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    (P1) Questions or discussion topics which are not sufficiently related to the guest's interests or literature will be discarded.
    (P2) Questions or discussion topics which are not well written original posts (see Baden's topic) will be discarded.
    (P3) Personal details and questions, except perhaps autobiographical ones from a guest, will be discarded. Please write your posts without them.

    (F1) Group questions which survive pre-filtering from posters into themes. If there are themes which do not seem sufficiently related to the guest's interests, consider discarding them. A selected question or discussion topic will be sufficiently distinguished from other questions, if there are sufficiently similar questions that are nevertheless good, one representative will be picked from the group of sufficiently similar questions.

    (F1a) Considering guest interests are likely focussed on one or two broad topics, do not be afraid of asking a similar question to someone else, but with different emphasis or a different framing.

    (F2) Charity and respect; the tone of the posts should be respectful and charitable, showing a genuine interest in the guest's work and a well considered interaction with it. World view hatchet jobs and snarky rebuttals, even if well written, will not be tolerated. The standard of discourse for engaging with guests is exemplary, not just permissible conduct elsewhere on the site. Questions or discussion topics which do not uphold this standard will be discarded.

    (F2a) Should you be criticising a guest's views, put the effort in to
    steel man their position relative to your criticism. Productive criticism of a position occurs when that criticism clearly demonstrates understanding of the position.

    Stick to the original posts the moderation team has read, only formatting and grammar improvements are to be made when making your topic for in the guest speaker forum.
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