• Gus Lamarch
    Jesus said "this is my blood, take and drink". You have to think multi-dimensionally, going from one set of beliefs to another. If this was in an Indian religion, the Christian unaware of communion would declare it pagan and immoral. When he finds it in his own religion, suddenly it's fine. That is why I said aspects of Christianity, if seen as only in another religion, would be declared wrong. But when seen under the aspect of Christianity, suddenly it's ok. As for the substance view of God, it trivializes virtue. You don't realize the principalities and powers behind it thoughGregory

    I have already stated and will say again:

    The fight against Christianity was fought and lost by the Roman civilization; we, our world, our civilization - the West - is based on more than 1700 years of Christian dogma, so why turn against the values ​​and morals that this same thought has brought us? Christianity created who I am and who you are, because without it, there would be no Protestant Reformation, Renaissance, Enlightenment, contemporary democracy, etc ... Obviously, the Christian religion, today ended up becoming a weird kind of mythology where everyone has their own personal interpretations thanks to secularism and with it decadence and nihilism, however, without that same Christian purpose, of reaching the divine, what will become of the West? If one group of people is concerned with questioning their own values, another group, confident of their truths, will take possession and control of the weak, history proves it. The Christians worshiped a convicted criminal, refused to swear by the emperor's genius, harshly criticized Rome in their holy books, and suspiciously conducted their rites in private, the romans saw this as horrendous and decadent, and yet, they lost. The same is happening right now minus the religious movement - or if you consider "ideologies" the new type of religion, then it is happening -. The cycle happens again and again, I see it, you seem to see it, but you still want to go with the flow of time, alright then, you already know what will happen ...
  • Gregory

    Sounds like you must become Catholic. My logic never forces me into a religion like you. Christians are willing to murder for God, put their own responsibility on him, and eat his enfleshed body. What more do you need?
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