• Qwex
    I theorize that there is a sensory suite hallucination and every hallucination is a part of it.

    Later corrected: There are other hallucinations.

    When we hallucinate, we see things that are not there.

    A hallucination is, because of interaction with a sense comfort that produces a pleasurable or painful spasm.

    I predicted it to be a containing, sensory suite.

    I believe it micro partially, to be up and left repeating and repeating swirling power.

    I came to the conclusion that it was swirling power because a dream is a whipped-up state and this can be achieved with swirling power. So imagine a line which is more like an arrow of line-form current going up and left, or NW, to left. Repeating that frame, so there was an apparent hallucination of line flow going NW to left. Which responded to swirling power. This would produce air comfort following a certain tract from such a field of energy as my example would show micro-partially.
  • Son of a Bitch
    I’m sure you’re saying something valid, but I don’t know what it is given the information provided. You’ll have to do a better job explaining what you mean and defining your terms. Philosophy isn’t easy.
  • Qwex
    Sure. I'll rewrite the thesis in a more formal format.
  • Qwex
    I theorize that all hallucinations occur through interaction with a sensory suite.

    In essence, though a lot of hallucinations are maleficent, to a healthy mind, harnassing the power of visualization and other phenomena present in hallucinations, is potentially beneficent. Why not complement thought with something visual? What's the potential of a visualization capacity?

    An hallucination is often random, and users have no control; in an opposite sense, I hypothesize visualization and other phenomena can be controlled.

    I theorize hallucigenic control to require a sensory illusion; something static and consistent that senses can manipulate. This isn't a hallucination, but rather a shape we know that we can cordinate with, such as imagining you're in a cube.

    I'm now going to describe a 3D shape that I struggle to name. Imagine a shell of line-form that contains the human body; this shell can be many forms, so instead of a whole shell, I want you to imagine it micro-partially, such as by imagining just the part that's over your eyes. Now if you literally believe that you are contained in such a way, there is potential for balance and coordination using your sense of the imaginary shell. It's very hard to explain, so if there is any way you can advance your knowledge of this shape, do that. The shell I imagine is wild line-form, lot's of small lines contained by bigger lines, all projecting current.

    I can perform many movements that coordinate with the imaginary shell; moving my eye up can be thought to travel along part of the shell, and halting movement is suppresed by further shell sense.

    What I've described here is a sensory suite, infinite in nature(dies with the user if the universe is stable for that time). You can continue for the rest of your life with sense of an imaginary shell, it can even conflate with reality, given you can imagine an advanced enough shape.

    I think all hallucinations can be understood through this shape, it seems to be the only one of it's kind. When we hallucinate, is this unguided interaction with a containing sensory illusion? I think so, I have imagined this shape for over a decade, and all of It's properties(which I have explored), have that potential(such as it's depths, it's swirling power, and more).
  • Son of a Bitch
    Now I understand you better. I like what you have to say about controlling hallucinations.

    I have different “problems”. Your hallucinations sound nice. “Mine” are not. You see, I don’t believe that I hallucinate as others have said. I feel I see reality better than most people, in fact. My previous psychiatrist said my mind plays tricks on me, however, without ever witnessing my public or private interactions.

    I do however tend to think that things are about me when others say they are not. I’m starting to believe them about that.

    I’ve been diagnosed as schizoaffective with paranoia. This I’m sure is different than your case.
  • Qwex
    Thanks for your kind input, hopefully we can discover a way to cure your discomfort.
  • Son of a Bitch
    You’re welcome!

    I wish I knew how to cure myself of my discomfort. Doctors have told me that there is currently no known cure. I do however agree with them that I have a “mood disorder”. The depression is the worst feeling in the world. The mania is exciting, though it’s hard on others.
  • Son of a Bitch
    Edit: oops posted in wrong thread
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