• LiveAnotherDay
    Is emotional pain an assential part of human life? Or would be just fine without emotional pain? Wouldnt it make life so much easier? What do you guys think
  • deletedmemberal
    Whilst no pain, whether emotional or physical, would indeed make life much easier, I am more than willing to argue that the lack of emotional pain would take away more from life than it would add.
    Both pain and suffering, however hurtful, are the best teachers and the best life engines.
    If what you desire is to not feel emotional pain, you would have to not feel feelings nor emotions to begin with. Concepts of love, hate, happiness become abstract and unattainable. Relationships would only be made on the basis of usefulness, eliminating key concepts such as friendship and kinship.
    Can you imagine a life in which you felt no connection to anything? Such a life is surely not worth living. Mistakes hurt, some more than others, but, with the correct perspective, one can easily realize that there is much to learn from this suffering, making one better than one was before. Do not be afraid of pain. On the contrary, it is sometimes a good idea to welcome it
  • MSC
    How could I ever appreciate the good without some knowledge of what is bad? Does that answer your question?
  • Steven the Wyzard
    Come now, surely you have something that resemebles skepticism and you can place it upon those yogis and bhuddist master meditators who attempt to exist in a state of pure pleasure, by willpower and discipline alone!

    What if a pill came along that allowed the dopamine gland to conintiously produce a ecstatic state, eternal bliss with no physical or mental function consequences. Surely that is a higher truth!

    Only the spiritual, the macro (big picture) thinker and the confused cannot see that pleasure is indeed more profound and important than pain.
  • Philosophim
    Pain is an emotional tool to help you avoid doing harm to yourself, and those around you. It is a vital part of being a functioning person. Would we like to be fully functioning people and also avoid emotional pain? Sure, I would like to fly and shoot lasers from my eyes as well. Unfortunately, despite what we want, it isn't happening.
  • Possibility
    Who said life was meant to be easy? Pain is prediction error: there is a discrepancy between our conception of reality and our interaction with it. It is an awareness of entropy: of missing information. This information could be missing from our conception OR from our interaction.

    Emotional pain is an awareness of missing qualitative information in particular: when the world seems to be the same, but our relation to it has changed. An adjustment is required either to our conception of reality, or to our process of interaction with it. The aim isn’t to avoid pain, though, but to allocate the attention and effort required to make an adjustment that ultimately increases awareness, connection and collaboration with the world. Because the alternative - ignorance, isolation and exclusion - will only increase entropy and prediction error.
  • Down The Rabbit Hole
    We were only given it to increase the survival chances of the genes. This is all evolution cares about; it doesn't care about our suffering (some people's being unbearable).
  • TheMadFool
    Is emotional pain an assential part of human life? Or would be just fine without emotional pain? Wouldnt it make life so much easier? What do you guys thinkLiveAnotherDay

    An intriguing question. That you misspelt "essential" as "assential" lets the cat out of the bag. I'm currently doing a project on the history of the world, nothing special, just my own take on what humanity has been up to till date and hopefully also provide some insight into the future. I've put all my research in a folder I've named fool's paradise. I suppose I should change the name now to ass's blisses. :smile:
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