to say for certain.

    An analogy is a college student thinking about the big party that night. He is not thinking about the major exam in a few days later. If his focus is on the immediate present, his reality will become optimization for the present. However, this may not be optimized for the future.

    If he is only thinking of the party, then party to you puke, may seem optimized based on that narrow time scale. But if he added more days to his timeline, from party to major exam in a few days, the party is not seen the same way. The 130 years of direct science data collection lives in the moment, and sees what is optimized for that moment in time. I agree with their conclusion based on short sightedness but not in terms of the long view.

    Climate scientist may be experts in their field, but that are layman when it comes to the brain and mind. They are not experts at seeing through magic tricks that use time illusions. None of the computer models are predicting with accuracy, because their assumption are short term. They don't assume 5 billion years of detain the past and future.

    Here is some interesting data that should have revolutionized earth and climate science. Are you aware that the core of the earth rotates faster than the surface? The core of the earth is like a giant engine that is pulling the mantle and crust. This changes everything, yet all the experts seem to prefer to ignore it, since it means a changing of the guard, since all experts become students again. earth's core rotates faster than the surface
  • The riddle of determinism and thought
    Let me give an example of determinism versus free will. Say you were at a desert buffet and given a choice of desert. You pick the chocolate fudge cake. Is this free will or was it predetermined?

    To answer that question, I may ask you, why didn't you chose the cherry pie or the vanilla ice cream? Free will means one can freely choose any alternative without any predetermined emotional or psychological cost or benefit. Cost or benefit means it is not free. If you had a preference for chocolate, but not for the cherry pie, your choice was predetermined, since the other choice would have a cost. The chocolate cake turns a profit, so it too is not free. This is not free will.

    One can pretend this is free will, but somewhere in your past a choice was inherent, was made or was induced that eliminates your ability to this make this a free choice. Any strong preference or dislike in choices is a symptom of determinism.

    Why do the people in this forum like to analyze things and express their ideas in writing? This is less about free choice and more about what makes us feel good. Free choice would require no strong feelings about anything, so our path for choice is wide open, and not predetermined by our feelings or bias. Free will is skill that has to be learned. Free will is not predetermined at birth or predetermined by simply being human.

    Denying the world is an exercise for developing free will. One holds back all impulses; instinctive, personal, habitual and collective so one can differentiate the predetermined. Since so few people will make this effort, very few people ever develop free will.
  • How do we justify logic?
    The left side of the brain processes data using a schema similar to logic; 2-D cause and affect. The right brain uses a different schema that is more spatial. Logic was not invented, but rather the natural data processing of the left brain was made conscious and copied. This is why it feels natural. However, the brain also uses a 3-D schema to complement logic and bring it to higher awareness. Logic, by itself can be half baked. This can be seen within specialization.

    Picture yourself in the woods, where the trees and brush is dense. One can look around and draw logical conclusions based on what it sees. We may even try to extrapolate beyond where the dense forest obscures our view. This may all appear reasonable, but it may be way off base and one may never know if true.

    The 3-D side of the brain is like someone up on the hill looking down at the forest below. They see the bigger picture, but not all the details seen by logic. From the hill one can see the larger patterns in the fauna that can't be seen from below, when one is stuck in a small section of trees trying to extrapolate the larger patterns.

    The brain goes back and forth from the big picture to the little picture to develop the middle from both ends. Human logic tends to stay in the weeds trying to expand outwards. If the theory meets with exceptions, we add a wildcard called random, instead of revise the theories anchored in the weeds. The reason we do this is, humans have yet to develop a collective way to simulate the 3-D side of the brain. The extra dimension is not processed via human language, but rather via a natural language that is felt with subtle sensations and feelings; intuition.

    Development of pseudo 3-D logic could be done via a generalist style education. This is were we learn the basics of many places in the forest; all the specialties, without getting bogged down in the weeds. Then we try to connect all the apparently unrelated specialities, to form a bigger picture. Once the bigger picture is set, this becomes the goal of the specialities. The people on the hill can the patterns below better than those in the weeds. Those in the weeds head toward patterns even if this may not seem logical in the weeds.
  • About skepticism
    The way I resolved this conflict was to assume that God and religion was a projection from the collective aspects of the human psyche. In that sense, this is real since it is connected to the brain's personality firmware. But as a projection, it is not tangible like an object, but more like a living movie that shines onto physical reality. This affect was more conscious in ancient times when the gods ruled the realm of man.

    This experience came to me when I was dabbling into Eastern Mysticism. I was doing some advanced meditation and Kundalini Yoga techniques and strange things started to happen. The most dramatic was a feeling that I was about to leave my body. It felt very real and create panic in me.

    It was more unsettling to assume it was physically real, than to assume it was a type of hallucination rom the unconscious mind. After that experience I stopped the meditation and started to investigate this data via Jungian psychology. One thing led to another until I noticed the parallel to religious symbolism and my own mapping of the psyche. The bible, if taken as symbolism tells off the various updates in the brain's firmware.

    Religion also contains command lines that allow access to hidden resources. Faith and feelings associated are sort of the ancient passwords to allow various access. This is more obvious in Eastern Mysticism. Faith needs to be heart felt to work.
  • The purpose of baseball
    Sport is similar to military action, where you compete hard in battle ,but unlike war, you don't lose your head and become an unconscious beast bent on death and destruction. The pitcher and batter have to remain cool under pressure, or else they will not be affective. But they need to compete at their highest level. When the game is done, there is a truce, and they become neighbors again. Sports is a bridge between war and peace that exercises both traditions together.

    Baseball was invented in 1839, when the American North and South were starting to take sides, leading to the Civil War. The Civil war pitted brother against brother. In a sense, baseball was a way to compete hard, with a clear head, but not have any long term grudges, after the game was over. The audience loves the competition and specials plays while also the peaceful ending when players return to civilian life and love to compete another day. It is the glory of war and peace without the blood.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    This has exactly zero bearing on whether Trump colluded or not and the Russian intereference in the election. It's a red herring.Benkei

    Part of the DNC narrative is connected to Russian hacking of the DNC server, which they did not allow the FBI to verify. They paid a contractor with money able to buy anything. If this DNC Russian hack narrative turns out to be false, based on proof given by Assange, the first of wave of DNC and swamp lies is exposed.

