• Luke1i1
    Hi all

    So a question about technology and its effect on quality of life. Basically I'm trying to determine if technology is improving our quality of life, not just in one life but across generations...

    Take for example our ancestors who resided in caves and hunted for food. Before tools (i.e. technology) were even thought of I imagine most of the time we would search for berries, perhaps insects etc. However at some point we developed tools which would allow us to hunt and eat meat, break open coconuts (sorry only thing I could think of ;) etc.

    With the above example in mind if we asked those two sets of humans to rate their quality of life (those with and without technology) would their be any difference? Would the humans with technology rate their quality of life higher than those without? The obvious answer is yes as they can eat food and complete tasks their ancestors could not. However I'm not so convinced. The humans who invented the tool to make these tasks possible may have a greater appreciation for it and feel the technology has improved their lives but what about those who grew up with the technology, that is the creator’s offspring? As they do not know any different can they say that this technology has improved their quality of life?

    I feel it may be that subjective quality of life remains the same but objectively it has improved?

    Does it not matter more what one thinks about their quality of life than what it objectively is??

    Basically are we doing more harm having technology as it only truly benefits those who can appreciate it (i.e. those who grew up without it). As otherwise humans are growing up with a technology they need to sustain to maintain their current quality of life which they would not need to if they never had the technology in the first place and yet still have the same quality of life as they would not know any different.

    Hopefully this makes sense...
  • Echarmion
    As they do not know any different can they say that this technology has improved their quality of life?Luke1i1

    This sounds less like you're talking about quality of life, and more like you're talking about individual happyness. From what I have heard, happyness is far less related to material circumstances than people tend to assume. It is nevertheless related. Starving or being mauled by a bear are not fun.

    There is also the fact that technology allows us the necessary leisure time to figure out how to make people happier. Psychotherapy presumably was less prevalent in 10.000 BC.
  • Becky
    It is true, the more bread you make less shit you have to eat.However, on the other hand personal possessions tie you down. To state that people didn’t understand other peoples feelings 10,000 years ago is incorrect. Call it whatever you want
  • Edgy Roy
    I'm 67 years old and my quality of life has been awesome. I only had the earliest effect of technology when I heard about the Russians putting a man into space on my 10'' B/W TV that got 2 channels. Watching all the technology evolve to todays world was a blast to experience. But as for quality of life. I wouldn't change 1 second of my life for the life you guys will experience. To hell with all the technology.

    Live Long and Prosper.
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