• The Shoutbox
    The cross on the forehead was carved by a Christian, who damaged the eyes in an effort to “blind” the goddess.National Gallery of Art

    Did he miss the target? Eyes on the forehead? Oh yes. It was a Christian...
  • The definition of art
    Art is a manifestation of self organizingConstance

    Please! Don't start also! I mean, @Pop is a nice guy (girl?) but one pop is more than enough... :grin:
  • The Decay of Science
    Science isn't a self-correcting system though, because it needs guidance from theory and hypothesis
    — Metaphysician Undercover
    Where's the logic in that?

    It means that it is not self-contained.
  • You are not your body!
    ....”thing” here relates, albeit euphemistically, to “Enlightenment”, not a human.Mww

    But if human is an Enlightenment Thing, aint it a thing? Whats an enlightenment thing? A way of enlightened thinking (according to science and scientific ratio)? Is a human founded in enlightenment?
  • Are only animals likely conscious?
    So humans are as complex as the whole of nature.
    Is that true of every creature?
    Sounds intriguing.

    In fact, every process in Nature can be represented in the human brain. We have virtual infinite memory capacity (in fact a 1 followed by 10exp40 zeros!).
  • What are you chasing after with philosophy?
    No, I'm talking about "smiling depression":baker

    I had a hard time hiding it. When Corona came along I could use it as a nice excuse to stay indoors. I didn't leave the house for eight months. Didn't sleep for 4 months! I quit my med cold turkey. Now I feel freed and the beast of depression, that depressing animal, doesnt return. Im sure!
  • Are only animals likely conscious?
    Is this a confident intuition?Yohan

    It's reality.
  • The definition of art
    Oh freddled gruntbuggly, Thy micturations are to me, As plurdled gabbleblotchits, On a lurgid bee, That mordiously hath blurted out, Its earted jurtles, grumbling Into a rancid festering confectious organ squealer. [drowned out by moaning and screaming] Now the jurpling slayjid agrocrustles, Are slurping hagrilly up the axlegrurts, And living glupules frart and stipulate, Like jowling meated liverslime, Groop, I implore thee, my foonting turlingdromes, And hooptiously drangle me, With crinkly bindlewurdles,mashurbitries. Or else I shall rend thee in the gobberwarts with my blurglecruncheon, See if I don't!
    RIP Douglas Adams

    Is this someone's epitap (epithap?)?
  • You are not your body!
    You said "To give a fresh recount is always productive. You say yourself you changed."
    OK? Bye again!
    Alkis Piskas

    But what's the change? Change in the true reality
    The only human “thing”, is its body, asMww

    Indeed! But what a thing! Neither matter neither soul. But both at the same time! Between the soul of the brain and the matter of the outside physical world! With eyes to see and cry and express, ears to hear, a mouth to speak, shout, and sing, and two hands to type you this. All informative patterns with an entropy value that expresses not much.
  • The Decay of Science
    I was asking questions about decay. I am not sure if you are seconding my questions or disagreeing with something

    Im not sure what decay you are looking for...
  • You are not your body!
    An analysis/critique:

    Yeah, but that may be just to dig a deeper hole.Mww

    That's what philosopphy is all about: Diggin holes.

    Being human can be a general objective proposition, a universal formMww

    It can be. To me, being human is the full realization of the potentialls Nature offers us, in the sattisfied and fulfilled knowledge (whatever that means) that the gods are quietly contemplating their creation of eternity and infinity. Being human can be universal or Solar-systematic.

    if you’re into the Greek thingMww

    I like their old ancient gods. These turned into one super monster by Xenophanes and this laying the foundations for the modern notion of one scientifically investigable reality is less sattisfactory.

    empirical anthropologyMww

    Scientific culture should be subjected to it!


    A human, which is a strictly Enlightenment thing, which reduces to proper subjective metaphysics.Mww

    I don't agree. A human is more than a thing..

    Pick yer own poison, I guess, right?Mww

    Cheers mate!

  • Philosphical Poems
    The gods
    In their spotting
    Are the only ones
    While every
    Or nitty
    Nor witty
    Rots to the bone
    Their flesh stays young
    Like their every tone
    In the waters of heaven
    In the aromas of hell
    On Stratford on Avon
    In all that they tell
    Their creation runs freely
    At least, so it should
    Like Dan oh so Steely
    Down there under the Hood
    Consider them dead though
    As our friend once proclaimed
    Give it a go bro
    Nihilistically maimed
    Dwelling the Earths
    Undetermined and steady
    Finding love on the road
    Route 66
    Lacks a 6 at the end
    Or at the beginning
    Is it that what they meant
    And made us write down
    The points that we do
    Or faces that frown
    And on and on and on
    On and on and on
    And on and on and on
    And on and on and on it goes
    On and on and on
    Oh and on and on
    Yay bro's
    On and on on tippy toes
    Thankfull am I
    They made it all happen
    That I walk on and by
    Them so I reackon
    I tell them to screw
    Turn the blind eye in them
    The big bangs they blew
    An Inflation divine gem

    All hail to the western gods...
    God damn them!
    Against the odds
    Can't standem!
  • The Decay of Science
    The problem is that people can forget that it's just a model. In other words the model used starts to be the reality.ssu

    You mean the model of lògical positivism?
  • An analysis of the shadows
    I need something to do in the cave. Bonus, no reverbFooloso4