    We may have to set up another special investigation, this time stacked with Trump lawyers and supporters, maybe led by the vengeful Chris Christie. Hillary had commandeered the DNC, during that internal leak or hack, so she may now have to be investigated for lying to the current investigation. Mueller may have to change the direction of his investigation, or be subject to the second investigation. This is all timed out for maximum impact. It is the D-day invasion where the virus is pushed back.
  • Objectivity? Not Possible For An Observer.
    What about Global Warming? We have very large scientific consensus - and yet we have large non-scientific views denying that Global Warming exists...Damir Ibrisimovic

    The earth is warming, as it has done since the last ice age. This is objective. Where objectivity gets lost is blaming this on humans.

    Say for the sake of argument, the observed warming was due to humans. If so, this would be the first time in the history of the earth, that human caused the earth to warm. In the bigger picture of the philosophy of science, one should not draw a dogmatic conclusion, based on one single event and then call that being objective. It would be like developing a new medicine, giving it to one person and claiming it is the new wonder drug. It may be, but one data point or one event is not enough to be so sure, unless one is driven by subjectivity.

    The earth has warmed and cooled, all by itself, many times in the past. The earth causing the warming would be much closer to being objective, since we have dozens of data points to show this is not just possible but has lots of precedent.

    Another way to look at this is, the same swamp people, that brought you the Russian collusion narrative, also brought you the global warming narrative. They are composed of lawyers, intelligence people, media and marketeers, who are very effective in convincing people that a subjective line of bull, repeated enough times, can appear to be objective fact.

    The trick for being objective is to know your own subjectivity, so you can filter it out. This skill can be developed through self reflection and research into your own unconscious mind. Science overcomes subjectivity with a group approach, where each member provide checks and balances for each other since scientists can be subjective, when lots of research money is at stake. This is when the subjective sales pitch is needed to compete for the cash.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    I heard that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is going to break his silence and give an interview where he reveals his source of the DNC leaks. It may be in the next week or so.

    If you recall, nobody ever denied anything that was revealed by Wikileaks, since it was all true. All the DNC did was try to divert attention by playing a blame game. Wikileaks showed how Hillary was willing to back stab a popular member of her own party to get ahead. Bernie Sanders was ripped off.

    If someone is capable of that, one should then realize what she would be willing to do to someone who was not in her party who was seen as the enemy. She would pay and collude with foreign nationals to write a phony dossier to be used to set up fantasy collusion scenario designed to harm an elected President.

    Assange is going to bring us back to the beginning, so we can have perspective and so the lies can start to unravel in the minds of the mindless.
  • Sex
    Since the primary use of sex is pleasure, I would say that the primary purpose is pleasure, with pregnancy being a byproduct that is most often not fully expected.Hanover

    Instincts have a final goal. Pleasure is a lure toward that goal. I used hunger and eating as a parallel since they use the same schema as sexuality. What you are saying is we should eat anything we want if it brings us pleasure, since pleasure comes first. What science has found is although we can willfully do this, it is not optimized for the body. It can create health problems. People are asked to control the lure and not chase every carrot on the string, so the final result is healthy.

    An interesting observation is the left wing of the political movement is more outwardly concerned with natural things than the right wing; going green and save the earth. This is based on compensation for believing the secondary is the primary. There is an unconscious need for natural. The right wing is more old fashion about sex and sees it as the basis for reproduction and child raising. Since this is natural, the right has less need to compensate via a projection into nature.

    The killing the earth or manmade global warming are projections due to group choices that are harming natural brain firmware hierarchies. Religions have no problem with sex in marriage and with this sex being pleasurable. The reason is, it is following the natural hierarchy. Birth control is not acceptable o avoid tricking the system via will power.

    If you look at nature, animals tend to have breeding seasons, when fertility is maximized. When the final goal is set up, the carrot on the strong is triggered with pheromones. The trigger is not done based on willpower and choice, but when the goal of reproduction is engaged.

    Humans are different in that willpower and choice allows us to recreate the past through memory thereby tricking the brain to release chemicals; the carrot, ahead and/or out of phase with the natural cycles of the brain. We can eat even when the body is not hungry using memory to trigger the same chemical release as hunger. It is humanly possible, but it should not be called natural since it often leads to unnatural balances.
  • A question about time
    Time always moves in one direction, which is to the future. Time may slow or speed up based on velocity and/or reference, but it always moves in one direction. Although this unidirectional nature of time is well known, we measure time using clocks which cycle. Clock better simulate the nature of energy waves, not the nature of time. Clocks trick the brain into thinking time is like energy.

    Clocks do not measure time the way time propagates. For example, my clock reaches 12 o'clock twice a day, everyday, yet time flows in a way that never repeats itself. Ancient theory from religions believe in concepts like reincarnation and rebirth in an afterlife, where souls act like modern clocks and repeat itself. Clocks may have a connection to ancient religious traditions but not modern science observations.

    A better tool to measure time, that acts like time, would be based on entropy. The entropy of the universe has to increase, which means, like time, entropy move in one direction. Entropy, like time, is also a measure of change of state.

    An example of an entropy clock would be the dead fish clock. We get a fresh dead fish at the market and leave in on the counter until it starts to stick. This will be one unit of time. We cannot un-stink the dead fish, so it behaves like time, always moving forward. Also, since no two fish are exactly the same, the dead fish clock operates like time, in the sense each instant is different. Like time the dead fish clock does not repeat, exactly or cycle.

    The dead fish clock can be made to speed up or slow down based on heating or refrigerating the room. With the dead fish clock, temperature works similar to the way Relativity works for the cyclic clock; slowing or speeding up time.

    Einstein's theory of relativity assumes the use of energy clocks, that cycle like waves, which do not simulate the unidirectional flow of time. Science may have a problem they do not wish to deal with. They are using a wrench to hammer nails. It may work, but it is not very efficient. Too many nails end up with bent and need to be straightened out later.
  • Sex
    The point this is being missed about sex is, sex evolved as a path for reproduction which increases genetic diversity in offspring. This is the natural and primary goal of sex. The pleasure of sex is the carrot on the string; secondary, used to lead the critter to the primary goal. Humans are not always natural, so they tend to get it backwards.

    A parallel is eating food. Eating food can be very pleasurable. The pleasure of eating is the carrot on the string, so we try new things to eat; omnivore, and so we get enough nutrients and calories to satisfy the natural biochemical needs of the body.

    Say we were to eat food for only pleasure, without any regard to the natural primary; body's nutrient and energy needs. We place the secondary first. The body would get overweight and may become deprived of needed nutrients; chocolate cake all the time. This would be unnatural and unhealthy and lead to problems. Modern culture attempts to keep people aware of the primary use of food; nutrition, via food labels and calorie counts, so a balance is struck.

