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    Are there any theories or papers who have addressed the issue/rise of 'peripheral' countries to become the new 'core'? Core-periphery social/economic/political structures and the discussion around them is rampant in humanities (Immanuel Wallerstein's world-systems theory). However, I am looking for papers which address the change of status of periphery countries to core and vice versa.

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    issue/rise of 'peripheral' countries to become the new 'core'?argadini

    You mean like India,China and Brazil as Europe and the USA lose their economic might?
  • argadini
    Yes something of that order where countries which have traditionally been considered as peripheral or semi-peripheral such as China، Russia, India rise as the new "cores" of power and establish core-periphery relation with their 'respective peripheries' just as US and Europe have been the 'core' of international economic system until now.
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    Are there any theories or papers who have addressed the issue/rise of 'peripheral' countries to become the new 'core'?argadini

    have you tried google? an impromptu search yielded the following results:

    Semi-periphery countries - Wikipedia

    https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Semi-periphery_countries
    By the nineteenth century, Asia and Africa had also entered the world system as peripheral regions. This development of Africa and Asia as peripheral continents allowed for new cores like the United States and Germany to improve their core status, rising higher within the world system.
    Semi-Peripheral Countries and the Contemporary World Crisis
    https://www.jstor.org › stable
    by I Wallerstein - ‎1976 - ‎Cited by 306 - ‎Related articles
    the two periods was the relative bargaining power of lord and serf. The period .... semi-peripheral country rising to core status does so, not merely at the expense ...
    Peripheral Country - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics
    https://www.sciencedirect.com › topics › computer-science › peripheral-coun...
    Olzak (2006) holds that integration of a world economic and political system has ... and increasing levels of economic inequality in peripheral countries, which .... political power wielded by local agents of capital, countries on the periphery of ...
    China and global economic stratification in an interdependent ...
    https://www.nature.com › palgrave communications › articles
    by M Grell-Brisk - ‎2017 - ‎Cited by 5 - ‎Related articles
    Sep 1, 2017 - Unlike earlier discourse on the rise of China that revolved around ... What happens when a country like China, which makes up close to 20% of the ... 2) that the world's economic power and influence lay in the core and with a ...
    The Rise of Emerging Powers & China and the Enlargement ...
    risingpowersproject.com › the-rise-of-emerging-powers-china-and-the-enl...
    Sep 23, 2017 - The world system theory developed by Wallerstein (1974, 1979, ... to be relocated to semi-periphery or periphery countries according to their ...
    [PDF]The concept of emerging power in international ... - SciELO
    www.scielo.br › pdf › rep › 0101-3157-rep-36-01-00046
    by PCD FONSECA - ‎2016 - ‎Cited by 18 - ‎Related articles
    on the distribution of power among countries has been raised. ... International Monetary Fund, World Bank and other multilateral organizations, without a definitional ... The categories of middle powers, regional powers and semi-periphery.
    Semi-peripheral countries and the invention of the 'Third World'
    https://www.tandfonline.com › eprint › full
    Jump to Regional politics and the rise of an economic vision - As a result, China could increase its textiles ... the period under discussion a power play was ...
    Summary of Immanuel Wallerstein's World System Theory
    https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu › mod › Wallerstein
    A Summary of Immanuel Wallerstein, The Modern World System: Capitalist .... for manufactured goods from core countries such as England and France rather than ... By increasing the state power to collect taxes, the kings eventually increased ...
    France becoming peripheral? Of course. It's called the ...
    https://nationalpost.com › opinion › matt-gurney-france-becoming-periphera...
    Oct 1, 2012 - In between are the semi-peripheral countries, that have some attributes ... unemployment is rising — the country could soon enter a downward spiral ... but eventually had to settle for great power status in a superpower world.
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    Thank you.. I think these will do.
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