• Qwex
    There is either a lot of waste energy or conscious minds do produce a lot of information that is not the focus of the user.

    I want to discuss all mind data and it's potential value to someone who could mine/hijack our mind.

    Dreams are largely automatic, what are the chances (if the amount of wasted information otherwise, and amount of information, increased likeliness) that what I can only describe as nature spirits, exist, that mine/hijack us?
  • fdrake

    In the future our unconscious will be used to mine Bitcoin.
  • Qwex
    in the real world our conscious is mined a lot?

    Like the rock.

    The probibility of some other creatures we don't already know about, existing in ways we haven't realised, is pretty high.
  • csalisbury

    Hey man. I get the sense from your posts that you're dealing with some hard shit, that maybe goes beyond what ' the philosophy forum' can handle. I feel like I *may* understand what you're talking about with natural spirits and hijacking, but that it might be too real , and shoot beyond philosophy.

    A lot of what you're saying makes sense to me, but may get some resistance on here. Are you in a good spot?
  • TheMadFool
    someone who could mine/hijack our mind.Qwex

    What to do you mean by mine/hijack our mind?

    The purpose of information is...
  • Qwex

    Utilize our sensory data, and other data from other objects(I.e. stars and planets)such as by seeing through our eyes.

    To the best of my knowledge, this is hijacking our senses. I also theorize second method: mining.

    There's lot's of information to be gathered by doing this.

    For whom? Is a good question, but is a whom probable?(in reference to production and waste).
  • Qwex
    Yeah I would call it hard but I think there's stuff to learn on this topic.
  • TheMadFool
    There's lot's of information to be gathered by doing thisQwex

    :up: :ok:
  • Qwex

    From all that information can come knowledge, knowledge that can be converted to technology, and more.

    Another relevant question is, are our thoughts recorded? Does anyone have a bright idea that, not only effects the world, but all of existence?

    This topic is a level above that question, I'm not asking if our thoughts are recorded, I query the means necessary. 'Nature spirits', 'hijack/mining', may seem like child's play, but it's more mature than God.

    God does all that, is all that, but there's no dissection.'He peers through my eyes', 'he came into my room'.

    I guess everyone is not worth hijacking or mining, so I'm querying, are faclilities for such actions available?
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