    The same is true of sex. The unnatural path of using the secondary as the primary is reflected in STD's and psychological problems and sublimations. Using an instinctive secondary, as the primary, is an example of human will power and free will. It is short term thinking where the long term result may not always be satisfactory or healthy at many levels.

    The female's natural role in sexuality is much more involved than that of the male. She will get pregnant, grow an offspring, give birth and raise the child. Because of that, it is harder for the female to override the primary in favor of the secondary, using will power and choice. This is reflected in female inhibitions. She may go through the motions, via willpower and choice, but fall short in orgasm.

    Abortion is not natural, but is an example of free will and choice. The goal of abortion appears to be a disruption in the natural primary goal, in favor of the secondary coming first. This is like passing a law that repeals all nutritional labelling on food, so people can eat for pleasure in peace without regard to the natural consequences.
  • Is the Speed of Light the Ground State of the Universe?
    Speed-of-light is simply one aspect of the elephant. If you want to consider the thing as a whole, then it would be as velocity in spacetime. I am under the impression that velocity in spacetime is constant; i.e.,, your velocity is partly through space, partly through time. Invariant when those are combined.tim wood

    The problem with velocity and relative velocity is it does not allow everyone to do the same universal energy balance. If you had two references in relative motion V, one with mass M and the other has mass 2M,if each same the other is moving, each will see the other with a different kinetic energy due to the differences in mass. This creates the plateau problem for each relative reference, where the true universal energy is not known. This is why they say there is no preferred reference, which means there can be no standardized universal energy balance. Therefore the conservation of energy becomes a relative concept and a moot point.

    If you use the C reference as the standard, since this is the same in all references, each reference can determine its true energy, since it is not depending on a relative affect, but on an absolute affect that is common to all.

    The C reference is similar to the valley below the plateau. This valley is common to all the reference plateaus. If they all use that as the zero point or ground state, most of the data anomalies and speculative theory to compensate is not needed, since the mystery is solved.

    The question is how do you visualize a C ground state so it is practical to use for mathematical translation?
  • Man's moral obligation to God?
    If god created objective morality and that morality requires man to betray his own hedonistic nature, but that nature was also granted by god, how should man behave? I see a conflict here that I can't resolve for myself.

    To use an example, the biblical god told Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac as an offering. I understand this is an extreme example, but for the sake of this discussion I think it should suffice.

    In the bible, Satan is not thrown out of Heaven, until Revelations of the New Testament. John, who wrote Revelations, wrote Revelations while in prison decades after the death of Jesus. What that means is Satan was in Heaven during the Old Testament, all the way past Jesus and had influence in heaven and earth. Jesus, the son of God was also sacrificed while Satan was in heaven.

    Satan was God's left hand man in the Old Testament. Satan was the Lord of the Earth. Satan was the CEO of the earth and reported to God. Satan had autonomy to make decisions about humans and the earth.

    Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them. 7 The Lord said to Satan, “From where have you come?” Satan answered the Lord and said, “From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking up and down on it.” 8 And the Lord said to Satan, “Have you considered my servant Job, that there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, who fears God and turns away from evil?” 9 Then Satan answered the Lord and said, “Does Job fear God for no reason? 10 Have you not put a hedge around him and his house and all that he has, on every side? You have blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land. 11 But stretch out your hand and touch all that he has, and he will curse you to your face.” 12 And the Lord said to Satan, “Behold, all that he has is in your hand. Only against him do not stretch out your hand.” So Satan went out from the presence of the Lord.

    In book of Job, Satan is walking with God, and manipulates God into beating down on Job, to show God that Job is only acting righteous because God gave him a good life. This is a pattern in the bible from the CEO of the earth called Satan. Satan is not a son of God, but he ranks high enough to go to family parties and get togethers. Satan is often mistaken for God in the old Testament due to his rank as CEO.

    When Jesus goes into the wilderness to fast, he is tempted by Satan. One of the temptations was Jesus was offered all the wealth and power of the earth. Jesus does not accuse Satan of lying, since he knew he had this power. Rather he refuses the offer.

    Again, Satan took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. 9 “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”

    10 Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’[e]”

    11 Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.

    In the New Testament to the present, God is still mediated through a middleman, Jesus. Satan is still of the earth, due to law, but he lost influence over God. Satan is on his own. The tree of knowledge of good and evil was Satan's tree and symbolized law and morality.
  • Is the Speed of Light the Ground State of the Universe?
    How do we even detect it if it's not at the level of potential? In your analogy of still pool, is that even possible to detect?Caldwell

    Let me show this in a different way. Say we lived on a large plateau as show below.


    The plateau is large and it is taboo to go to beyond the rocky ledges that define the edge. Since we live on the plateau ,and it is easier for our science measurements, if we assume the lake in the middle of the plateau is the zero state. This is reasonable since all rain water ends there.

    We are not aware, that the lake has an elevation potential relative to the valley below. This is a potential for the movement of the water. One day we notice that the lake is draining and we can't figure out why, since this lake appears to be the ground state, where all the water goes. To maintain that plateau centric POV, we will need to speculate about the existence of alternate dimensions or white holes that teleport the water to other places. This is not real, but it is needed, since we assume a ground state that is not the real ground state. The still pool can only exist in the valley below; C-level. It is inferred by the lack of need to get complicated.
  • Physics and Intentionality
    Whether it exists, or the mode in which it exists, is exactly what is at issue. As you no doubt know, this question is at the heart of the so-called 'Copenhagen interpretation' which says there's not an electron lurking within the probability wave until we measure it; the probability wave is all there is, until the measurement is made. That is why Bohr remarked something along the lines that the particle doesn't exist until it is measured; which is why the ontology of the 'probability wave' is still such a vexed issue.Wayfarer

    If you were to wake up on another planet and saw two aliens suns rising on the horizon, you might assume this was a probabilistic event. One unique data point can appear random since there is no pattern yet formed in the mind. If we watch the suns rise day after day we will begin to notice a pattern, then the event becomes more deterministic. Probability is a subset of determinism. This can be demonstrated via the concept of entropy.

    Bohr noted the same thing. As a probability wave function, the electron is like watching the alien suns rise the first day. We now know it is there, but we don't know if this location is consistent, so we assume probability. Once you measure it, the fuzzy position is reinforced with more data, so a pattern forms and it becomes more deterministic. My concern about statistical based science is it implied a chaotic mind that cannot form the patterns needed to reach determinism. it stuck in the front end of observation where things appear more random.

