• Perdidi Corpus
    I tried to search for the opposite of the word suicide. Opposite in the way that instead of the meaning going in the direction of death, it would go in the direction of life.

    Suivita - How far do the meanings of the word stretch and deepen?

    May you write a suivita letter to become.
    May you write a nostervita letter to inspire.

    The meanings we assign to ideas create a boarder around them. With different people holding different meanings to any continuum of existence... how then to communicate? Let us include other ways of perceiving. We need not agree on one way... that is not even the point. Just recognize it is there. Pop those borders with a fashioned needle. Will it come through the understanding that they impede union?
    May you write a suivita letter to breach yourself.
    May you write a nostervita letter to breach others.

    ------- Popping ideas into our existence--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • T Clark

    Suivita is a horse?

    No listing on the web for nostervita.
  • Perdidi Corpus

    I ended up joining the words sui - oneself and vita - life , in the same way suicide is compiled, cide meaning death or to kill.
    Noster means "we".
  • unenlightened
    Alas, one can kill oneself, but one cannot give birth to oneself. One cannot even conceive oneself. Perhaps the nearest to an opposite would be masturbation.
  • Fine Doubter
    In my schooldays, unbearable as the pressure was at times, at least I twigged imagination is about reality as well as fantasy. Helping one's fellow develop their faculties - the sheer verve of doing this for oneself - whether the subject matter is science, history etc, whether it is all about horse training, whether it is about crafts - I think all these things are the meaning in what you say.
  • Fine Doubter
    P.S the things I list preserve healthy boundaries, they merely transcend impoverishing barriers.
  • Terrapin Station
    I thought this was going to be a thread about a pair of Indian ladies.
  • tim wood
    You sound like an unusually mentally healthy person. Just wondering; you or an identifiable set of mentors, perhaps including parents and upbringing? Of course not too much information in reply....
  • Fine Doubter
    It's taken a long time to get this far. My parents happened to be broad and deep thinkers (and times were different then) even though we were materially poor. Enough teachers and acquaintances likewise. Enough college teachers. Enough job colleagues. I was slow to put gratefulness into action, I stagnated a long time, I was depressed then. Every time I do something for myself, I am paying it forward. With 8 billion fine minds, it ought to be a good world.
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