• Jak
    I have to be honest here. Although i have been pre-occupying myself with the term philosophy, I don't think i ever got to defining what philosophy is most of the days. My definition of philosophy is not rigid, unchanging, and baseless. It is not rigid, changing and with a base. I understand the common definition of philosophy is it is a practice that concerns us with the fundamental questions of life and more. How far along has your practice brought you to the answers? My personal definition of philosophy is that i don't have one.
  • tim wood
    One definition runs this way: the thinking on a determinate subject matter is just that, and the name of that thinking is often the same as the subject of the thinking. Chemistry for chemistry, electronics for electronics, computer science for, & etc. And sometimes it's an -ology with a root word from another language, biology, geology, psychology, & etc. - the naming neither here not there. But the philosophy of these topics is the thinking about the thinking about these topics.

    Or a shorter form, philosophy is organized thinking about thinking.

    In practice this can often mean searching out and evaluating the presuppositions of an area of thought, which is to say the axioms or grounds. And as well implications of thinking - anything at all, so long as it's "organized" thinking.

    This would be philosophy as genus; there is no end of species, philosophies of.

    I'm sure this definition can, will, and probably should be improved upon.
  • Lif3r
    Your philosophy is that you dont have a definition for philosophy.

    That's one philosophy in your life that you have given here. As for the fact that it is a contradiction in and of itself is evident.

    In other words: not a very good philosophy in my opinion.
  • Lif3r
    Google it. Seriously those are the clearest definitions and people try to constrict philosophy to individual aspects of philosophy without the willingness to acknowledge a philosophy as philosophy simply when they do not like the line of thought. A philosophy of a subject can be stupid, but does not make it any less philosophical.
  • Pfhorrest
    Philosophy is the application of abstract tools from language, mathematics, and the arts, tools like logic and rhetoric, to the job of creating the tools needed for the practical sciences to do their jobs of sorting out what is true or real on the one hand, and what is good or moral on the other hand, so that engineers can create technologies that give us the right tools, and entrepreneurs can create businesses that gives us the right jobs, to accomplish anything else.
  • Brett

    I don't think i ever got to defining what philosophy is most of the days.Jak

    I wouldn’t think about it too much.
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