• TheMadFool

    The main idea in the video I want to contextualize the discussion on free will is viz. NATURE'S EFFICIENCY (NE)

    By NE I understand that all processes in nature have evolved to achieve stability with the minimum of energy expenditure and it exists as a fundamental rule of the processes of nature whether living or non-living.

    If, as they video claims, NE is an overarching principle of nature, then the intelligence to identify the most efficient method of any and all processes must be coupled with free will to enable an organism to choose the most efficient method so identified.This suggests that free will would evolve naturally and that our intuition of possessing free will may not be an illusion after all. Life requires an agency capable of discovering the most efficient processes to perpetuate itself with the ability to choose these processes in order to do so.

    In fact it could be said that if nature is truly efficient it would favor directed evolution which necessitates an agent with intelligence AND free will rather than just leave everything to the vagaries of chance.

    However, notice that the organism with free will must always conform to the basic principle of NE otherwise there's the danger of extinction. Given this is so some may object by saying that organisms purported to have free will actually don't have a choice but to follow, like water, the path of least resistance - the most efficient pathways.

    We're in a catch 22 situation. The ability to choose - free will - combined with intelligence would favor life but then there would be no choice but to follow the most efficient processes.

    Perhaps we could frame the issue in terms of intelligence alone not being adequate because then there would be nothing to make a choice to follow the most efficient processes to perpetuate itself. There is a need for the ability to choose (free will) even if in the broader context these choices are limited by NE.

  • OmniscientNihilist
    intelligence and free-will are both mysticism

    "intelligence" is basically just a type of pattern and process

    and free-will just means you have no gun to your head forcing you. real free-will would require something from nothing which is impossible

    reality is patterns and cause&effect. these two things explain nature well enough on their own without needing to bring mysticism into it
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