    If you suffered from Alzheimer disease and your short term memory was compromised, the world would look much more probabilistic, since one would not be able to remember the related data points of yesterday, to form a pattern. Each observation would appear new and random. Statistics may allow you to cope with this state of mind.

    Note: In terms of entropy, and probability being a subset of determinism, entropy is a measurable quality, even if hard to define. The concept was developed during the early days of steam engines and work cycles. When doing an energy balance there was always lost energy that could not be accounted for. The amount of lost energy was measurable and was defined as the entropy.

    What was observed in terms of measuring the entropy, was entropy turned out to be a state variable, meaning for any given state of matter, the measure value was always constant. Water at 25C and 1 atmosphere of pressure always has an entropy value of 188.8 joules/(mole K). We may model a glass of water as due to random collisions, yet all that random adds up to constant.

    A state variable was a pattern that was observed. If the entropy of the universe has to increase, and increasing entropy creates more complexity, in the future, the future state of the entropy will also be a constant measured value, determined by that state. The future state may appear random, since we don't know how to predict future states we have never seen. However, that future state will have a new entropy constant, that is already predetermined by that state.

    If we apply this to life and the DNA, what appears to be random changes on the DNA for future evolution, actually defines a new state of the DNA, with a new constant entropy, that has increased a fixed amount from the previous state. The jump is determined by the free energy difference. It looks random because biology does not think in terms of the pattern called state. It has a chaotic mind that is stuck in the foreplay of probability.

    Free will and choice uses the random foreplay of determinism, yet in the end, it is jump of a fixed amount of entropy, determined by the brain.
  • Human Rights Are Anti-Christian
    It's admirable that Catholics don't take Genesis literally. Its a mishmash of earlier tales.frank

    That is one way to look at it. The other way is Genesis tells about how human nature changes during the transition between prehuman and civilizations. In terms of the time table for Genesis, it coordinates with an important invention, which was the invention of written language. Both written language and Genesis occurred about 6000 year ago, based on carbon dating and bible genealogy, respectively. In the beginning was the word and word was God. This tells of this connection.

    The beginning chapters of Genesis amounts to the first published theory of cosmology and evolution on human record. Whether you believe it or not, it was the first published theory. It reflected a new beginning for humanity where humans began to ponder, document and study the world around them as they theorize the nature of reality and document it.

    Humans 6000 years ago were well aware of the biological nature of birth; animals and humans. Adam and Eve are described as appearing in ways that were not normal biology. Adam was from the dust of the earth and Eve was cloned from on of Adam's rib cells. This departure from known biology, symbolized changes in the human psyche, that was induced by things that were not exactly biological in origin or expected from evolution/genes.

    The tree of knowledge of good and evil or law, for example, tricked the writing process of the brain to create an unconscious potential and internal polarization that was not naturally biological, although it impacted biology and changed human nature.

    There was other changes in the psyche induced by civilization, itself, since civilization is an environment that is not natural, yet the input data to the brain will be organized by the brain using natural firmware. A departure occurs from natural reality and instinct. Much of the second half of Genesis, describes the unnatural humans that appear. It is interesting to read how the witnesses of those times describe the changes.

    The invention of writing was critical to the change. Consider going to school where there are no books, no notes, and no study materials. You hear a lecture and try to remember, with everyone remembering somewhat differently. The final version that everyone will agree to accept will be based on who can pretend to have the most conviction; con artist, or who is the toughest and can force his opinion on everyone. The brain will forget as time goes on, with no good way to refresh the memory. Civilization had many starts and abortions before the first sustainable civilization appear. Those humans could invent, but later generations could not sustain due to an unreliable data stream.

    Written language changed all that. It was a way to document things so the data stream was sustainable and reproducible. This was critical to sustainable civilization. The problem for the brain was early humanity did not have all the answers in terms of reality. Therefore writings, such as sacred texts, will perpetuate ideas, that were good for their time, but which may come into conflict with an evolving unconscious perception.

    Before writing, the brain was more organic and would forget and invent anew, but after writing, walls and dams appear that altered human nature. Genesis describes the changes. It was a time of the men of renowned, often describe in myths, as well as bestial humans compelled by unconscious potential.
  • Un/Subconscious mind and neuroscience
    The human personality is based on natural brain firmware. These firmware are genetic based, common to all humans and are empty at birth. At birth they are analogous to seeds that can grow into plants that bear fruit.

    As an analogy, a tomato plant seed has the genetic potential to grow and develop into a full sized plant that makes tomatoes. It does not do this in a vacuum, but is dependent on the environment to provide water, sun and nutrients, while also being vulnerable to things like drought, too much rain, poor soil, pests, virus, etc.

    The personality firmware start our as neural seeds that grow, via genetic potential, in terms of neuron branching, using our sensory input like the sun, water and food. It integrates these things into its develop. There are also hazards in the environment. The final form of the firmware will have commonality in terms of human nature, but also differences, sort of like we get between people who grow tomatos with a green or black thumb; nature and nurture.

    The unconscious is not a random storehouse, but rather is well organized based on the natural developmental paths of the firmware. The ego does something similar but differently. We have a learning potential, like the seeds, but the final shape and organization is defined by culture. For example, traditional male and female roles in culture organized our experiences down paths that reinforce this cultural distinction. The two paths of natural organization and social organization can match or be in conflict.
  • Human Rights Are Anti-Christian
    How does that work? God presumably set up human nature. Why make it corruptible? Yeah, all the stories of free will. A get-out-of-jail-free card for the Good Lord.
    All of which take too much faith for my critical mind.

    The bible tells us how this occurred, in the book of Genesis. It has to do with eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. That tree is a symbol and symbolizes laws of good and evil. Law teaches us how to differentiate good and evil. Natural human nature is morally neutral. Law, which was a choice, polarized the mind and corrupted natural human nature.

    The age old problem with law or knowledge of good and evil is connected to how the brain is naturally wired. Law creates a problem in the natural wiring of the brain, which amplifies sin or evil behavior. It is not natural for human nature to do evil, since it is morally neutral, but rather law causes evil to appear by changing neutrality.

    When the brain writes to memory, an emotional tag is added by the aspects of the limbic system in the core of the brain. Our memory is a combination of sensory content plus this emotional tagging. Law is a unique form of memory in the sense that by defining both good and evil behavior in one thing, a law memory needs two conflicting emotional tags; fear of evil and rest for the good.

    With natural instinct, a food might be liked or disliked. It can be either, depending on the person. But it is not ambiguous. With law you get an ambiguous affect, where like and dislike are part of one thing called law. The law induces mixed feelings due to the writing process, which can paralyze the person in terms of action. A law feels right and wrong.

    The way the brain resolves this ambiguity is to store law memories in two separate layers. All the evil and fear side of law is in one layer and all the rest and peace side of law is in another area. Heaven and Hell symbolize this segregation of the law memories.

    As an analogy of this affect, is say you had mixed feelings for a person. It is common for some lovers to have a love and hate relationship. These mixed feelings create a state of tension, since you wish to approach and run away from the same person, at the same time. The brain resolves this by having us do an assessment of why we love them and why we hate them, forming two lists. This allows us to focus on the good or the bad as separate things, even though both come from one person. We can then compare. If we decide we really do love them, we may repress the things that bother us about them. But this is still part of them, so it is not erased, only repressed.

    If you honestly try to do good, by the law, you essentially need to repress the fear or evil side of the law making it unconscious. However, since this is the other side of the same coin, it does not go away. It is only hidden from consciousness. The result is a shadow side appears in human nature. Like coins, if we collect one hundred coins and place them all heads up; good, although the tails are not seen, we also have 100 hidden evils in the unconscious, to impel and even create new shady behavior.

    The way Jesus dealt with this was to teach love your enemy. He attempted to induce one unambiguous tag of love to the writing of memory, in place of the dual tagging of law. Jesus knew-how the brain was wired based on internal meditation.
  • Human Rights Are Anti-Christian
    Christianity, in the beginning, was the called the religion of the slaves. Early Christianity was the original religion of human rights. It gave dignity and hope to the most repressed people in ancient society. It gave slave dignity so they could think of themselves as more than a slave.

    These ideas of God given human rights, made Christianity very dangerous to the powers to be, since the slaves were a needed majority, and if they started to think and hope too much, it could upset the country club status quo of the ruling classes. The Romans and all the various religions of prestige, persecuted, tortured and killed the Christians hoping to snuff out the movement. Christianity, however, was hard to kill, since slaves have it hard, and they have little to lose and much to gain.

    As the centuries passed, the hope, persistence and gentle lawfulness of the Christians made then more and more socially acceptable. Christianity never taught anarchy, with Jesus teaching to render onto Caesar was Caesar's.

    By the 4th century, the Christian soldiers who fought for Rome, had become the best armies of the empire. They were fearless in battle. Though they walked in the shadow of the valley of death there was no fear. The Emperor Constantine, who was very grateful, rewarded the Christians for their service by making Christianity the official religion of Rome. He was also hoping that their ways would rub off on the rest of his armies by elevating them.

    This is where Christianity changes. It became one of the religions of prestige and power. The original became a hybrid of Roman and Christian ways, with Rome the over dog. It was still the religion of love but with a large sword and empire; Roman Catholic. It became a paradox of faith and knowledge, war and peace, due to the merger of two different cultures.

    This hybrid lasted about a 1000 years and underwent another transition starting the 14th century, where the two aspects of the hybrid began to separate like two daughter cells. Rome and Christianity started to become distinct again. Nazi Germany was a Christian nation that was very heavy on the Rome side of the hybrid split. The Catholic Church, which had been the seat of power became more and more a figure head, going back to the basics of human rights.

    The idea of human rights being anti-christian depends on where we look in terms of the evolution of the church and which aspect of the hybrid you focus on.
  • The Non-Physical
    You talk much of firmware, and I wonder if you mean the same by it as I do, having spent 32 years designing and building firmware. Do you just mean "software", as this is only an analogy anyway? [We all know that brains aren't actually computers, don't we? :wink:] I just wondered. But let's continue.Pattern-chaser

    By firmware, I am speaking of a type of software analogy, where the laws of physical chemistry are used as the programming language, so the line between software and hardware is not clear cut. I call this ambiguous state of affairs; firmware. Computer and human language is manmade, so there is a distinction between the hardware and software, since each works with different principles; human logic for software versus physical chemical logic for the hardware.

    As example of the firmware that I speak of, the leaves of certain trees will change color in the fall. With computers, we can design software to change the parameters of the hardware so the monitor will simulate this color change. But wth the tree, changes in light and temperature, will alter the chemical environment so new chemical pathways become engaged. This is what I mean by firmware. It is a natural language, based on the laws of physical chemistry, that can be used to alter the state of the physical system in a logical and directed way.

    Neurons expand up to 90% of their energy pumping and exchanging ions. They are pushing the neuron up an energy hill and storing potential energy. This is not a stable steady state since natural systems wish to lower energy. The brain lowers this energy in a controlled manner and uses the energy to alter the physical chemical environment in a logical and directed way so the output affects from the mind and body seem to have a software underlay; firmware.

    Your posts seem to be filled with absolute assertions. You never say "might be" or "seems to be", you say only "is". And yet you offer little in the way of justification. Admittedly, these things are difficult enough to discuss meaningfully, never mind justify. But all you seem to offer is an explanation for those who don't understand as you do, with no indication that you are even aware of alternative views. So let's have a good look at what you think. It may well prove interesting.Pattern-chaser

    I began my interest in the unconscious mind back in the early 1980's. I ran unconscious mind experiments on myself to help explore and map out the psyche. Even though I had good and unique data, I came to realized nobody would believe me. This was not my educational specialty, but more of a hobby, and nobody would listen or take me serious.

    I decided I needed to demonstrate a practical application from my research; demonstrate my enhanced creativity due to my rapport with the unconscious. Using this creative edge, I have pondered and written about the entire range of science and knowledge for decades. I have looked at consciousness from many angles in science, religion and philosophy and I have reached a steady state, where my explanations are consistent through all related areas from physical bio-chemistry to psychology to philosophy. It is not that I don't listen, but rather I have already heard, created and considered all these things over the many years of my journey.

    But your views seem quite novel, and could do with examination and consideration, not just an assertive exposition. You state above, for example, that meaning is "organised" (?) "without using an emotional attachment". For humans, some things are of moderate significance, and we have little or no emotional attachment to them. But other things are significant to us, and to them we are emotionally attached. And not just a bit either. It's a human thing. I offer no explanation or justification for that; it's just something we humans do. And it can be verified by simple observation. It isn't difficult to see or to find, and it isn't uncommon. So why would you state that there is no emotional attachment associated with meaning? :chin:Pattern-chaser

    When the brain writes memory to the cerebral matter, aspects of the limbic system, in the core region of the brain, attach emotional tags to the memory. Our memory is composed of sensory content and emotional tagging. This schema is useful to the animal. If the animal sees a similar situation as memory, he will feel the attached feeling and can react to the feeling without thinking. If the animal sees the same food and he feels good about the food; from memory, he does not have to reinvent the wheel before he eats. He reacts to the feeling.

    If the emotional tagging was to get very subtle, then one cannot easily react to the stimulus in the same linear ways the animal, since there is not compelling emotion. Mr Spock, by shutting off his emotions, has an impact on the tagging process. The conscious mind will need another way to deal with such data and memory; logic or dogma. If the logic is correct there can still be a bulk tagging, with a feeling tag of conviction. Although the ego may need to use logic for the raw data with subtle tagging, the unconscious mind, via the firmware, can organize this data using basic firmware organizational pattern; firmware of meaning.

    Humans collect so much cultural data that the brain does not see the need to tag everything as important to natural survival. However, it still stores the data but with less energy expenditure in the tagging process and organization process. It is subtle and needs practice to read.
  • The Non-Physical
    For many centuries the physical earth was thought to be flat. The philosophy of the time would extrapolate based on this underlying principle. The physical universe is what it is. One day we will know all the answers. In the mean time, it is not always obvious what it is. This is where the unconscious, via the imagination, picks up subtle data, organizes perception, creates doubt, or adds further insight into the true nature of reality. Underlying principles is an evolving paradigm. While reality is fixed.

    Dark matter and dark energy are similar to the flat earth in the sense it is based on imaginary expectations, which appear to overlap physical observations. It is a theory but it can't be shown to be true in the lab anymore than show big foot can be observed in the lab. We can infer big foot from what appears to be foot prints, but he is elusive.

    There is wild card. This is based on which of the firmware is being used to interpret the physical data. The brain has various levels of firmware, which have different natural uses, but which can be used for purposes different from what they are geared for.

    There are three basic levels, with variation in each level, as well as overlap of levels. The lowest, in terms of the evolutionary foundation of the firmware, is connected to natural human instinct. The middle level is connected to relationship and the third level is connected to meaning.

    Firmware of relationship organize observation based on how things appear to relate to each other. Long standing traditions use this approach. Objects and people are organized in terms of how they are expected to relate, whether this is optimized, rational or not. A family may have a unique holiday tradition in terms of decorating and cooking. This is not necessarily based on reason or optimization but is often connected to emotional connections; sentiment. It may represent a glory day that is being memorialized in hopes of being recreated anew.

    Monarchies were big in the past due to this middle level induction. Some monarchies carry forward based on sentiment. Mythological systems were more then likely generated by middle level firmware. The firmware is also in science, such as in biology. Life is assumed to be based on random principles, even though data, 50 years ago, showed that protein folding was deterministic. Protein folding was predicted to be random but was not. In spite of this major flaw; flat earth, biology opted to continue the traditions; old time relationships.

    The firmware of meaning is similar to relationship and evolved from it, however, this organization of relationship is organized around logic and spatial reasoning; differential and integral, without using an emotional attachment. The flat earth theory lasted centuries due to being induced by middle level firmware and being a way to induce middle level firmware via learning. This tradition gave a sense of conviction due to a natural reward system in the brain that encourages the use of firmware.

    During the flat earth firmware induction, firmware of meaning were also active in some who organized the data in a different way and got closer to reality; round. However, this was not how it was supposed to relate, so this insight was delayed from wide scale acceptance. The reason for the delay was this insight too took away the buzz cased by the older induced middle level firmware. Instead it triggered the lowest level firmware; fear of novelty.

    My approach is to show the behind the scenes working of the brain in terms of consciousness.
  • The Non-Physical
    Metaphysics, in philosophy, deals with the underlying principles behind reality. The logical question is how do these underlying things come into original awareness, when many of these things can't be easily seen with the eyes? If they were easy to see there would be no need for philosophy.

    They start in the imagination, which has a connection to the natural brain firmware. We imagine, and then overlap our imagination with reality, and attempt to build a bridge between the two. This is how we prove or narrow the correlation.

    When you read about these things, instead of invent them, the creative process is a little different. The imagination is induced from outside oneself, by the writings. The original starts on the inside. The writings induce it from the outside. The philosophy student will attempt to overlap the external imagination induction with reality, to see if it fits.

    Philosophy that perpetuates over time, begins in the imagination of the creator; Plato. This is connected to collective human firmware common to the human species. These are within each of us connected to human DNA. The writings help to induce the same firmware that created it, allowing the same firmware to resonate through time. It is natural output product of the human brain, that can be induced anew in each generation by the original writings. Religions use this affect. Of God means the entire process is natural.

    The unconscious mind, where the firmware dwell, is the main frame part of the brain. It can absorb much more data in a subliminal way. The ego may direct the sensory systems, but the firmware is much better at collecting data. It can also integrate and process the higher data density to reach deeper or new conclusions. However, there is a gap between the unconscious mind and conscious awareness, which the unconscious attempts to bridge via the imagination. It uses a different type of language that is more spatial; symbolism. The ego has to help build the bridge from the other side. Plato was a natural bridge builder.

    Some philosophy gets very esoteric because translating the 3-D language of the brain, into 2-D; cause and affect, requires a bit of finesse. The esoteric tries to simulate the third dimension.
  • Social Conservatism
    You've implied that if the Pharisees had brought both the man and the woman, then Jesus would've had no reason to say what he did, and that he would've allowed the stoning to go ahead without saying anything of the sort to make them think twice. That's wrong.Sapientia

    When it comes to sex, men pay and women turn a profit. Men are more compelled to have sex more often. Men are the consumer and women are the merchants. The Pharisees were acting like consumer protection advocates, targeting the merchant, whereas Jesus was more of a social conservative protecting free enterprise. Women have the right to say no or yes about sex. They decide who they will sell too, and therefore decide the outcome in the end.

    The opposite is true when it comes to using force. Men are stronger and if a man and woman were to be physically struggling in an ambiguous assault scenario, the guy would be blamed as the aggressor; unscrupulous business practices.
  • The Non-Physical
    I'm sorry. I thought you meant metaphysical in a philosophical sense. It seems you mean something closer to the everyday, something along the lines of abstract, figurative, mystical and maybe even magical. I don't really disagree with what you say, I just misunderstood your intended meaning. :up:
    6 hours ago

    These two concepts are the same thing. Big Foot, for example, is within the realm of possibility. Big foot is not overly magical or overly metaphysically gifted to be written off as purely imaginary. If he/she could fly or pulled trees from the ground, this distinction would be easier. Yet he/she has not been scientifically confirmed in terms of physical reality. This metaphysical projection from the imagination, is close enough to possible physical reality, for big foot to appear real, even if not confirmed as real.

    If you ever read historical fiction, a historical time is properly characterized; War and Peace, in terms of historical events. The main fictional characters are given a relatable human side, that is reasonable and interesting. Even though this is fiction, there is sufficient overlap in terms of the imaginary/metaphysical and the physical, for some people to believe it is real. This technique is being used in the Trump mythology, to create a reasonable fictional/metaphysical and reality overlap scenario.

    This closeness is what the ancients saw in terms of their mythologies of gods, super heroes, and super villains. They lacked our modern scientific foundation, therefore, what they knew of physical reality was very limited by modern standards. This made these metaphysical systems appear within the realm of possibility, even if not confirmed on demand.

    Through the process of seeking to confirm the metaphysical; meet the gods, a distinction gradually appears between the two realms of meta/imagination and matter. Science starts to appear. Natural projection factors from the collective unconscious mind, were driving the metaphysical inductions of the imagination, to create an overlap and contrast for the conscious mind; test things. From these ancient systems and other induced data one can reverse engineer and map out the software side of the brain.

    Dark matter and dark energy is a metaphysical system that is within the realm of physical possibility, but like big foot, it has yet to be confirmed in the lab. Even scientists are not immune. They lack knowledge of the software side of the brain to make this distinction.

    Trump mythologies are different from dark energy. Unlike ark energy, Trump mythology is not driven by internal factors, but by external factors. It is not natural to the brain, and is causing a problem for many people in terms of unconscious backlash; fear and paranoia. Dark energy is motivating people to explore and seek truth through physical evidence. Trump mythologies is about avoiding physical reality so the induced metaphysical overlap becomes their reality.
  • The Non-Physical

    A good analogy for the contrast between physics and metaphysics and how they relate, is connected to the complementary relationship between software and hardware, but to game software in particular.

    In game software, the laws of physics do not necessarily apply. In the game landscape we can have infinite lives or we can levitate as part of the game action. The metaphysical aspect of the game occurs in the imaginary world of software. It is generated, in part, by the brain hardware, but it is also separate from the brain, in terms of the laws of physics. Only the brain has to obey all the laws of physics while the imagination can depart.

    Back in ancient times, the physical world was ruled by the metaphysical world of the gods and spirits. The physical world was differentiated by means of the more open structure of meta-reality coming in contact with the practical limits of physical reality. I can hit a 600 foot home run in the game but if I try this in reality the result will be different.

    For example, an architect can design a large bridge, made of glass, on paper. It looks fine and beautiful in terms of its structure on paper. The engineers who are commissioned to build the bridge are constrained by the physical limitations of glass. It may not be possible in reality. It may only be possible in the game landscape.

    Going from the imagination to reality does not always work. Reality helps to set physicals limits on the output of the imagination. While the imagination creates game scenarios that places one in contact with hard reality, so we can differentiate hard reality, by means of the needs of meta-reality and the results in hard reality. The glass bridge may only work in the realm of the gods; software dreamscape or imagination. In physical reality we may need to change materials from glass and use carbon fiber and epoxy. From that we learn to differentiate reality.
  • Human Rights Are Anti-Christian
    Through most of history, humans were socially separated into two classes; ruling class and a peasant class. There was a dual standard where only the ruling class had rights, as well as the authority to pervert these rights, for their own benefit. Human or god given rights extended this to the peasant class, allowing a checks and balance on the ruling class so there was upward mobility for the peasant class.

    Freedom of speech can still be perverted and made into a lie; fake news. But freedom of speech for all also allows the truth to be heard, so the lie is not as effective. Christianity attempted to teach the good side of rights, so the dark side does not have a monopoly.
  • The Non-Physical
    The soul comes down to our memories. Our memories make us unique and make who we are and/or who we will become. An eternal soul persists apart from the body. It is like a DVD of data that is removable. If you remember lost loved ones, their soul persists in your memories.

    The modern "cloud" for data storage, if maintained forever, would perpetuate your memories, through these writings. It is type of external soul. The DNA is also type of soul, since it is a type of memory storage that is unique to each of us. The DNA was inferred through the concept of reincarnation, where the genes memories of the past, can reappear in the present.

    In tradition the soul is static. It is the spirit that animates the soul. The soul is like data on a DVD. You need to use a reader to make it come to life. There are natural spirits, such as instinctive needs and sensory input that animate our memories. There is also the divine spirits, which is more of an internal trigger, connected to choice and will power, which is part of the creative process. Choice and will power, in tradition, made humans like gods; divine spirit.

    Relative to the DNA, our DNA by itself cannot assemble a cell or an entire human from a beaker of molecular parts. It is static like the soul. It needs a spirit, such as the organized proteins of a mother cell to feed and shape it. Or in the lab, we may need to add chemical and enzymatic spirits to animate the DNA so it can replicate. By itself it is static like the soul.

    The ancient people, who created these concepts, did not have extroverted modern science. Their science was more based on introspection and unconscious projection. Now that we have modern external science, one can use the insight of the past to advance extroverted science. The ancients knew the software side, while modern science is more geared to the hardware. One can infer one from the other, if you know both. Metaphysics complements physics if you know how to translate between the two systems. Philosophy is sort of the bridge.
  • Artificial intelligence, humans and self-awareness
    The fundamental difference between computers and the brain are neurons are designed differently from computer memory. Neurons, at rest, are at highest potential. When a neuron fires it lowers potential. Computer memory works the opposite way. At rest, computer memory is at lower potential. This is useful for long term storage.

    If computer memory was designed like neurons, it would not be stable in storage. It would be subject to spontaneous change, as the chemical potential attempts to lower. The brain has a way to deal with this, allowing spontaneous creative change using the laws of physics and chemistry. At the same time, it maintains high energy continuity.

    For example, say we designed a future computer using high energy memory. We would need a backup version of the memory, using traditional low energy memory. We allow the high energy memory to be triggered, so it spontaneously lowers potential. This movement of potential rearranges the furniture, so to speak. We then compare the two memories, to filter out any useful change. We then rewrite the high potential memory back to the starting point, while adding useful changes.

    In this scenario, the change in the high energy memory is not based on computer instructions or software, but on the physical pathways needed to lower chemical potential. This gives the memory liberty to find the best paths, which may not be part of any previous logic; creativity. We continue the cycling, until the pathways reach a steady state; maximizes energy flow.

    Next, we add a secondary high energy memory, that will use the energy change profile of the primary as the trigger to ignite the spontaneous change in the secondary memory. Now we are getting closer to self awareness. The brain does this through well worn ancient genetic pathways in the primary, that trigger a wide range of self feedback; feelings, sensations, emotions, etc.This occurs at the same time it triggers spontaneous change in the secondary.

    The energy flow is based on free energy which is composed of enthalpy and entropy. Free energy has a natural logic, based on the laws of physics, which are universal. This flow does not need manmade language. Although, manmade language impacts how the high energy memory of the secondary moves the potential around. This helps to create a disconnect with the secondary; consciousness. The primary cannot turn the secondary into a clone of itself, due to manmade language. One becomes self aware of the separation while still feeling overlap.
  • What is NOTHING?
    "if you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you" : Nietzschebelievenothing

    If we looked at black letters on a white background, only the white background gives off light energy that the eyes will respond too. Black is the absence of light, so the black letters do not stimulate the photoreceptors of the eyes. The signal that goes into the brain, is polarized in terms of a pattern of energy and no energy. The pattern that appeasr to consciousness is the potential equilibrating as light energy flows into the void. We observe the void by the direction of neural energy flow.
  • Is monogamy morally bad?
    Monogamy is natural for humans. Polygamy is artificial and therefore better in terms of the needs of merchants who sell goods and services. The confusion is connected to the extra social prosthesis that is needed to create an illusion that polygamy is natural. If you do not factor the prosthesis into account you will draw the wrong conclusion.

    For example, say we ran a world wide experiment where we tell everyone to choose either monogamy or polygamy and stay that way for 10 years. We then take away all medical prosthesis connected to STD's, to simulate what natural humans would find in a natural environment. We then let nature run tis course. Then we see which of the two groups has selective advantage in terms of health and which is riddled with disease. The ancient people did not have modern prothesis and saw this experiment with their own eyes, and the leaders chose natural for the group.

    In terms of children, although polygamy allows more genetic diversity in offspring, it looses in the second half which is child raising. If we also took away all social prosthesis connected to child support, beyond the parents, the result would be similar as above. Parents, who are not good with children, will nevertheless give more instinctive effort to their own biological children. Polygamy breaks that natural connection more often. Selective advantage would again go to monogamy.

    Most people are fooled by the magic tricks created by the prosthesis, which props up the lower side, so both sides appear on the same level.

    King Solomon of the bible had about seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines. One would call that polygamy in terms of the King Solomon. However, it was monogamous for his wives and concubines. The reason it was allowed by God was King Solomon paid his own way, took care of his children and his wives remained monogamous since he was good to them.
  • Identity Politics & The Marxist Lie Of White Privilege?
    Cultural dysfunction can cause individual dysfunction. The main problem with identity politics is it groups and segregates people into cultural niches, many of which are not the most functional, resulting in functional problems for many individuals in that group.

    For example, if you are from a third world country, one will have become indoctrinated in third world behavior. This does not mean one is not a good person. However this conditioning may not prepare one for an optimized life in the first world. For example, simply retaining a native language, that is different from the majority, will shut one out a lot of opportunity. This adds dysfunction to dysfunction.

    Where the left does a disservice is blaming higher functional cultures, like the white male, as the problem, because its culture is better geared for first world opportunity. That particular culture sets a pace that is too fast for many dysfunctional cultural identities. White guilt is an attempt to shame a faster paced culture into a slower pace, so the identity illusions appear to work better.

    It makes more sense for dysfunctional identities to evolve themselves toward group identities which works the best. This was called the melting pot.

    The modern left got rid of the melting pot, by persuading people to assume their native or newly defined cultural identities. This creates social dysfunction, which makes more and more people dependent on big Government, to make it fair, for everyone, via a regulated slow pace; quota system. The better solution was assimilation into that which works the best.

    Teaching in 20 languages will put many people at a disadvantage, in the long term, even if it helps some in the short term. It could pigeon hole some into having to stay in a tight knit community where opportunity gets saturated fast. The left tends to think short term, while the most functional cultures are in it for the long term.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    Honestly, Trump’s mendacity has reached such a staggering level of brazenness that it’s become completely surreal. He doesn’t even have to pretend to be telling the truth, or to care about what it is. Yet apparently there are enough ‘supporters’ in the US electoral system to insulate him from the consequences. It would be funny, if it weren’t diabolical.
    — Wayfarer

    The feminization of the left has made them vulnerable to the soap opera fantasy that the main stream media is putting out as news. In this daily soap opera, Trump is the evil villain. Like any TV villain there is no good side to the TV villain, since he has to epitomize all that is taboo and evil. The villain cannot be portrayed in any good fashion, such as a renewed economy, since that would spoil the over the top TV villain character. Fake news is soap opera news.

    This social drama is useful, in terms of psychology, because it shows how a large section of the population, mostly from the left, can easily be detoured from reality, by a good ole fashion soap opera. The main problem with Trump, is he is not totally playing his villain role as expected. Rather he is spoiling the games of the left by doing things that are not expected of the villain.

    More and more people are relating to the soap opera villain, as a victim, since the majority of the negativity and games come from the characters portrayed as the good guys and gals. The left way outpaces Trump in terms of the negativity and shady games played. What type of good guy attacks family members who have not done anything?

    Trump has experience with reality TV and has learned to how to turn it around, in time for the midterms. For example, Trump said he is being harder on the Russians than any another president, so Putin is now expected to help the Democrats in the midterms, so they can destabilize the US. This means Trump will ask for more controls in the election process, making it harder for the left to cheat. States, like California, that refuse to show voter rolls and cooperate can now be accused of Russian collusion and can be investigated and audited using the Democrat led template. This adds a twist to the soap opera drama that hurts the left.

    What I also heard is Trump is going to release many of the classified documents that have been requested, but have been stalled by the FBI and Justice Departments. The release is expected just after the left picks their nominees for the midterms elections. Those nominees, who run and win, based on the momentum of the left wing soap opera template, will be devastated by the truth. They will look either like morons, or the true villains in the plot, who betrayed the trust of the audience. Season 2 of the soap opera will be upside down.