• turkeyMan
    I adhere to a particular holy book and there are many holy books.

    I believe the meaning of life pertains to a particular holy book but at the same time life is mostly about emotion. I did not come up with this concept but i use the phrase "Conservation of Emotion" (similar to conservation of energy in physics). I believe somewhere up in the heavens there is an emotional entity that has positive and negative or just positive emotion stored up in a giant vault(s). He inserts into each work place each day a certain amount of positive and negative emotion and customers effect the amount of positive and negative emotion in the work place. I believe the reason we have to work for a living is because "The foolishness of God is greater than the wizdom of Men (including Women)".

    Greek Mythology is silly but life is silly and that plays into "The foolishness of God is greater than the wizdom of Men (including Women)".

    I believe positive and negative emotion can neither be created nor destroyed.

    The meaning of life is the following: Our only purpose in life is to process emotions but at the same time appear sane. I believe that emotional entity in the sky loves us all or at the very least cares about our long term well being (there is a difference between loving someone and caring for them).

    Mathematics is a neccesary evil so don't think i'm an anti-nomian. The key to learning mathematics is self-doubt and sometimes even self-hatred.

    I reject physicalism/materialism due to:

    Hempel's Dilemna
    Irriducible mentality
    The Evolutionary argument against physicalism (Emergentism problem)
    Universal Cracking of Causal Closure
    and also the questions raised by pan-psychism.

    If we don't find true love or true altruism in a local temple we will reject the religious beliefs of that local temple more often than not.

    Sounds like Daoism doesn't it? Daoism is a little to practical considering the "The foolishness of God is greater than the wizdom of Men (including Women)."

    Private message me if you want to know what holy book i subscribe to. Its not the Iliad.
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