• Cavacava
    Tks, hope Kevin stays around this time.
    Where did he go? Quick trip to Walmart, pooches in tow?
  • Cavacava

    No clue really, unless the image was still tied to my computer in some way. I recently reset its defaults settings, and I have been resetting my regular internet connections for the last several days.
  • Baden
    Took those today on the way to and after arriving in Kuala Lumpur.
  • ArguingWAristotleTiff
    Baden, I remember some beautiful photos of Cambodia at the old place, were they yours?
  • Baden

    No, I don't think so. I did go there but I wasn't overly enthused with my photos so I'm pretty sure I didn't post them.
  • Wosret
    Split and echo a sundered past
    See and listen till the last

    Brought to surface with a quake
    Drown in a mirrored lake

    Material fashioned with a voice
    Asleep with a corpse to hoist

    Chaos and order sing
    Emptiness is all you fling

    Caught in a well without sight
    Waiting for a beam of light

    Pace the earth on every path
    From each one form a craft

    From arms of chairs spit and laugh
    Feel no spirit feel no gaffe

    Senseless dead epiphany
    Cannibalize a crystal sea.

    This is you and this is me
    And so it will remain for eternity.
  • CasKev
    Made this for my office wall at work... :)

    Do Your Best
  • Wosret
    Fourteen ears and seven eyes
    Bottle up the midnight skies

    Dance amidst ice and fire
    String thy soul like a lyre

    Close two eyes and open four
    Make the rabbit thy mentor

    Move to the left, then the right
    Climb to the highest height

    Speak the cosmos into being
    See all the chains as freeing

    Sit still and wait no more
    Be in awe of what thy bore

    Sleep now for all to see
    Take refuge in a dying tree

    Die for eternal lore
    Want for naught and ask no more.
  • Zoonlogikon
    I just joined and here are some of my PS images and sketches!
  • TimeLine
    A shot I took when at the Dolomites, Italy. This was only when I just began about two years ago and experimented with filters, so now I am working towards more natural shots of nature and animals.

  • CasKev
    How Many Ways

    I can love you in a car.
    I can love you from afar.
    I cannot love you less than that.
    I love you like I love my cat.

    I can love you in a house.
    Like cheese is loved by a fat old mouse.
    I can love you on a shelf.
    I love you more than life itself.

    I can love you on a bed.
    I can love you in your head.
    Don't tell me I can't love you now.
    Tis the only way that I know how.

    I can love you right up close.
    Cuz you're the one I love the most.
    Right up there with my mom and daughter.
    Just like Sponge Bob loves his water.

    I cannot love you with a hat,
    I cannot feel you wearing that.
    I cannot love you with a glove,
    I just can't bear conditional love.

    I can love you here and now.
    Hear my heart go Boom Boom Pow!
  • Cavacava
    Wallace Stevens Six Significant Landscapes

    Six Significant Landscapes
    An old man sits
    In the shadow of a pine tree
    In China.
    He sees larkspur,
    Blue and white,
    At the edge of the shadow,
    Move in the wind.
    His beard moves in the wind.
    The pine tree moves in the wind.
    Thus water flows
    Over weeds.

    The night is of the colour
    Of a woman's arm:
    Night, the female,
    Fragrant and supple,
    Conceals herself.
    A pool shines,
    Like a bracelet
    Shaken in a dance.

    I measure myself
    Against a tall tree.
    I find that I am much taller,
    For I reach right up to the sun,
    With my eye;
    And I reach to the shore of the sea
    With my ear.
    Nevertheless, I dislike
    The way ants crawl
    In and out of my shadow.

    When my dream was near the moon,
    The white folds of its gown
    Filled with yellow light.
    The soles of its feet
    Grew red.
    Its hair filled
    With certain blue crystallizations
    From stars,
    Not far off.

    Not all the knives of the lamp-posts,
    Nor the chisels of the long streets,
    Nor the mallets of the domes
    And high towers,
    Can carve
    What one star can carve,
    Shining through the grape-leaves.

    Rationalists, wearing square hats,
    Think, in square rooms,
    Looking at the floor,
    Looking at the ceiling.
    They confine themselves
    To right-angled triangles.
    If they tried rhomboids,
    Cones, waving lines, ellipses --
    As, for example, the ellipse of the half-moon --
    Rationalists would wear sombreros.
    1st Stevens Landscape (125K)
    2 (163K)
    3 (130K)
    DSC01226 (143K)
    5 (158K)
    6 (133K)
  • Wosret
    I loves everyone's art. Some super talented peeps.
  • Janus
    In you…rapt
    Far shiver I
    And at the
    The arms…
    Mountains, myriad of
    touches of my
    desire …of
    Your dreams
    I Am;
    Your much burned
    World away

    Beside my I
    The heart shiver
    is great as…
    Cliffs leaping
    And the land
    Needle echoing excitement…
    Dark canyons, rushes,
    Of I through
    will have my
    Shared flesh…
    And your breath
    Enter blood

    I by now
    Am thee
    My dim possessed
    Roar by…are
    Of growing
    By memory,
    Leaping water,
    Four winds

    I…and your
    Have I imagined
    Have felt
    Your love…
    And Death grows
    With me
  • CasKev
    I Am Not Myself
    (by Kevin Kroft?)

    I am not my house.
    It is just a place that keeps my body warm and dry.
    I am not my car.
    It is just a way to get me from point A to B.

    I am not my body.
    It is just a house for my spirit.
    I am not my words.
    They are just a vehicle for my thoughts.

    I am not Kevin Kroft.
    That is just a name some people use to get my attention.
    Others use ‘Hey man’ and ‘Sir’
    Which are equally accurate.

    I am not my thoughts.
    I am the awareness of thought.

    I did not write this,
    But my essence runs through it.

    I am compassion, appreciation, and art.
    I am love, friendship, and a sense of family.
    I am you, and you are me,
    And we are as different as we are the same.

    Can’t you see the truth?
    Seeing is believing,
    But to see,
    You have to look.
  • oranssi
    Hi. Want to share this video. It's an intro opening cutscene for a game I'm making.

  • TheMadFool
    Seeking joy
    Nature's lonely toy
    Avoiding pain
    Run from the rain
    In this great game
    Like a moth to a flame
    So, have at least one goal
    Play your pointless role
    The clash of things
    In it, truth rings
  • Noble Dust

    What made you construct that poem like that?
  • Noble Dust
    The silence
    Of no applause
    For the subway singer
    Speaks louder than feigned
    Appreciation, than fetishized fawning:
    The standing ovation of the deaf sheep herd.
    Maybe true feeling is only met with silence, the silence
    Of no return to the question of why the silence brings a silent feeling.
    Like when the inner flame of thought is quelled by the outer frame of discursive
    judgment; the embarrassing lisp of the inner infinite first feeling; the apologetic laugh,
    crafted to avert the penetration of an eye; coital fumbling blocked by the self-preservation of an unknown inner kingdom. There’s room here, too, for more obfuscation, for the cover-up white lie of the finally finding feeling that shades itself from summer heat, from the summer salvage of the sickening orange-like glow – no, bell pepper yellow, and succulent sweet too, like it’s turgid crunch – the crunch of newfound yellow-tinged snow beneath the size 5 boots that blast through the unknown, through the sickly, no…the orange…the haze-yellow after-sex glow…
  • Janus

    Something about the engendered ambiguity? What makes anyone construct any poem the way they do? It's not always possible to articulate without losing something, like explaining a joke, I suppose. Do you have a reason for the way your poem above is constructed?
  • Noble Dust

    Ha! Exactly. Your answer is excellent. But, with two words, you said all you need to say: "engendered ambiguity". I sensed something sensual in your poem, and your further description not only confirms, but further enlightens my initial feeling with regards to it. Well done.

    As to mine, I just wrote that today, so the feeling is very fresh. The weird structure was not initial; that came later. The feeling of talking about "silence" led to the irony of a poem about "silence" getting larger and larger; so I allowed myself to become more and more verbose.
  • Janus
    The feeling of talking about "silence" led to the irony of a poem about "silence" getting larger and larger; so I allowed myself to become more and more verbose.Noble Dust

    Ah, a silence that grows with verbosity; I like it! 8-)
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