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    As weird as this may sound, I am happy to give up some autonomy if it means increasing my liberty. That may sound like a contradiction, but it works. If I live under a dictator, but doing so gives me access to a free education, then I have given up some autonomy in exchange for some liberty. The problem with dictators is that some are awful tyrants. History does not show that dictators are inherently bad. It just shows that one bad dictator can undo the progress of multiple generations. I am not worried about living in a "free society" (yes, yes, only the privileged mind of someone living in a free society could say such a thing :roll:), I am worried about the things I am free to do.ZhouBoTong

    It sounds terrible! Would you live with your parents to avoid the responsibilities of being an adult?
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    I think I made a comment relevant to your question on a different thread. What is the essence of religion? Is it cosmology? No, we have a secular fully developed cosmology - no religion required. Is it god? No, we have Buddhism which remains silent on the matter. We may continue this line of questioning until we arrive at the essence, the thing religion wouldn't be a religion without and that, in my opinion, is morality. Morality is the cornerstone of religion and religion would cease to be religion sans morality.TheMadFool

    Buddhism and Hinduism and Taoism are not religions equal to the God of Abraham religions, Judaism, Islam, Christianity. The god of Abraham religions are organizationally different from the others and this is very important, because it is that organization that results in the power to force the will of the religious organization on others. The god of Abraham religions and war go hand and hand, with war being good for the religions and the religions being excellent for war.

    Morals that are understood as a matter of cause and effect do not require religion. The reason for staying virgin until marriage is it takes two parents to raise children. Institutions are not good substitutes for parents.

    A strong democracy demands strong families, and strong families are not dependent on the government, and not being dependent on the government or any other institutions means having liberty. Liberty is not equal to freedom but means being responsible for the consequences of of one's words and actions. We are no longer educating for this, because of the change in our bureaucratic order that crushes individual liberty and power and stands as authority over the people. Celebrating Presidents Day is hypocritical because those men were independent leaders without being tyrants. Trump is independent but also a tyrant who is undermining our democracy.
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