• frank
    What do you think about the topic?SmartIdiot

    "I realized that everything is in vain, and I hated life. And this too was in vain"

    -- Ecclesiasticus
  • Joshs
    But see Davidson's "On the very idea of a conceptual scheme" for an excellent critique of KuhnBanno

    I in turn could direct you to Rorty for an excellent critique of Davidson, starting here: https://youtu.be/e6PitPJiN5c

    I think Davidson wants to hold onto some remnant of empirical realism and so misreads Kuhn’s intent.
    No one , including Derrida and Rorty , embraces the label of relativist because within cultural and scientific paradigms one can speak of right or wrong in a normative pragmatic sense, but not between. This complements Wittgenstein’s description of normativity operating within but not between language games.
  • Banno
    I'm aware of that conversation. So we've marked an area for further discussion. Now what?
  • AntonioP
    To simplify the answer, for me anyway, it is tempting to say that the meaning of existence is that existence exists because it has to, or it wouldn't exist in the first place. If we accept this argument as true, then it can be assumed that there is a reason, or purpose, for existence: again, it has to exist.

    This argument rejects the idea that the universe and nature of existence is random and chaotic, as specific processes with specific characteristics, qualities, behaviors etc. resulted in the creation of existence. And since these processes pre-determined what existence would be, it can also be assumed that existence is the way it's "supposed" to be.
  • Ree Zen
    "Does Existence have any objective/universal meaning?".
    For me the answer is clearly no because meaning itself is created by thinking beings like humans (and Animals or a possible god if you want).What do you think about the topic?

    Yeah, it sure looks that way. But that can be good and bad. Here's a video I recommend that talks about this subject. It concludes that there can not be an objective universal meaning. However, the absence of such a meaning creates the circumstance wherein thinking beings therefore have the right to define a purpose of existence because there isn't a universal objective meaning.
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