    The cave makes its own reverb. Rewording the sound. Would be nice to play in a real stalagtite cave.
  • The Shoutbox
    Where, oh jay, have flown the days of the ancient gods, giving way to man's clinging to that new faceless Scientias? All hail to the western night!
  • You are not your body!
    Admittedly, the subject effectively changes from “human being” to “being human”,Mww

  • You are not your body!
    we have no evidence for any part of the human being other than the body (the"soul", for instance).Michael Zwingli

    What about me seeing color, feeling emotions or love, feeling sorry for other people, or playing joyfully with my puppy dog? Aint that proof?
  • Free spirited or God's institutionalize slave?
    I believe that idea systems within the Native American, Celtic and other systems adopt more of a shamanic model, with more of an emphasis on transforming this life as opposed to the way in which mainstream religions often present rigid dogmas and doctrines concerning salvation and ideas of a reward in a life after this one.Jack Cummins

    I hear Jim Morrison talking here. "Mr Mojo Risin"...
  • Free spirited or God's institutionalize slave?
    but I come from the perspective of having been socialised within these traditions.Jack Cummins

    Set yourself free! If you like, want, and can...
  • The Decay of Science

    I think what is meant that Bohr didn't address the Nature of reality anymore. It's that in which science, physics in particular, is (normally) interested. Instead Bohr had that positive "shut up and calculate" attitude. Only what we know matters. So he preaches.
  • You are not your body!
    Based upon all the evidence that we have, the objective human being is simply that body existing as an object within objective reality, which I usually like to call "the universe", even though it also comprises space, and whatever may exist within space, which is as yet impossible for us to discern, outside of our universe...perhaps other distant "universes" (which would make our "universe" but one element of a "multiverse").Michael Zwingli

    What evidence?
  • You are not your body!

    You can also see the whole physical universe as a part of you. Like your brain and nose. Like that you is everything. A limitation is required though. The kimits are constituted by my body, in tight and non-separable connection with the inside world (the brain( and the physical universe, the outside world.
  • Are only animals likely conscious?
    Nature as a whole being far more complex than us, is likely to be more conscious than us?
    — Yohan

    Nature is not far more complex than we are. Bigger yes, that She is.
  • You are not your body!
    I would say that the brain is part of the "real me", by my objective self, but something that is had by the subjective "I".Michael Zwingli

    So the real you is the brain and body combined? Even including the outside physical world?
  • what if the goal of a religion isn't to be factually correct?
    So Christians tailored their message so it would appeal to slaves an all sort of other outcasts and, basically, united them under their banned. Pretty much what the left is doing in the US/EU right now.stoicHoneyBadger

    To which modern slaves you refer? Loan slaves?
  • what if the goal of a religion isn't to be factually correct?
    Ask Hypatia.Banno

    What has she got to do with brotherly love?
  • The Decay of Science
    So, what's an example from another discipline in science? What is the general rule broken or mispractice of Bohr?Bylaw

    Why you think Bohr broke a rule? Isn't rule breaking required to make substatial progress?
  • what if the goal of a religion isn't to be factually correct?

    I had one book of him! About panpsychism. The guy is great. In any case non-standard! I dont agree volatile stars are an explanation of dark matter.

    Thanks for the link! :smile:
  • Who is to blame for climate change?
    I can make the prediction that in 200 years everybody participating in this Forum now will be dead.ssu

  • The Decay of Science

    The decay of science brought scientists to the point of burning scientific books. In a NY garbage incinerator!!!
  • what if the goal of a religion isn't to be factually correct?
    and so Christianity did not destroy classical literature. Is that your argument?Banno

    No, but intolerance is not limited to or invented by Christianity. It's just a nasty human quality. Science is the most intolerant culture. Inconsistent? So be it!
  • You are not your body!
    OK. Bye.Alkis Piskas

    Is that all you have to say? People often do that after I said something. Saying goodbye.
  • Who is to blame for climate change?
    Are climate models are more accurate than the weekly horoscopes?stoicHoneyBadger

    Yes. Absolutely. In personal affairs astrologists perform better than scientists though.
  • Is there something like AS, artificial stupidity?
    Well, if it's artificial stupidity, then it ain't real stupidity.baker

    The artificial is really very real. Look at plastic. Or is plastic only real when you're real sick?
  • You are not your body!

    To give a fresh recount is always productive. You say yourself you changed. :smile:
  • Who is to blame for climate change?
    such as there might be lots of 'schools' of astrology.stoicHoneyBadger

    All these astrology schools make different predictions. Which one is the right one? Are these predictions self-fulfilling? Who knows? Im no astrologist. In the case of climate I trust science models. The subject matter is best approached by science of the atmosphere (music of the atmosphers...). Not by astrology. Although very complex, predictions can be made and they are already coming through (though I already in my younger days thought bad things were inevitable, without knowing the exact science). Are you a climatologist in disguise?
  • An analysis of the shadows
    If only Aristotle and Plato (A&P) knew modern physics and math... The cave, the shadows, the light, the mathematics assumed to exist in a metaphysical realm (like angels in a heaven), the dusty mirror and its Platonic splendor, the down-to-Earthness of A, A&P's relationship, their combined intellect, and their friendship, would have produced tears forming a fuel for modern day rockets. The teardrops explode.
  • You are not your body!
    Maybe. I don't keep up anymore!
    So, what is in fashion these days? :smile:
    Alkis Piskas

    A 1000 brains.
  • What is a Fact?
    Not me!Wheatley

    I had the impression already! :smile: