• The Cartesian Problem
    Chomsky says of the Meditations: "That's not Descartes." He says the Meditations was just propaganda directed at the Jesuits to persuade them to support his physics.
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    If you have a moment when you feel like the whole world is shit, watch it. It's about the Kennedys, but the themes he touches on are (Y)
  • Social constructs.
    Communication is 55% body language and I think 30% tone. The rest is words. So says the required seminar.

    There can be heavy cultural influence as well. The consequences for crossing established lines could be death or that you become a holy person. Depends on your culture and era.
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    Anyone watch Game of Thrones? The next episode has leaked early, so be careful of spoilers (and in unlikely places; some twat posted it in Reddit's /r/politics).Michael

    It's difficult to post stuff with your twat, so that's impressive.
  • What Does Globalization Do to Art?
    I was just saying I won't be responding further. So.. don't pose any questions or what not.

    No need to talk smack about anybody.
  • What Does Globalization Do to Art?
    I did, yes. You have some misconceptions about life before the internet. I think that was pointed out to you. I won't be responding further. Thanks!
  • What Does Globalization Do to Art?
    So you don't think the ubiquity of art in the internet age changes anything about our consumption and experience of art?Noble Dust

    If you've only seen a Monet on the internet, you haven't experienced Monet. Doesn't matter how good your sound system is, if you've only heard jazz on youtube, you don't know what you're missing.
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    Thanks! I have a feeling you're going to be burning up that road.
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    Yep. Cool about your "halfway" ranch. :)
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    Demonte was a successful young man. Successful, that is, in permanently destroying part of his brain in a failed suicide attempt. Laying in the hospital bed, he stared blankly. His mother fretted over him. "He's sick again", she said, unable to comprehend that his fever wasn't from an infection. His central nervous system just couldn't regulate his temperature anymore.

    She explained what his tattoos meant.. dark outlines on dark brown skin. His lover only came to the hospital once. He stood with his arms crossed, looking down at Demonte as if he was looking at a piece of roadkill. He smiled sweetly as he walked out the door.
  • Difference between Gender and Sex
    The word for physical structure is anatomy. Gays and straights have the same anatomy. If there's a difference in how a certain stimulus is processed in homosexuals, that would have to have a physiological component.

    If the question is: does it originate in the psyche, genetics, or environment... I don't think anybody knows. Maybe it's part of everybody's potential and it's just latent in straights.
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    That would have been impressive!Thorongil

    Guinness book of world records for trolling?
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    They never found the crazyman
    Predatory eyes in the darkness of a thumping bar
    All of them waiting
    For another

    After he was gone they cleaned the room
    And it was sunny in April
    Nothing left but echoes.
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    It took me a long while to realize he was trolling meThorongil

    I've been trolling you the whole time. Not really.
  • Leave the statuary in place.
    Some of the white supremacists (e.g., the Ku Klux Klan) also have a thing about Catholics who, in the United States, are mostly white.Bitter Crank

    Most Catholics I meet have no idea how deep seated anti-Catholic sentiment once was and still is in some places. I knew a New Jersey Italian girl who was mystified that her future in-laws wouldn't come to the wedding if it was held in a Catholic Church.
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    Oh good. Stay put.
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    Did you bring sexy back?
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    You said it. Michael was talking to you at the time. The important thing is: you won't be saying that in the future, right?